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Lindsay Lohan

Gets Paid in

'Milkaholic' Lawsuit

9/20/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just milked E*Trade all the way to the bank -- and it's all over a Super Bowl commercial that may have insinuated Lohan is a "milkaholic."

TMZ has learned Lohan's $100 million lawsuit against E*Trade has been settled.

The terms of the settlement are confidential -- but we're told Lindsay's team is "very happy" with the results ... and sources say Lindsay got some cash out of it.

As we previously reported, Lindsay claimed the stock trading company violated her rights by featuring a baby character named Lindsay who happens to be the "milkaholic" other woman in a baby love triangle.

Lindsay's high-powered attorney Stephanie Ovadia tells TMZ, "The case between Lindsay and E*Trade has been settled ... there is no further comment."

E*Trade reps tell TMZ, "E*TRADE has always maintained that the claims were without merit, which is why we moved to dismiss the case. With the case now withdrawn, we are pleased to have the matter behind us."

Dina Lohan also weighed in, saying, "The family is pleased that the case has been settled."


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i would bet that the settlement is no less than 50 million , if not the whole 100 million . but the thing is , next week they will still be writing that lindsay has money problems. i guarantee that part of the settlement will be that they pick up all her lawyers fees . which means 40 million for lawyers and 60 million for lindsay before taxes. m they knew that they were going to lose period, and they were not talking about any lindsay , but they were talking about her. she deserves the money. i guarantee two things . the other thing also , is that they pay off the people who are sueing her in that ridiculous 2 minute ride gets you millions crap. this is probably why michael is nice to lindsay , he wants the money. . i believe next will come the restraining order against michael lohan to stay away from lindsay and her money. heard the story about her disperate financial situation on radar online , what is she worried about. guaranteed that lou taylor will be given control of the money , so she will handle the amount of money she will have to buy coke. slowly lindsay is getting her life back on track , one issue at a time is being settled. off course she wants the terms of the settlement kept confidential. what money problems does she really have now.

1471 days ago


I can't believe they sold out like that. I hate it when company's listen to their lawyers and make a 'business decision' to settle just to save a buck, whether the accusations are founded or not.

And, what's ironic is, the money she got from them is going to go to pay for alcohol and drugs.

1471 days ago


@123 "i would bet that the settlement is no less than 50 million , if not the whole 100 million ."

Why would you say that? She basically had no case, and no jury would ever vote her even $1. And nobody ever settles for anything approaching the full amount of the lawsuit. I'd be surprised if the settlement is even as high as $50,000, most of which will go to her lawyers.

So of course she'll still have money problems. But no need to resort to a complicated conspiracy to explain it.

1471 days ago


How did Lindsay's lawyers win? Easy, they're those maggot contingency lawyers.

With these types of lawyers, Lindsay would not have needed to pay anything up front to hire them. These lawyers take this case on with the intention of never winning. What they are looking for is to settle. These maggot contingency lawyers all bank on this. They know that a huge, multi-million dollar company like E-trade would rather settle then prolong this case for months (if not years), which could end up costing E-trade millions of dollars in their own lawyer fees. So they settle because this would be the lesser of two evils. I imagine that with these maggot contingency lawyers, their records are 10% losses, 10% wins, and 80% settlements.

Such a disgusting system no? The way that these maggot contingency lawyers all operate. I just lost ALL sympathy for Lindsay Lohan because of this.

1471 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Lohans get greasier by the day. Maybe Jersey Shore has an opening.

1471 days ago


Goody! More money to put up her nose.

1471 days ago

I am me bitchez    

My name is Lindsay. I believe they were talking about me. I think I should be paid too.

1471 days ago


But I thought the truth was always an absolute defense in such things? :)

I suppose they figured it was cheaper to throw some $$$ her way, ridiculous though it was. Lesser mortals don't have the same chance, since we don't have the $$$$ to throw at the lawyers in the first place on such a gamble. Win or lose, the lawyers always get paid.

1471 days ago


First of all I love Lindsay I love her movies, she's beautiful, talented, but the only money she's making is when she sues for stupid things. Come on Lindsay I understand you have a drug problem and all, but the only way she's going to clean and get out of this damn horror story is if she wants to seek help. I mean whats the point of giving someone help if they don't want it. Anyway I still love you Lindsay Lohan=)
Ps: Get ride of your ****ty friends and bring your father back into your life I think it will help

1471 days ago


That's it. I have truly and officially lost my faith in the justice system after reading this story. What an absolute JOKE! I thought it was ridiculous when she FILED this lawsuit. But she actually WON??? You've got to be f*ing kidding me!!!!

Lindsay, you dumb c***, do you think that winning this lawsuit will sway anyone's thoughts of you? You're absolute S.C.U.M.!!!!

TMZ, PLEASE expose whatever dumb-ass numbskull judge or jury allowed this garbage.

1471 days ago


this is filed under W.T.F. in the R.U.Serious drawer.

1. there are hundreds of girls named Lindsay. No one is ever allowed to use the name Lindsay in an ad now? Legally there was no reason to settle as Linsday is a popular girl's name, they did not use a baby with flame red hair and freckles, and they did not use her last name.

2. Lindsay Lohan is NOT a milkaholic. We all know that. She's an alcoholic and a druggie... but not a milkaholic

3. As I said, she is an alcoholic and a drug user... so even if they said "this is Lindsay freakin lohan" they didn't say anything that hasn't been proven in a court of law. In fact, at this point you'd think she'd be fine with being called a MILK a-holic rather than what she is currently known as... a coke head.

1471 days ago


To Artie Help, sorry pardner every member of this family is a whack job! This case is just another example of legal corruption. Oops, I just spilled my drink, guess I'll sue Dr. Pepper.

1471 days ago


More money going up her nose.

1471 days ago


I can't believe the pathetic loser of a whore got anything out of this. She can't handle the fact that she is the butt of a nearly endless possibility of jokes but only she is to blame for that.

1471 days ago


Anything for a buck....trash is right!

1471 days ago
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