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Katherine: MJ Feared People 'Wanted Him Dead'

9/17/2010 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says her son, Michael Jackson, told her "several times" that he felt like people "wanted him dead" ... and she believes his paranoia was a product of the molestation allegations.

In an interview for Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine said, "One of the reasons I think that [Michael] knew people didn't want him around any longer" was due to the "vicious rumors about him molesting children."

Katherine goes on to say that "mean, evil, vicious people didn't want him around for some reason" ... then adamantly states she believes those people were "greedy."


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"GREEDY"? Maybe.But the Jacksons are also greedy.
And the story about JORDAN CHANDLER saying that he wasn't molested is just a fiction from the Jackson's camp and PR machine.Even the little children know that by now.I really love to see Chandler coming up for real and saying what really happened there.

1468 days ago


No wonder MJ felt people wanted him dead. The first charges were brought on by a jealous money- and career-hungry father, and the second forced ahead by a racist, hateful "old white guy" DA, whose hate was so obvious reporters reacted to it.

Racists hated him because he was a successful black man who had the audacity to (through his skin disorder) seem white and attract millions of girls of all races. Others wanted the music catalogue. All successful people are envied, but he was a target because he was a friendly soft-spoken man who didn't give the impression he could defend himself very well. And he was sensitive, so he felt the jealousy and greed strongly.

I wish someone bright and experienced would help Katherine out with her law suit, because it appears to be a sloppy, not well thought through brain-child of a not very brainy lawyer.

1468 days ago


As for Jordy Chandler, is does seem he did not retract the allegations publicly, but for the trial Mesereau had lined up as witnesses people he had said this to in private.

1468 days ago


@ EMERALD - If you go back and rehash the child molestation case Emerald it's going to bite you hard in the ass, because there are tons of evidence that Michael was innocent, not only - not guilty - check all the facts and court transcripts, testimonies out..., its pretty absurd how millions of people are able to believe only the press and not the facts directly and strictly from the official court do***ents! Not tabloid articles and so.called journalistic perspectives - but the facts!!! I dont need to defend Michael for nothing. I read almost all the court transcripts and evidence. So because of its Michael Jackson, he had/has to be guilty, right?

1468 days ago


Gmopp28, I echo your sentiments. For 30+ years I’ve been around this business it never ceases to amaze me the crap the public will buy into in the name of “fandom.” To borrow a line from you: “I’m a bit tired of you Michael lovers who believe anyone who doesn’t say nothing but positive things about MJ is a traitor.”

I knew MJ & I know Q. Yep, that’s true, my name can be found on every studio project they worked on. MJ was without question one of – if not the – greatest entertainer to grace the stage. His artistry, dedication and discipline were awe inspiring. But for as sweet and kind as he could be off stage, & HE WAS, he could also be a real SOB. Like many great artist in history MJ was equal parts genius and madness. You may not like it but just because you choose not to believe something & it does not fit into your fantasy does not make it any less true. MJ would stab you in the back quicker than anyone if it meant getting his way --> don’t doubt it. He was an incredibly fickle man. MJ also had a terrible habit of taking credit for others work on projects. 

Quincy Jones is a good man. He is a wonderful friend to those of us lucky enough to be in his life. How dare ANYONE criticize him for expressing the truth about his relationship with MJ when those of you who don’t know ANY of the parties involved spend an exorbitant amount of time posting your comments and opinions. Good, bad, ugly or indifferent, it does not mean he mourns MJ’s loss any less. In the end MJ was horrible in his treatment of Q. Publicly MJ always took MORE than half of the credit for their – or any of his – professional collaborations. MJ went off the deep end in EVERY aspect of his life and Q – who is no stranger to crazy himself at times – tried to reign him in, but there was no talking to MJ, it was his way or the highway. For those of you who want to bash Q for his comments about MJ’s changing skin color – HERE’S ANOTHER FACT: HE’S 100% RIGHT.

It was obvious to anyone who spent a substantial period of time with MJ (even as far back as the 80's) that he suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. On more than one occasion I personally witnessed MJ recoil - yes, recoil - at the sight of his own reflection. Then the surgeries started one after the other. Q IS THE ONLY ONE WHO LOVED & CARED ABOUT MJ ENOUGH TO CALL HIM ON IT & URGED HIM TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP FOR HIS PROBLEM, and MJ repaid his concern by stomping out of more than one studio session! I know this for fact because I was there.

