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'NJ Housewife' -- I Will Quit If Staub Returns

9/20/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Caroline Manzo claims she delivered a strict ultimatum to the show's producers -- if Danielle Staub returned for another season ... she'd quit the show.

Manzo spilled it on camera during a deposition in Staub's nasty defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband, Kevin Maher.

During the depo, Caroline said, "I did tell Bravo and Sirens that there is no amount of money you could put on the table for me next year."

She added, "If Danielle Staub is on the show, I am out because my integrity means too much to me ... so for Season 3, they know it's either Danielle or myself."



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BYE....and take your money grubbing sis w/ you....don't forget SHE-MAN Theresa either.............

1307 days ago


People who spend their time watching others lives are just as stupid as the Housewives themselves...

1307 days ago

Chrissy R.    

Put your "BIG PANTIES" back on and accept that the show is not going to last without Danielle. It is so funny that you as an adult cannot really ignore her. I belive you started the whole thing. You wanted ratings and it backfired. You started with the wrong chick. What is so special about the show without her. What can you bring, nothing! OK, you have a close family, so does other families! Get over yourself.

1307 days ago

rod dick    

Good riddance, Caroline, you are an arrogant, ego maniacal ass! Your kids are the ugliest, fattest losers and so is Jacqueline and her fugly daughter, Ashley! That girl, Ashley is the most disgusting looking human along with the other ego maniac, Teresa! How did they all get cast? Is that the best NJ has to offer!

Danielle is the most entertaining one of the bunch, and, her daughters are the most well behaved, sweetest and good looking girls..

Get over yourself, Caroline. Take you and your fugly husband and family and do us all a favor and get off this show!

1307 days ago


I am one of those that agree that if Danielle is not on the show then there is no show. I have been watching all the "housewives" series since the beginning. All the other series has enough drama among various housewives to make it interesting. With NJ, there is absolutely NO DRAMA without Danielle. Danielle may be crazy but that is exactly what made it interesting. Basically all the other housewives’ scenes revolved around discussing Danielle. Even when they went to Italy you would think it would have been interesting but it was BORING. Watching Deena talk to her cat, Caroline and her family play the ham game, that other screaming one whose house is in foreclosure and that other irrelevant one with the bratty daughter; is NOT DRAMA. I really think Bravo made a huge mistake letting Danielle go versus Caroline. Thank God Atlanta is coming back. I can’t wait for New York to also come back. DC is interesting, looking forward to LA. Bravo should cancel NJ and make the other series run longer.

1307 days ago


You people are retarded. Danielle already got fired because she shopped her own show. PAY ATTENTION, PUh-LEASE

1307 days ago


Integrity??? Please Caroline called Bernard Kerik her husband's best friend! Not to mention her father-in-law WAS a alleged/known Gambino crime family associate. Caroline is sitting on her horse WAY too high. A "Catering Hall" affording that kind of lifestyle??? Not likely.

1307 days ago


Why were you on the show from the get go (PLEASE integrity my ass)

1307 days ago

artie help    

danny pro is the only reason to watch theshow, will he be back if dannielle doesn't come back??

1307 days ago


Sirens and Bravo should have shown Caroline the door... she is just as, if not more, irritating that Danielle. Yes Danielle has issues, but Caroline's bloated self-importance turns my stomach. She acts like she is the "godmother" and it's tough to watch. The whole crew is trashy as far as I'm concerned. Except Jacqueline ~ and I'm starting to like Dina since she left haha.

1307 days ago


I can't stand Caroline, she thinks she is some kind of mafia queen. She thinks she is in charge of everyone. I think she is scared of Danielle, scared that Danielle would get more attention than her and her "family". Caroline acts like she is the judge of all people and that she has the answers to everything. Let her go, who cares? It is much more interesting to have new people to learn about, Caroline and Teresa are crazier than Danielle!

1307 days ago


Danielle is a piece of garbage! I cannot believe the comments supporting that disgusting skank on here. Either the Danielle supporters are blind, deaf, and dumb, or all of these comments are posted by Danielle and her "crew".
She is known to troll websites like this and swamp the comments section with her own remarks. She is a low down lying s***bag and EVERYONE knows it. The people commenting on here negatively about Caroline and positively about Danielle are wither stupid or an associate of Danielle's...its that simple.

1307 days ago


WHO CARES?!?!? This game show is a jokem and it is a game show people. You act like a fool and you get to keep the pay check. hopefully, Bravo will realize that they have enough in the "Housewives" stable and blow off NJ. Unless they plan on filming Magilla Gorilla and her husband from behind bars. Don't lie to the bankruptcy judge. It a great way to a quick trip to the big house.

1307 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

Hey ManZo

Nobody really likes Staub and they don't like you either. Kettle/Pot/Black!!!

Hey maybe you and Staub can play "Ham Fight" or whatever that inbred game your family plays.

1307 days ago


Everyone on here is not in cahoots with Danielle. They are however spot on about this women, Caroline. To watch her sickens me she is the liar she is the name caller, funny thing is it that when someone lacks the education and social skills they resort to name calling. It was obvious from the beginning that she was ignorant, please fire her!

1307 days ago
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