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Lindsay Lohan

Tested Positive for Cocaine

9/17/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for cocaine last week and that is why she failed her drug test ... sources tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan back to jail.
As we first reported, Lindsay failed the court-mandated drug test -- and according to the terms of her probation, she will go back to jail for 30 days as a result.

Sources close to Lindsay say she's been telling friends she's "getting her life together." However, we're also told, she's surrounded herself with some "bad influences."

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Joe Blow    

@Joe Blow
Her attorney obviously managed to get her permission when she was providing her weekly compliance reports to the court.
Otherwise she would risk missing a test and that would be 30 days in jail.

So where is the "obvious" proof of this, Nicole, beyond your self-delusion? I swear you live in a fantasy land where Lie-ho could be high on a combo of ecstasy and crack-cocaine, run over a baby while going 150 mph, drag her 1,000 feet, tell the police that there is 69 days in a month, and that her middle name is Jamal, and you would STILL be sitting here defending her and saying it's all a misunderstanding and it was a set up by Judge Joe Jackson and Richard Bay.

Time to break out the "Linnocent" t-shirt and get your rose-tinted glasses on so you can go wait outside the court house and chant "FREE LINDSAY!!". Oh wait, you probably already are. What a fool.

1498 days ago


no, she doesn't have a problem. she's fine. it's the rest of us with the problem. we have been brain washed with all the "reality" TV shows on TV that we are no longer are able to distinguish between fact and fiction. we are doomed. Run for the HILLS... oh sh*t - Heidi and Spencer are in them Hills.....

1498 days ago


UCLA rehab should be closed!!! The girl is very sick her future does not look good.

1498 days ago


First of all @ Thom....bless your heart! "As someone who's life mirrored Lohan's a few years ago I find it hard to believe UCLA is so easy to fool, but I fooled many professionals through the years too." Truer words were never spoken. The best manipulators and liars are the addicts. I hope you're doing well Thom.

When Lilo was looking at serious jail time, you'd best believe that old gal pal Sam Ronson was shaking in her boots that Lilo would throw her under the bus for a free pass. Any club employing Sam had best believe that's where the Devil's Dandruff is being marketed; in small quantities for big price, in large quantities for mega bucks.

No wonder Lilo didn't do that million dollar interview, she was too wasted and knew she was going to be busted...again.

She's no better than any other wonderful person on the face of this earth that is struggling with addiction....cept...she's in the spotlight.

Every addict is worth being saved, not for the world stage, but for themselves and the potential they have as a contributing human being.

1498 days ago


OMG this is so not true! not true, not true not true at all!!!

I can sum this up in two words, false positive! Lindsay quit using cocaine until she's off of probation so this can't possible be true.

1498 days ago


One more strike for this pathetic individual who has ruined her life. There are so many talented people who would love the opportunities she has been afforded and guess what? SHE BLEW ALL OF THEM. This is just a meth addiction waiting to happen. Reap what you sow you pathetic, sad, sorry has been. I guess an STD is her next stop, but wait, maybe she's already been there.

1498 days ago


she's an actress. she fooled "doctors" into believing she didn't have an issue that it was all the other med's the "other doctors" prescribed to her that made her all loopy. but it's time the pay the price of her behavior. go to jail for the remainder of her sentence and finish rehab.

1498 days ago


how many chances does she wants? people will get tired of her too. she should know that. 30 days??? does that mean 1 hour in celebrity jail time?

1498 days ago


Cocaine is a hell of a drug

1498 days ago


what is wrong with this young women... sad, sad

1498 days ago


@256 Thorn: Well said! "Jail, institutions or death."

1498 days ago


Lindsay needs help big time. This very similar to Robert Downey Jr and Natalie Cole. Jail is not the answer, Lindsay needs a long term stay of 6 months to a year in a top notch rehab center. Then she needs to clean out her friends draw and rid the ones who are a BAD INFLUENCE. I pray she gets the help she needs!

1498 days ago


...will the new Rodney Downey, Jr. please stand up, please stand up, please stand up??? (except ole Linds can't act, or lie worth a darn!) She should have had to serve her entire jail sentence AND rehab time... will the justice system never learn?

1498 days ago


<< "Lindsay cannot believe this is happening,"

Then she's a freeking idiot!

1498 days ago

Dirty Harry    

Lohan is playing cat and mouse with the judicial system. Everytime she acts like a brat she cost the taxpayers money.

1498 days ago
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