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Octomom on the Brink of

Losing Her House

9/16/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Octomom is accused of falling way behind on her mortgage payments again ... and the man who holds the note to her L.A. area home tells us he's finally "ready to evict."

Octomom Foreclosure
We just spoke with Amer Haddadin -- the man who sold the house to Octomom's dad and still holds the note -- who tells us Nadya Suleman has yet to fork over this month's $4,060 payment ... and still owes an additional $3,500 for previous months. 

As we previously reported, Amer tried to foreclose on the house a few months ago because Octo failed to pay a $450k balloon payment when it was originally due back in March. But Octo's lawyer talked Amer into giving her an extension until October 9 ... provided she made her monthly payments on time.

Amer tells us he called Octo's lawyer about her new debt -- but was told she didn't have the money to pay him ... and will consequently begin the foreclosure process ... "right now."

Calls to Octo's attorney have not been returned. 


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stupid twit... take the house AND the kids away

1463 days ago


Seriously...does this surprise anyone? She has no morals whatsoever. She needs professional help and her kids taken away to get a dose of reality. She has free nanny services, so why the hell isnt she working? Oh's California. Pop out a kid, welfare for life. Pop out 14 kids, live like a millionaire. I get it.
I hope she DOES end up on the streets. The state will ensure her kids are taken care of- likely better than she could. I'd rather see state money go to where the kids are REALLY being taken care of instead of on her expensive lingerie and makeup.
She's digusting.

1463 days ago

Cynthia J    

I am so sick and tired of reading about this very SICK woman. Why do you keep reporting on her? She is a freaking loser, scam artist and a hideous mother. Yup, just keep on reporting on this freak. Those kids should be taken from her. And, she can't pay her bills. Gawd,, quit giving her any attention. Please.

1463 days ago


Wait...she spends money on Starbucks, MAC cosmetics, plastic surgery for HERSELF (not for the kid with the harelip), Bebe clothes, eyelash extensions, maicures and pedicures but she cannot make her house payment. Looks like Octo needs to pitch a tent in Featherly Park. This loser lying piece of pond s*** trash needs to get a clue. She needs to move the he** out of California and go to to a place where the cost of living is lower. Oh wait, she has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. She cannot think two steps ahead. Things like "If I spend $10,000 on plastic surgery for myself how will I pay the rent and feed my kids" never enter her dumba** mind. I hope some moron do-gooder does not bail her out of this. She needs to face consequences for once in her loser life.
Really, those kids would be so much better off if somebody took them away from this train wreck circus freakshow. I wonder what that house on Madonna Lane is worth now that 14 kids have punched holes in the walls, stuffed up the plumbing, torn down the drapes, ruined the carpets and written all over the walls. Good luck to the poor SOB who has to try to sell that property now she has wrecked it.

1463 days ago

todd lee    

ill pay this months mortgage for you, if she will let me do her...shes sexy as hell

1463 days ago


What the heck was she thinking when she kept producing all those kids? She obviously wasn't thinking about the welfare of children.

1463 days ago


To PicklesLaRue She does NOT have "an expensive house in an upscale neighborhood". La Haba is lower middle class. A $500,000 house in southern California is NOTHING! She would need to spend 1 million plus to have a house in Orange County that is big enough for those kids. Again, she needs to get the he** OUT of Califonia and go live out somewhere where spending $500,000 for a house means you are getting a mansion with a cement pond.

1462 days ago


Sammy, I meant "expensive" and "upscale" for a woman who hasn't worked a single day in over ten years. What I meant was that it's too expensive and upscale for the likes of her when she should be living in a cardboard box under an overpass.

1462 days ago


Not surprised at all.... Now she will wait and see who comes to her rescue this time. I pity the kids. NOT that sorry excuse for a parent.

1462 days ago


She is an unfit mother and the babies would all be better off adopted out. This woman regularly takes the older kids to Universal Studios where the cheapest parking alone is $15.00, thats b4 u pay for anything else like entry and the flying thing they have been filmed doing. What kind of a parent spends mnney on amusement parks like Disneyland and Universal before rent/mortgage and food.

1462 days ago


$4000 a month for a mortgage payment?! Good Lord. What company would be dumb enoug hto sign this chick up for a mortgage with that kind of monthly obligation? Does she really make enough money to cover that in a longterm situation?

1462 days ago


I see a lot of the posts trashing the mom..throw her out you say, put her in jail another says but there is one thing you are forgetting here people if she is out on the street so are all 14 of the kids. If that happens then those kids go into an already overtaxed child welfare system where guess all from California will have to pay for them. That's right food, clothing, shelter expenses and medical care. I wonder how many have offered her a legit job? If she does the porn then child welfare will step in and take the kids so again you all will be footing the bills for those children. I wish her luck she is going to need it especially in this economy. As for all the haters I wish you luck as well with your attitudes you'll need it as well. Peace

1462 days ago


Guess how many days this woman has worked a full or part time job since 1999 to support her family?? Answer is NONE, ZERO, ZILCH!!! She hasn't even tried to look for work because she claims her kids need her at home (even though she is always photographed as far away from them as possible!) What if every mom claimed they could NOT work becuase their kids needed them?? She expects the governement to support her for the rest of her life!! She CHOSE to implant 11 embryos in an attempt to hit the HOM jackpot but this is not turning out as she expected. A year ago she claimed to outgrow her current house and she NEEDED one in a gated community in Southern California but she is completely unwilling to work (at all!) for her things. She SHOULD lose her house and I hope a hard working family that appreciates the place moves in. Our welfare loving state of CA will make sure she has a place to live, but it won't be in a fancy gated community like she demands. It's about time she sees how people live when they refuse to work for themselves!!! Start packing your bags Nadya - the state of CA has had enough of your prima donna antics!!!

1462 days ago


That is one ugly broad.

1462 days ago

So done with her!!!    

**** happens when you try to live the life of the rich and not so famous. Put her in a house in section 8 and make her get a job. No one is interested in her fake ass anymore.

1462 days ago
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