Like it or not, FOR A SIGNIFICANT PERIOD of his life MJ did not want to be Black. He believed it was part of what (in his mind) made him ugly. The man went to great lengths to make sure his own children would not be Black or have Black features. He went out of his way to divorce himself "personally" from the Black community & was only Black when he felt it would serve his purpose (think trial), if questioned by the media – or they (the Black community) offered him an award. (True story.)

UNDERSTAND, MJ WAS NOT A RACIST. But he was self-loathing. MJ didn’t care if you were Black, HE DID NOT dislike Black people, HE just did not want to be Black. It’s a fact. I say this as a Bi-racial American who was at first horrified by this truth, and then upon seeing for myself that there was really an "illness" behind his actions, I came to pity MJ. MJ just didn’t find Black beautiful or attractive, & he certainly felt that Blacks were intellectually inferior in a majority areas, especially in business. WHO KNOWS HOW OR WHY he came to be this way, BUT HE DID.

MJ was using skin bleaching creams for years, YEARS – long before the public caught on – and everyone around him knew it. (So did LaToya by the way – or do you all think she has just gotten lighter due to age?) This info has even been confirmed (publicly) by numerous sources over the years, including former relatives, co-workers, employees, & biographers alike and has fallen on deaf ears. God-forbid MJ fans consider any truth that does not serve to extend the MJ myth. IT is in large part the reason why his more prominent Black friendships (Q, Diana, Lionel, etc.) fell apart.

When MJ's skin tone started to become uneven in areas DUE TO his repeated over-beachings, SUDDENLY he had Vitiligo. READ THE AUTOPSY. The ME DID NOT INDEPENDENTLY CONFIRM the diagnosis of the disease, he recorded that there was "a lack of melanocytes in areas of the skin that presented CONSISTENT with Vitiligo", and listed the condition in the report (as noted) only because it was a part of preexisting medical records indicating MJ was “treated” for Vitiligo. Only ONE doctor’s records - Arnold Klein, MD - ever reflected a diagnosis of Vitiligo. (& MJ’s doctors took their orders from him.) The report could just as easily said “CONSISTENT” with repeated skin bleaching.” That will be one of the bombshells to come out at trial. The autopsy report also shows that ALL OTHER ORGANS & BODILY SYSTEMS COMMONLY EFFECTED & TESTED TO VERIFY A VITILIGO DIAGNOSIS in a (ANY) patient - the eyes, the endocrine system, etc. - were found to be “UNREMARKABLE” and showed NO SIGNS of the disease. The autopsy report also notes finding plenty of MJ’s prized melanocyte destroying bleaching creams in his house.

And to the “fans” who say it was hereditary: THAT WAS MJ's BIGGEST COUP. There is NO PROOF – NOR WILL THERE EVER BE – that MJ’s paternal grandfather (or any other blood relative) EVER had Vitiligo. Only MJ’s word and that of family members WHO KNEW BETTER THAN TO GO AGAINST MJ's ORDERS lest they risk being cut off financially. It was an outright LIE. (One fabricated by Bob & MJ, invented for Oprah, and perpetuated by family & diehard fans to save face.) Come on now, how convenient, blame it on a distant relative who was dead long before MJ was even born.

DON'T BLAME Q FOR KEEPING IT REAL. MJ’s GREATEST talent was his ability to MANIPULATE the media and the (his) public. He WANTED you to view him as a demigod. For him it was sport. MJ’s fate was of his own making. That may be a bitter pill swallow but it is no less the truth. There’s lots of truth yet to come. Keep the lawsuits coming, and all the TRUTH will become a part of the record & MJ's final legacy, & not just the "image" the Estate is trying to preserve. There were SO MANY wonderful things about MJ that should be remembered & celebrated, but in truth, there was another side that the public will not take kindly to, and sadly, when it does, MJ's Estate will never recover.

