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Lindsay Lohan -- Failed Drug Tests Could Ruin Career

9/18/2010 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a long-term career problem in the wake of her two failed drug tests -- the judge in the case could derail her comeback.

Lindsay is now relying on Judge Elden Fox to allow her to leave California to shoot "Inferno" in Louisiana and possibly fly to New York City for "Saturday Night Live."

Here's the problem.  Sources connected with the case have been telling TMZ ... if Lindsay were to fail a drug test the judge would probably pull the plug on out-of-state-travel -- a privilege for Lindsay, not a right.

TMZ broke the story that Lindsay failed two tests ... one for cocaine last week.

The judge has been pretty gracious, allowing Lindsay to visit NYC to see her family last weekend.  But all bets are off now that Lindsay has flunked two tests.

And sources close to Lindsay somehow already know the big wigs on "Inferno" are pissed that she may have screwed up again, so flying to Louisiana may be a moot question.

As for future projects ... good luck getting insurance for a Lindsay Lohan flick.


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What a shame, the Judge needs to send her back to jail for the other half the sentence then back to another 45 day rehab and take away her right to travel for the rest of her year probation, if the judge doesn't get serious with her she won't be a believer but she'll be an inhailer! The Judge needs to be swift and firm and Lindsay's got to get a damn grip on her life!

1432 days ago


MISS D. PLATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1432 days ago


A question cannot be moot.

1432 days ago


First off, she need's a prison or lockdown facility that won't let her go due to over-crowding. It won't matter how many times she's lectured by a judge... if the place she's sent to will just STOP letting her go, she might, MIGHT, have a chance of survival. Otherwise, we've already seen this behavior...

1432 days ago


So over this chick and her so called career. So what if she could have been an actress.Just what the world needs,more actresses and actors. They get a little fame and all the sudden they have a voice or opinion that we are all supposed to stop our day and listen to. Tell us how to be politcally correct and all.
What is so special about Lindsey Lohan? Some stupid line about her already having an Oscar? Please spare us all.

1432 days ago


Why do we even care?

1432 days ago


Oh and what about the rehab center that said she doesn't have an addiction...

1432 days ago


I am mostly disgusted and upset over the comments here rather than Lindsey's illness. I said illness because that is what she has. Now that she has gone to jail and knows the consequences of her behaviors now, it is obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense that this young woman has a serious illness which by no means is an easy thing to control. No one is asking that those of you that are judgmental and mean here feel sorry for her; just lay off of her and let her find her way. Have some compassion; it is the root of all humanity, peacefulness and hope.

1432 days ago


She's not going to change until someone, somewhere, somehow make her responsible for her actions. For once, the last judge tried by throwing the book at her and everyone accused the court of being unfair to poor Lindsay, removed the judge and now the family wants to take legal action against the judge.

1432 days ago


Lindsey - I hope you get a grip soon. You and only you can take control. You have expertise and medical help out the wazoo. Other people don't have what you have access to - take advantage of it and don't screw it up. Learn from the pain that is causing you to go down the wrong road. Surround yourself with different people - uplifting people. Do something for someone else. This keep the focus off of yourself and helps you put value in helping others. Hope you get better and show these haters that you can and will change.

1432 days ago

Joe Dabb Babbalucci    

Well, LiLo deserves whatever happens to her, even if it's an overdose. That could be a great PR ploy! It'd have to be fatal to work right, but then again, we're talking about LiLo so it'd not be any great loss! WO could sue everyone for lost income via LiLo. Mikey could use LiLo's death as advertising for his new "clinic" in the making. LiLo's bio could be made into a movie. Best of all, LiLo is gone but not forgotten, and everyone but LiLo makes lots of moolah!

1432 days ago


Once a junkie ALWAYS a junkie. Rehab? BS.

1432 days ago


The judge isn't the one derailing Lindsey's career, Lindsey is! I think she wants to return to jail. I bet she has found it easier to let the sheriff's department say no to those supposed friends than herself. Her disease is manifested in her inability to say no to those bad influences.

1432 days ago


The first step is admitting you're powerless, and she has NOT. She is still in control (or the illusion of control). The type of self promoting personality that makes for a successful actress is not the sort of type that admits loss of control. She hasn't hit bottom yet. Not even close. This was pretty predictable. She came out of jail dressed ready for the clubs that night.

1432 days ago



1432 days ago
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