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Katherine: MJ Feared People 'Wanted Him Dead'

9/17/2010 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson says her son, Michael Jackson, told her "several times" that he felt like people "wanted him dead" ... and she believes his paranoia was a product of the molestation allegations.

In an interview for Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine said, "One of the reasons I think that [Michael] knew people didn't want him around any longer" was due to the "vicious rumors about him molesting children."

Katherine goes on to say that "mean, evil, vicious people didn't want him around for some reason" ... then adamantly states she believes those people were "greedy."


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I do believe your post but it doesn't change the way I view MJ. He was only human. Many people suffer from a body disorder but growing up black in a racist American society can mess anyone up. MJ was being told that he was ugly and having his body parts made fun of by his own family members. He was a sensitive person and that would have a lasting effect. I don't really care what he wanted to be. It was his life and his decision. My children are bi racial also and they forgot that he was even black. If what he told the Rabbi about himself looking like a lizard is true, he probably regretted all the bleaching and surgeries. He was a handsome black man and it's truly sad that he couldn't see it.

Looking back on his interviews with Diane Sawyer, MJ said he wanted to adopt children from all over. I thought he was evasive when Diane asked him if he didn't want children of his own. I'm thinking maybe he didn't really want children with LMP and that story was false. I also found him evasive When Diane asked him if he would like to go back to his darker color. While viewing the You are not alone video with LMP, I got the impression he was happier and more confident in his appearance. This is why I tend to believe you. However, it doesn't make me think any different of him and I'm not white. I can understand how his friends would be offended but it was an illness. The family should have tried harder to get him help for the disorder.

1467 days ago


I have read that Michael said he would be killed the truth
will prevail. Michael was a great man,the greatest. Love you
forever Michael.

1467 days ago


Actually, he did want children with LMP, he said so in an interview and he told the notorious Schmuley the same. Why LMP and MJ didn't want to talk about it with Sawyers - could be they were arguing about it at that time, none of our business. He had also from an early age wanted to adopt many children of "all races".

According to Karen Faye, he started the serious drug abuse in 1993 after painful scalp surgery and the first allegations. He was fully aware of the dangerous nature of it (Listen to "Morphine") but saw no other way.

To the poster who asked Mrs Jackson to take her family and "go far, far away" - she IS already far away from YOU. You don't have to pay any attention to her or anyone else unless you choose to.

Do not abuse Katherine Jackson. We do not know her or her motivations for anything. There are certain actions of her that seem strange to me, but she lost her child and even stone-hearted Joe noticed that she's "a shell of the woman she was". Please respect her grief. However much fans grieve, it cannot be the way she grieves.

1467 days ago


Zoe - yes, the insurance company paid. It's a little more complex than "taking out insurance in case you are threatened with molestation charges", but actually they did. Michael wanted to fight.

Many of Michael's friends has said he feared for his safety. There's even a clip on youtube of him saying this on an answering machine.

1467 days ago


ASTON why is Schmuley so notorious?Because he made a book (like everybody else )from MJ's own words? Karen Faye this,Karen Faye that,how can you believe a person who comes up on facebook collecting "fans",talking about MJ's private parts,Prince and God knows what else.She was just his make-up artist.
Lisa Marie Presley came into the picture to help him with his addiction.MJ had to use painkillers before 1993 because of the Pepsi incident and all that plastic surgery.LMP didn't want children with him and that marriage is still very suspicious:was it for musical career,friendship...

1467 days ago


"Fearing for his safety" on the answering machine is when he was under influence circa 2003 not 1993.I know about that what you are saying but the year is wrong.Insurance company never paid,that was MJ himself from his own money.He publicly never denied that,not even in the Diane Sawyer interview.

1467 days ago


I guess I never really knew how many people were sick in the head until I kept reading the comments of all the brain washed people out there. Of course he was paranoid, you get paranoid when you do something wrong and you have to live the lies day in and day out. He had issues and unfortunately money and he was able to buy himself out of trouble. When that happened he got a seniority complex and thought he was untouchable and ultimately he is dead because of it. I have no remorse for his death.....only for the families that suffered and continue to suffer because of his selfish actions. I honestly can't wait until the day that we stop going on and on about the "great" Michael Jackson.

