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Katherine: MJ Feared People 'Wanted Him Dead'

9/17/2010 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says her son, Michael Jackson, told her "several times" that he felt like people "wanted him dead" ... and she believes his paranoia was a product of the molestation allegations.

In an interview for Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine said, "One of the reasons I think that [Michael] knew people didn't want him around any longer" was due to the "vicious rumors about him molesting children."

Katherine goes on to say that "mean, evil, vicious people didn't want him around for some reason" ... then adamantly states she believes those people were "greedy."


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Fred Farkel    

Oh get real @iFart #38.

FoQ needs to continue to work in Hollywood. You are all d@mn lucky to have someone step up and tell the truth about MJ.

Personally I know big dirt on all the sitcom stars of the 70s and 80s but that "dirt" is irrelevant to society (at this time) and would be hurtful to those who are still alive.

For example... I occasionally post something humorous about Gary Coleman. Those random postss are meant to be informative and funny, because he WAS a funny little kid.

But you will never know my name - because it just doesn't matter.

Trust me.

Mr (or Mrs) FoQ is real. Those factoids (he shared cannot be made up. He knows that info because he was there.

And frankly. While I did not know Mika... I did know Jermaine.

No essay about Jermaine today excapt for one word:


See below:

... puke.

1393 days ago


ohh brother

1393 days ago


Give it a rest. You and the family got his money. The only one who ever did anything for herself was Janet. Everyone used and sponged off of Michael.

1393 days ago


PS to FoQ -

as you can see, fans will love him whatever the truth. But I'd like to add that regardless of you witnessing arguments between Q and MJ, and MJ storming out of the studio, you are to a large part just relating studio gossip. You don't KNOW if he had vitiligo or not, unless you are a doctor who examined him, and you don't KNOW why he and Diana Ross went separate ways, unless she confided in you. As you well know, MJ was in love with her from early on, and one theory of separation COULD be (I'm not saying it is, because she didn't confide in me) - it could be she didn't believe him. Just like Q. Q who, as you said, has his own flaws. Like all of us. (You don't know why he and Brooke stopped seeing each other, either.)

MJ's demise was only to a small part his own doing. He hired Murray to stay alive, but Murray proved to be completely incompetent. He did not just happen to be the doctor in the room when MJ died, he caused the death by a whole string of negligent acts, including not monitoring the patient, not calling an ambulance, and stopping administering CPR for long periods of time. MJ wanting to be famous or taking other drugs had nothing to do with that. He was a severe insomniac and he had chronically inflamed lungs, the latter och which Murray ought to know.

1393 days ago


Hey Aston!

Maybe Murray saw things going on in that house that he just didn't care for? Like stuff going on between MJ and Prince? Why the hell call for a 12 year old when the father is in cardiac arrest? What would that child been able to do??????

Unless - Murray wanted Prince to know AND SEE that his tormentor was dead?? Maybe Murray was hired to kill MJ - cause noone else had the balls enough to do it and claim "incompetence"?

Why didn't Prince cry at the funeral? He was probably RELIEVED that's why!!

1393 days ago


Posted at 5:10 AM on Sep 17, 2010 by Fred Farkel


Wtf? Of course they can be made up! FoQ pretty much repeated what Quincy said in his interviews. I could have written the same thing and pretended I "knew" Michael. You just believe it because it has a negative spin. And you're not the only one who has connections in Hollyweird. I didn't know Michael personally, unfortunately, but I know people who worked with him up until 2001. But since I'm not willing to put my real name out there, I'm not going to bother with the kiss and tell because there is absolutely no validity to anything anyone says on an anonymous message board! Peace.

1393 days ago


aston & Fred Farkel

Guess ya'll will believe anything.

This poster claims to have known Q & MJ. Ok. Anyone could claim the same.

Funny how FoQ copied and pasted this same exact post onto NUMEROUS boards.

Get a grip. If you buy into this crap then I have some swamp land I would love to sell you in Arizona...

1393 days ago


He has told me several times that he felt that people wanted him gone, wanted him dead.

Has not had.

1393 days ago


Obnoxious-he did cry at the funeral.Again tmz this is not new or newsworthy! Why keep rehashing OLD news! It has been said for many years MJ feared for his life,he feared some of the people close to him(tohme tohme is one of them)People claim the Jackson's keep living off of MJ,well look at the tabloids/media,they are doing the same exact thing!

1393 days ago

Will to Self Motivate    

Ya'll are unbelievable. The Jacksons have every right to find out exactly what happen to their son whether he was an addict or not. It's their right as parents and family. Get real people.

Also, do you really think that Katherine and Joseph will still be alive when, and if, any lawsuit they institute comes to fruition in their favor? Their friggin' in their 80's. Lawsuits can drag on for Y-E-A-R-S.

Also, even though Michael may have wanted people to respect his privacy, don't you think he also would have valued the truth being told?

1393 days ago

mj fan forever    

I do not believe at one word of what Katherine is saying!!

1392 days ago


His paranoia was the result of DRUG USE. All junkies are paranoid.

1392 days ago

tiger is a fraud    

I'd like to smack her silly. She's such a loser. No wonder her no talent son offed himself on propofol. Talk about denial. She's daring to claim her son was a not a full blown drug addict? Addicts experience paranoya all the time. Throw her and the lawsuit out. Did she suck enough money out of her son and now in death. Shame on her. I feel sorry for the kids MJ left behind. She's stealing their money too. Greedy biotch!!

1392 days ago


MiMi - maybe you should read my posts before you lump me together with someone like Fred Farkel. You should know me by now.

1392 days ago


Missy hate to burst your bubble. but Prince never cried. Saw the whole thing. Prince never cried.

1392 days ago
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