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Lindsay Lohan -- Failed Drug Tests Could Ruin Career

9/18/2010 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a long-term career problem in the wake of her two failed drug tests -- the judge in the case could derail her comeback.

Lindsay is now relying on Judge Elden Fox to allow her to leave California to shoot "Inferno" in Louisiana and possibly fly to New York City for "Saturday Night Live."

Here's the problem.  Sources connected with the case have been telling TMZ ... if Lindsay were to fail a drug test the judge would probably pull the plug on out-of-state-travel -- a privilege for Lindsay, not a right.

TMZ broke the story that Lindsay failed two tests ... one for cocaine last week.

The judge has been pretty gracious, allowing Lindsay to visit NYC to see her family last weekend.  But all bets are off now that Lindsay has flunked two tests.

And sources close to Lindsay somehow already know the big wigs on "Inferno" are pissed that she may have screwed up again, so flying to Louisiana may be a moot question.

As for future projects ... good luck getting insurance for a Lindsay Lohan flick.


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kelly I think this dude is just yanking your chain....

1495 days ago


Sorry TMZ NBC has already confirmed that Lindsay will NOT be on SNL
Oh to bad

1495 days ago


I'm sorry.....the Judge derailed her career? I think she has done that all by herself.......

1495 days ago


Just how many more chances does this twit get? I think what bugs me the most is some of these so-called celebrities enjoying celebrity just aren't even celebrities:

Paris Hilton -- also got caught doing cocaine biggest claim to fame is being a Hilton and she did a porn tape. Yet she gets away with everything she does with a little love tap on her wrist.

Nicole Ritchie -- claim to fame is being Lionel Ritchie's daughter and starred on that lame reality show for a bit. However, this one actually has seemed to straighten up after walking into a jail cell, sitting on the cot, getting back up and walking back out.

Lindsay Lohan -- made a few movies, none were what you'd call A-list movies. Yet, she gets chance after chance and they gets more chances.

It's a sad case when these mediocre excuses for celebs get treated with kid gloves.

1495 days ago


I think so too, but there are some loons out there. I'd hate to live with knowing I could have done something and didn't.

I may look like an idiot now, but I would rather look foolish than do nothing.

I don't do guilt well Toker!! Ha!

Anyway, Morning!!

1495 days ago

Paul From Providence    

Come on Lindsay, we're rooting for you to get these things straight! Sounds to me like you have the wrong people around you. If you are open to good advice and some help, contact me!

1495 days ago


Cocaine ? Really !

She needs to do a year in jail now. No more sweetheart deals. I hope this new judge isnt a wuss like the last one.

1495 days ago


So it was just arumor after all about SNL.

This chic is gonna have a hard time finding a job with her reputation now. She keeps making it worse on herself.

I wonder how her lil sis will make a living?? NOT singing, I know that much.

Harvey really should write a book! I would love to know some of the stuff he knows that gets kept from the public!

1495 days ago


but without inner strength and fear of consequences, they'll fall again and again.
Posted at 1:31 AM on Sep 18, 2010 by garnet

Isn't that the truth.

Since Lindsay is an actress she must be a lot better actress than we all thought. She was able to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. Well, at least the doctors, lawyers and judges. A lot of us here never once thought she was ready to be released early. In fact we were saying if you let her out early because SHE says she is better, then you are just setting her up for failure. She acted her way out of the last one, but this time maybe they won't fall for her chit.
This time they need to put her somewhere where her family can't have contact with her, and she must stay for the duration of the sentence. If they truly want to help Lindsay then they need to stop listening to what the convict is telling them to do and start telling the convict what SHE must do. Stick to the sentence once you hand it out. Put earplugs in so that you can't hear the whining and feel sorry for her. And last but not least, don't fall for any more of her lies. The girl is incapable of telling the truth. Once you get past all of that, MAYBE she will have a chance. Maybe not.

1495 days ago


Maybe you should get off the internet and go get some help??

There are more constructive ways to spend your time.

1495 days ago


Nobody came to this site to have a pity party...except for you.

Spare us your grief.

1495 days ago


simple..throw her ass in jail....that is what would happen to the rest of us......

1495 days ago


Wow. That's a direct threat you just made.

1495 days ago


@Anthony: Go to bed.

@Kelly: Quit egging him on.

@Dina and Michael: As parents, EPIC FAIL!

@themeanspirited: You all suck. Take the log out of your eye before pointing out the splinter in Lindsay's.

@therestoftheworld: Most of you know nothing about the criminal justice system except what you've seen on television and you most DEFINITELY know nothing about the justice system in California. She isn't in jail because there is nowhere to put her. Like many other states, California has neither the money nor the resources to keep non-violent offenders in jail. You're all armchair jurists and I thank GOD that none of you will ever sit in judgement of me.

1495 days ago


The intolerance and misunderstanding of the nature of the sickness of addiction is part of the reason drug abuse is so bad in this country. Do you really think that makes her a horrible evil person? Maybe that's your sickness.

1495 days ago
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