1468 days ago


Please Katherine,.....stop it......let your son rest in will be in peace too.enough already

1468 days ago


@ FoQ -

As a MJ fan (but not an unrealistic one) I've read your whole, very interesting blog, and it sounds like you know what you're talking about. I believe it was MJ's way or no way, although he did listen to Q and learn from him, and I believe there is a lot of (sometimes justified) resentment against him in the business - together with true awe. I think MJ's reluctance to take confrontation meant he could smile to your face and then you were out anyway, which could be called back-stabbing. I do feel Q mourns him deeply. BUT - there is no question MJ suffered fron vitiligo. And that is unrelated to the possible fact he himself may not have wanted to be black. (I do appreciate your nuanced reasoning around this, though, not calling him a racist but seeing the troubled mind behind it all.)

I think it's evident that he had vitiligo, not only because the autopsy actually said vitiligo, not only because he also had (visible) lupus which is related to vitiligo, but because there is no way anyone wanting to be white would want to be white as a ghost. And he was. In pictures where's he not wearing makeup, he almost disappears. I think he was his most beautiful around the Bad era, and I think that given a choice, he would have kept some kind of tan.

He did use bleaching cream to even out the vitiligo. I do believe Karen Faye, who had to put makeup on large white areas on his dark skin for years, on his whole body.

He wanted children with Lisa Marie (there is NO WAY this determined and passionate, in love lady would have accepted to be inseminated like Debbie Rowe may have done) and those children would have been anything from white to black.

So, the vitiligo notwithstanding, he may well have wanted to be lighter, even white. Partly because of his body image disorder, partly because when you are black (like when you are female), you are boxed in. You belong to a GROUP, a minority. He wanted to be MJ, a singular, not representing anyone but himself. As a white male, you have that freedom, and if he'd rather been white, that would be part of why.

Thanks for writing.

1468 days ago


I think the real Katherine is dead and has been replaced by a robot made in china,model #26456 replica.This is a devious plan set into motion by the brains of the jackson clan latoya.

1468 days ago


Posted at 3:26 AM on Sep 17, 2010 by FoQ
so why not tell us your name.....

1468 days ago

Fred Farkel    


I was in show bidness myself and know the quirks of many entertainers. Occasionally I present those interesting quirks here on TMZ. Some believe it. Some don't.

Who cares.

Your insight is the most powerful accounting to date about everyones' beloved MJ.

Thank you.

Good job.

1468 days ago


Was it fear only or was Michael receiving threats about his life because there is a major difference between the 2
And what did she as a mother do while Michael was alive?
Now a year after his tragic murder she comes out and says this?
As a mother i am totally disgusted!!!!

1468 days ago


it's funny how he was so obsessed about other people causing him or his family harm, when it was eventually he alone which caused his death (maybe with assistance from his doc, but he hired his doc to give him drugs!) No evil third party here. I just find this so ironic.

1468 days ago


tsk tsk such negative talk here.

1468 days ago


Posted at 3:26 AM on Sep 17, 2010 by FoQ


I have been a huge MJ fan since the early 80's and I am willing to believe everything you just said...but it doesn't make me love MJ any less. I think your statement would be a lot more credible if you posted your real name. It is obvious to me that Michael had BDD, or was self-loathing, as you put it...that was quite evident to anyone with eyes. None of us can put ourselves in his shoes...he had an upbringing that no one in this entire world can imagine or truly understand. Who are we to judge? I believe he was caring, sensitive, sweet, and the most talented artist ever, but he was human, so of course he had his flaws. I thought, and still think, he was the most beautiful man to ever grace this earth. I only wish he knew how gorgeous he was. He would have been perfect without any plastic surgery, imo. As far as his skin colour goes, I honestly don't care why he turned white...whether it be from vitiligo or from bleaching creams, except for the fact that if it was indeed vitiligo, it must have been devastating for him. Regardless, it was his body and he had the right to do with it as he pleased. I preferred his darker skin, but that's just me. I'm not sure why it bothers you so much that people love him and hold him in such high regard...MJ was an extraordinary man, plain and simple. If he and Quincy had a falling out, them's the breaks! But I believe Quincy loved Michael till the end and I don't think he needs you to defend him by saying negative things about a person who cannot defend themselves anymore. I agree that people should just remember the music and MJ's amazing legacy as the greatest entertainer of all time.
Love and miss you forever MJJ.

1468 days ago


If Katherine was so concerned about her son's welfare, she would have stopped at NOTHING to get him the help he needed while he was ALIVE. And that is including turning her other cheek when she saw Joe going to town on him when he was little.

1468 days ago
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