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Lindsay Lohan -- Failed Drug Tests Could Ruin Career

9/18/2010 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has a long-term career problem in the wake of her two failed drug tests -- the judge in the case could derail her comeback.

Lindsay is now relying on Judge Elden Fox to allow her to leave California to shoot "Inferno" in Louisiana and possibly fly to New York City for "Saturday Night Live."

Here's the problem.  Sources connected with the case have been telling TMZ ... if Lindsay were to fail a drug test the judge would probably pull the plug on out-of-state-travel -- a privilege for Lindsay, not a right.

TMZ broke the story that Lindsay failed two tests ... one for cocaine last week.

The judge has been pretty gracious, allowing Lindsay to visit NYC to see her family last weekend.  But all bets are off now that Lindsay has flunked two tests.

And sources close to Lindsay somehow already know the big wigs on "Inferno" are pissed that she may have screwed up again, so flying to Louisiana may be a moot question.

As for future projects ... good luck getting insurance for a Lindsay Lohan flick.


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she couldn't be that stupid. no one could be that stupid (except her parents). if this is true, she has no one to blame and tmz and everyone should ignore her and stop reporting on her and maybe they'll all go away.

1504 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Two tests?
Now the world is coming to see how irresponsible and blind to reality Ms. Lohan really is.
By the way, to those who insist she is somehow a great talent, have you actually seen any of her movies?
Or course, there have not been any for more than five years.
Does that tell you anything?
If she does not decide to help herself soon there will be no come back, not like the often mentioned Robert Downey Jr. ......
The major difference being the man has talent.

1504 days ago


I expected it.... but get real?

1504 days ago


Well i guess she should get used to saying " would you like a coke with that " but then she would get confused when you came to the window and have the straw up her nose and cola down her front. Stupid B*TCH

1504 days ago


Stick A Fork In Her Career!

1504 days ago


I just don't FREAKING CARE anymore! Stop giving Lindsay what she craves the most. You're just reinforcing her bad habits.

1504 days ago


Don't worry Lindsay. I will protect you from this evil, greedy, and obtrusive government that has spiraled out of control. This American Judicial/Government system will soon be destroyed. Once all of our government is dead, then we will finally have freedom, liberty, and justice under God law, not FBI/CIA/FDA/DEA/CCI/UN evil garbage.

1504 days ago


Many of you are starting from the premise that since other people are in jail for this, she should be too. According to American law, and the past standards of justice you are correct in that premise. But does that make it right? Is it right for non- violent, non-fraudulent criminals to serve long prison sentences? Sure, if someone has physically hurt somebody else, or defrauded somebody else they should be punished. But should America be in the business of punishing lifestyle decisions? Of course action must be taken to correct law breakers, but come on, you cannot have a one size fits all penal system and expect it to rehabilitate the full range of offenders.

1504 days ago

Marcia R.....    

Put her back in prison and throw away the key. She will never ever change.
Her parents should join her there because they have not tried to help in any way. They let her get away with this stuff. Shame on them.
She'll end up killing innocent people with this drinking and drugging.
Truthfully, I am sick of hearing about her.

1504 days ago


good job dina, you're a great mother. maybe cps should stopat your house and check on your other kids, especially 16 year old who looks 30. you must be so proud of the great job you've done with your daughter, who actually had some talent. now she's just another lohan in jail again. how many lohans have been in jail 3, 4? great family

1504 days ago


Personally I think the doctors at UCLA(u can leave anytime) should share in some of the responsibility for this. Addicts lie.
They should have seen this coming. Revel had ordered her to stay for 90 days not 22...why? Because maybe she knew something more than Drs. Moe, Larry and Curly!!!!

1504 days ago


Thats good news for Diana and Michael keeps them in the news for I dont no what. Imagine if Linsay went away for a long time and her parents had to get jobs instead of try to live off her

1504 days ago



The goal of the justice system in the United States isn't rehabilitation, it's punative.

Which is where your logic is having an issue.

When the goal is to punish you CAN have a one size fits all system. The way it works is that when someone gets busted for DUI/drugs they put them on probation. They normally give monthly drug tests and the person pays a few for the tests and other costs associated with monitoring them.

When that person violates they can be given the chance to take another drug test in case the first test was a false positive. That's where Miss Lohan is at currently.

Since she failed the second drug test when she goes to court she'll be in violation of her probation. Violation of probation is a charge in itself. That means that the jail time she avoided on her initial charge will be extended and she could be asked to serve whatever the judge chooses to give her.

Drugs are not a lifestyle decision. When you're an addict you don't just effect yourself. You effect your friends, family, and even strangers as well. Miss Lohan has access to wealth above most people's means, so at least she isn't prostituting herself and stealing from her family in order to do drugs, but what about her DUI which was the reason this all started? She isn't bothered in the slightest by driving while under the influence of various prescription drugs, alcohol, or narcotics.

Would you still be defending this "lifestyle" decision if a drunk/drug addict ran over one of your children while out partying?

1504 days ago


In economy where people are fighting to get a job this is pretty sad. Find another source of energy. Dumb!

1504 days ago



Yes...Morton Downey jr. and also someone who I wasa fan of Darryl Strawberry had an awful time staying away from cocaine and I'm sure they still have a daily battle to keep themselves clean.
Lindsay can do this but she has to cut herself off from the enablers...Dina being a major source of...don't worry momma will handle it...make up some excuse for her daughter...she disgusts me.

1504 days ago
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