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Lindsay Lohan

Tested Positive for Cocaine

9/17/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for cocaine last week and that is why she failed her drug test ... sources tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan back to jail.
As we first reported, Lindsay failed the court-mandated drug test -- and according to the terms of her probation, she will go back to jail for 30 days as a result.

Sources close to Lindsay say she's been telling friends she's "getting her life together." However, we're also told, she's surrounded herself with some "bad influences."

Story developing...


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1461 days ago


There's an old expression that comes to mind... God didn't give her the sense he gave little chickens.

Bye, Lindsay, unfortunately you won't be gone long enough!!!

1461 days ago

lin bookout    

I was pulling for her. for some reason i belived she was getting her life back together after reading the 'vanity fair' story. It must be hard just getting out of rehad with no support with wack of mook for a family . relaspe is apart of getting sober. uh i give up, im not a fan anymore not gonna see her movies i'll turn the channel when her face pops up. im not buyin any bull**** anymore

1461 days ago


Lindsay is cursed with the genetic component of addiction (her father is an admitted addict) and a very unstable childhood. How these idiot judges,doctors and whoever else cannot see this and provide *adequate* help/support for her is the real criminal offense imho.

Addiction is a living hell and all the vile posts judging/criticizing her are in for some horrific karmic lessons. Nobody chooses to be an addict and yes, it can be fatal. Predicting her death only reflects what a cold heart you have. Good luck in life - you're going to need it.

1461 days ago

Joe Blow    

Oh Nicole, what will you say next.

I'm going to steal a paragraph from, see if this makes any sense to your delusional mind. Probably not, but it's worth a shot. Lie-ho getting her life back together and staying a good girl since she was released from rehab:

"Lindsay Lohan left rehab on August 24th, and on August 25th she was in a bar until 1am. 5 days after that she was pulled over by a cop for running a stop sign (on the way to the same bar as before), 4 days after that she hit a baby stroller with her car, and this weekend she was in New York (also a direct violation of her probation) at a bar inside the Standard hotel.

Oh gosh so where could this be leading…"

1461 days ago


Wow. No one saw that one coming.


1461 days ago


where's my whiny bitch snowy..there are some guys waiting for him to blow them for some coke cash he needs...

1461 days ago


Minutes after the story broke on TMZ a couple of hours ago it was posted on PerezHilton's site. And the gay man didn't even give TMZ credit siting his "sources" for the news. What a duffass and plagiarist of the first degree.

1461 days ago


manbearpig - Sorry to hear about that. It is possible to transfer the drug through a kiss if you used right before kissing her but it is more likely she tested positive from being in the same room. The obvious would be testing positive from being in the same room as people smoking crack-cocaine but a person can test positive from being in the same room as people using coke. Cocaine can become airborne and cause others in the room to test positive. It may be a small amount but it would still be a positive test. Lindsey most likely used but myself nor' anyone else really has a right to judge or assume. Although, I can't forget that I am posting on the TMZ discussion boards where everyone and anyone are all saints and holier than thou. It really is sad reading some people's comments.

1461 days ago


haha what a dumb ass. That crap only stays in your system for a short time too...she must have been blowing lines in the parking lot. She is a waste of space

1461 days ago

jack e. jett    

wow how your verbiage protects the star...

she had been hanging with some bad michael jackson was surrounded with bad people.......bull fu*king sh*t!

these people ARE the bad seeds.....STOP blaming it on others.

1461 days ago


Better put the hip boots on folks and grab a big shovel cause it's about to get deep. How many excuses (lies) will she come up with this time. The only one I want to hear is, "It's my mother's fault." That one I will give her.

1461 days ago

South Beach    

She knew she would be tested. Maybe jail is the only way she can stay clean. Wouldn't be the 1st.

1461 days ago


The D.A was asking for 30 days in jail and the only thing Lindsay didn't do was miss the weekly class 7 out of 27 times.
The new Judge dismissed the 2 counts of driving while under the influence of cocaine because she hadn't reoffended or been caught using any drugs.
Judge Revel's sentence was crazy and more jail time with the formal probation and court ordered rehab was almost inevitable.

@Joe Blow
She was given PERMISSION to go to New York but probably not anymore if this is true.

1461 days ago


This entitled, self-centered bitch thinks she's above the law....AGAIN.

1461 days ago
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