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Lindsay Lohan

Tested Positive for Cocaine

9/17/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for cocaine last week and that is why she failed her drug test ... sources tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan back to jail.
As we first reported, Lindsay failed the court-mandated drug test -- and according to the terms of her probation, she will go back to jail for 30 days as a result.

Sources close to Lindsay say she's been telling friends she's "getting her life together." However, we're also told, she's surrounded herself with some "bad influences."

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Does she get another million dollars for an interview when she gets out of jail again. Couple more years at this rate she could be a billionaire in just interviews.

1496 days ago

Dee Dee    

Hey Dina Lohan, get your head out of your ass, your daughter is going to kill herself while you are busy trying to prove what a good mother you are.

1496 days ago


Maybe this time 30 days MEANS 30 days.

1496 days ago

not me    

guess she wanted the count of being under the influence of cocaine on her record after all...dismissed at her last hearing.

1496 days ago


So, when does Lindsay change into her Orange jumpsuit?

1496 days ago


It's really sad. She is an addict with a mother that blames everyone, a court system to afraid to be firm. She will eventually kill herself with drugs or an automobile. Hopefully she doesn't take anyone else along.

1496 days ago


I hope the Judge who reviews her violation has a set to follow up with the 30 day in custody, but this time no good time off.

1496 days ago


i would think being in jail the first time she wouldve learned her lesson, but i guess not, i guess she'll just have to keep going back until she does

1496 days ago


Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe SHE is the bad influence, and not the people she hangs with!

1496 days ago


As someone who's life mirrored Lohan's a few years ago I find it hard to believe UCLA is so easy to fool, but I fooled many professionals through the years too. Lindsey may not have a physical addiction but she has a mental addiction and those almost always go hand in hand with someone you have an emotional relationship with. She rolled the dice knowing she may or may not get tested in the approximately 3 days it takes to get coke and alcohol completely out of your system. I'm betting this isn't her first relapse either. Probably more like she got lucky a couple times and then got sloppy in her figuring. Bottom line is she will never, never, never get clean until she hits her own bottom and even then she has to stay away from every single person that she hung out with in that life. If she can make it a year after those two things she can stay clean. She's proven she can fool and lie to the Dr.s. She needs to be sent to REAL dependence Dr.s that know her type of issue. She won't OD but she will die or be badly hurt soon in an accident. She has no concern for reality right now and those around her will be her enablers and her end.

1496 days ago


surrounding herself with bad influences?? Grow up and stop blaming other for your weakness.

1496 days ago


I see she learned her lesson! Letting her leave both jail and rehab early was a stupid move by the courts. She's destined to do what ever she wants to do and laugh in the faces of everyone who tries to help her grow up. Good luck on "getting her life together" Nobody can do it but her!!! Maybe the courts can lend her another helping hand by turning a blind eye on the dirty tests. After all she needs compassion right? HELL NO!!!

1496 days ago


who cares about this girl!! she is nothing but a drug addict, her acting days are over, NEXT!!

1496 days ago


On the one hand, it's quite common for addicts to fail repeatedly when trying to stay clean, but then at some point they are able to stay sober. So maybe there's hope for her yet, just not in the near future. Her genetics are against her, she's got addiction and drug abuse all over her family tree -- she's foolish to drink alcohol or use any other potentially addictive drugs at all.

But in her case - she just doesn't want to quit right now. She obviously was trying to get around the testing by timing her use, and slipped up. Same thing she did while wearing the SCRAM bracelet - figuring that a carefully timed drinkie poo wouldn't show up on the recording.

But good grief, Lindsay - at least wait until you're no longer on the legal radar! She should have checked herself into a strict residential rehab center until her formal probation/routine random drug testing days are over, at the very least. Obviously she can't stay away from the stuff long enough while on her own. Also if she were smart, she would stop driving completely. She can't afford more trouble with the law and obviously is not the world's greatest driver even when allegedly sober. And if she just has to be high so much - she just can't drive safely. She's a risk to herself and others.

1496 days ago


Send her to sheriff joe to stay a spell in tent city.

1496 days ago
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