1467 days ago


When you are Iconic and worshipped by millions of people it is very hard to stay grounded, in away everyone holds some responsibility to what happens to celebs. MJ was a true master at a lot of things and yes, that included being in control of the direction his career was going in. Manipulation plays a part in creating a stage character. Having the audience believe in you and leaving them wanting more. The lines of "Michael Jackson" became blury with "Michael" the person, dad, friend, uncle etc. He was lost and in desperate need of direction, he became disconnected with God. So sad to think that if someone anyone could have gotten through to him all of this terrible tragedy could have been avoided. Only the good die young and LEGENDS!

The Music Lives...Forever!

1467 days ago


FoQ, just like everyone else, puts his own spin on anything Michael Jackson. I take offense to ANYONE saying MJ or anyone else doesn't want to be Black. If that's the way they feel, hear if from them, not some damn third party talking about what is felt. And, I'm sick of everyone insinuating that White is the only way to be, in order to be Somebody!

Michael had much more true Black friends than any other color. Any, quirks or not, he was a great entertainer _ the rest of the shi t you hear and read is gossip and inuendo.

1467 days ago


Very Offensive Comments!!!! Shame on you !!!!

1467 days ago


TMZ didn't post this... Wow!

Debbie Rowe, the mother of Michael Jackson's two older kids, still wants Michael's estate to cover "reasonable attorneys fees" that she incurred during last year's custody case over Prince and Paris.
Rowe, in court papers filed Tuesday, presents a copy of a letter she says was written by the counsel of Katherine Jackson -- Prince and Paris' grandmother and guardian -- in which Katherine requests that Michael's estate pay for Rowe's "reasonable attorneys fees relating to the guardianship [of Michael Jackson's children.]"
"Deborah Rowe and her attorney were very cooperative in helping the guardianship action go smoothly," the letter adds.
Last July, Rowe and Jackson settled on a custody agreement that placed Michael's kids in Katherine's custody and gave Rowe visitation rights with Prince and Paris.

Posted September 08, 2010 5:17:00 PM

1467 days ago


Enough already.............find a different hobby. Life is too short for this crap!

1467 days ago

Joe Jackson an illiterate child abuser    


Everyone describes MJ as a very, very, very lonely man; how come he was so chronically lonely and despondent, if he had such loving parents and siblings??

1467 days ago


i was just reading leonard rowes is very interesting what he has to say about the stranglehold aeg and randy phillips had on michael...
i dont know what will happen to murray but he is guilty of lying to the paramedics and police.thats a crime isnt it ? but i dont see him being charged with that...
the garbage in 93
the replay by the same civil atty and district atty in 2005...
the strong possibility of sony having a hand in it all..
the sweeping under the rug of all the wrong doing by the prosecution in the 93 accusations and the avisio case...

all this stuff happening to michael in the same general vicinity ..
finally his death in the same state right before leaving for england where perhaps some people would not have the influence they seem to have in ca.
murray wasnt even brought into court until after the had finished promoting this is it...
that is more then a coincidence to me and yet the sheriff could raid michaels house with the infamous seventy sheriffs on the day number ones came out, so it would be on the news all over the world..
i feel certain that was done with his record labels blessing as they were holding mj feet against the fire ...
mj hand cuffed and perp walked in front of world wide media..murray not
mj mugshot released ..murray ..nope

what ever the outcome , i really wish there was a way to have this investigated on a federal level because i feel alot of these people are working together for their own interests..
i really feel there is a wide based corruption in that state...entertainment business seems to run everyone and everything ..

1467 days ago


zoe, you just have too many things wrong, I can't answer them all. Michael said during the DS interview that the insurance company paid, for one thing. And I am certain LMP was in love with Michael, and he felt he was in love with her. Karen Faye was "just" his makeup artist for "just" 27 years, so yes, I trust her more than I trust you. I recommend her blog, btw.

1467 days ago
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