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Octomom on the Brink of

Losing Her House

9/16/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Octomom is accused of falling way behind on her mortgage payments again ... and the man who holds the note to her L.A. area home tells us he's finally "ready to evict."

Octomom Foreclosure
We just spoke with Amer Haddadin -- the man who sold the house to Octomom's dad and still holds the note -- who tells us Nadya Suleman has yet to fork over this month's $4,060 payment ... and still owes an additional $3,500 for previous months. 

As we previously reported, Amer tried to foreclose on the house a few months ago because Octo failed to pay a $450k balloon payment when it was originally due back in March. But Octo's lawyer talked Amer into giving her an extension until October 9 ... provided she made her monthly payments on time.

Amer tells us he called Octo's lawyer about her new debt -- but was told she didn't have the money to pay him ... and will consequently begin the foreclosure process ... "right now."

Calls to Octo's attorney have not been returned. 


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Its obvious she can not afford anything anywhere near that price range, and had no business moving in there. I'm thinking she thought she'd cash in off her children way more than she has and the whole thing backfired in her face. Sadly all 14 children are stuck in this mess she has created...

1405 days ago


what the hell, what the f*ck was this retarded, moronic, idiotic, stupid woman thinking before she had her gazillion kids. How was she planning of supporting them and feeding them and securing them a place to life. It is absolutely wrong that today anyone can have a baby. This woman is mentally totally screwed up and should never have any because no normal sane child can be the result of interactions with such a twisted mind as is hers.
Sadly they will eventually take the kids away and she'll probabily end up working in some strip joint. F*cked up society today. We need strict, enforced rules to guide people otherwise sh*t like this will continue to happen.

1405 days ago


She should have thought about how she was going to support those kids BEFORE she had the embryos implanted. Too bad. Go away.

1405 days ago


Maybe she can sell her Jimmy Choo sunglasses, or return/stop her kid's cell phones, or sell 2-3 of her flat screen TVs, or have her kids go to public school (Oh! the horror of that one!!!). Let's face it all you notamama supporters... she spent tons of $$ on trash and now she's back to welfare. Not one smart cell in that brain of hers.

1405 days ago


Whatever people think of Nadia; her children did not ask for this. Just like a lot of kids don't ask for the families or cir***stances they are brought into. I do have compassion for them and hope that there is some sort of intervention that brings some stability to their lives.

1405 days ago


Thx TMZ for adding this to your news items. That's what she wanted you to do so some suckers can give her more money for her to blow. Please TMZ - leave her off your news items.

1405 days ago


On 1/26/2009 the day the octuplets were born her six older children were living with their grandma in a rundown house were the mortgage had not been paid for months because grandma had to pay for their expenses. Nadya had not even seen those kids for over six weeks. The octuplets were born with no home to live in. She had no cribs, no diapers, no blankies for them, nothing. Facing foreclosure again she takes off to the park with photographers for her yoga sessions while her 14 kids are home with paid nannies. She can't pay her mortgage but pays for sitters so she can escape to the park hoping that someone will equate being able to lift your leg on a tree with an actual skill someone could get paid for.

1405 days ago


@Posted at 3:58 PM on Sep 16, 2010 by iamsuperdan

She doesn't have a mortgage with a real lender. This fool carried the note himself. No job, no credit history (except a bad one) -- she'll never get any lender to re-finance that thing. Her lawyer should pay if off for her and stop ruining a good gossip page with her monthly beg-a-thons.

1405 days ago


I can't believe this moron hasn't worked being Octomom into some lucrative reality star career.

"The Situation" is making 5mil a year for having great abs & this bimbo can't pay her mortgage??

1405 days ago


Oh I forgot DWTS passed on this bitch. I guess she will have to do that porn offer now.

1405 days ago


Octomom has been on her sixteenth minute for a long time now. It's time for her to move to the middle of the country, where a decent, adequate house rents for either side of 1K a month. She wants the spotlight, but the spotlight doesn't want to highlight her!!! Get out of the camera frame, and start helping in raising those kids . . .

1405 days ago


She is obviously not thinking about those kids so why should anyone else. That is the point of have those children taken away from her, put them in loving caring adoptive homes to someone who has the money and love to give them and then she can be out on the street, who cares. his is rediculous that this is even an issue. She has no job how did she think she was gonna keep this house? She makes no effort to get a job but can buy crap for herself, she does not deserve these children!

1405 days ago


Bringing out the world's tiniest violin.

1405 days ago


She could be living fairly comfortably getting Section-8 housing, welfare and food stamps for her family.

1405 days ago


I don't know how true any of this is. It could be just total BS since ROL posted something totally different a month a go in regards to Nadya home being saved by her attorney. Whatever the outcome may be, I pray and wish Nadya and her children well. In spite of what any of us think about Nadya, she love her kids and they love her too. She is all they have and they belong together not spread apart in God knows who home possibly being hurt, neglected, abandon, abuse, molested or beaten to death. So many horror news about children being put in the system and lost when all they need is someone to step forward and help them by helping their mother. Those octuplets has been with Nadya going on two years, her older 6 all their lives. Hurt the mother, you hurt the kids. People, what's done is DONE! Let bygone be bygone. Think of the kids if not the mother.

Gees, where's the compassion, understanding and forgiveness?

1405 days ago
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