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'NJ Housewife' -- I Will Quit If Staub Returns

9/20/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Caroline Manzo claims she delivered a strict ultimatum to the show's producers -- if Danielle Staub returned for another season ... she'd quit the show.

Manzo spilled it on camera during a deposition in Staub's nasty defamation lawsuit against her ex-husband, Kevin Maher.

During the depo, Caroline said, "I did tell Bravo and Sirens that there is no amount of money you could put on the table for me next year."

She added, "If Danielle Staub is on the show, I am out because my integrity means too much to me ... so for Season 3, they know it's either Danielle or myself."



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Whip It    

WoW! What a DIVA who would have thought!!!!!!!!!
I don't dig that kind of D.I.V.A. b.S****

What's wrong with you BRAVO didn't you realize that the rest of New Jersey Housewives are B.O.R.I.N.G.
Why would you let a bunch of nobodies throw around ultimatives. If this is true as why Danielle was let go, favortism is not cool! Well I have integerity and will not be watching N.J. with this favortism going on....and I hope other under dogs as me take a stand and do the SAME.

BRAVO!! Why didn't you just get a complete new cast 'cause what do these other housewives do that's so interesting?! they have Zero personalities.

This reminds me of High School when the teacher's are always on the side of the popular kids but never the underdogs. And everyone knows that the popular kids did everything under the sun and got away with it....SHAME ON YOU BRAVO!

~signed an under dog aka whip it

1495 days ago

Whip It    

Hate is a strong word. I can actually say that I dislike someone but HATE, wow not a healthy person..

Caroline you are filled with poison. Woman take a chill pill.
Get down on your knees and ask for forgiveness 'cause as a christian one should never hate.

I so cannot believe this vid i just watched..venom, much?? lol.
Okay, i'll confess I watch Bravo as long as a hater as you is not on. I don't like or care every much when I hear people wanting to use power to blacklist someone.

Caroline, SuCk it. BTW no wonder 'ur husband has someone on the side. No u didn't get RID of "the other woman"

p.s. wory about your own backyard 'cause yours isn't so 'Rosy

~whip it

1495 days ago


PLEASE QUIT!!!!! That would be amazing

1495 days ago

Whip It    

Caroline & Co.
p.s. y'all could dish it out and thought everything was funny when you had the infamous book surface. Shame on all of you! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FROM SOMEONE WHEN YOU BACK them in a corner?

This is all very sad..and this is actually someone's life! What kind of decent moral human being keeps pointing fingers and holding grudges when you started the trek first?!

HAVING INTEGRITY Means/equals= Loving & SUPPORTING your son to open a strip bar..LOLZ

~whip it aka actually I don't have a life just having FUN on TMZ

1495 days ago

Whip It    

i don't like it when people pick on Under dogs. Click(s) SuCk!
that is why i am anti-social and stay indoors and have no friends by choice 'cause friends 'n peeps equal=DRAMA

Social Psychology - people's thoughts, feelings, perceptions, motives, and behavior are influenced by interactions with others (actual, imagined, or implied presence)

You showed the world she's what does it matter regarding sex tape? this is what you showed public when u came out with the book and tarnished her image so she might as well cash in while she can in the 15 minutes why not?! not like she's running her image, she's a grown a** woman..she can now put a piece of bread on the table for her children and more..

p.s. John Hughes movies RoCk <3
oy..plummer just fiXed the Loo. popoffs..cya

~whip it aka hermit

1495 days ago


1. Thanks TMZ because none of these honest comments would have made their way onto Bravo's blog. Hope Andy reads all these posts and finds a brand new cast for NJ.
2. All the NJ housewives are hideous and look like they have some kind of mild genetic disorder. Maybe it's in the water?
3. Caroline is pathetic for having to beg for her husband's attention with that awful, forced ridiculous grin she gives him all the time. I'm sure she hates her life.
4. Teresa writing a book is a joke. She is a moron. She barely has command of the English language. You should probably have to at least read a book before attempting to write one (even a cook book). Oh, and Joe is also a moron and a meathead. Their kids are doomed.
5. Jackie is an airhead who looks like she's playing at being a mother, playing at a being a wife. She's not to be taken seriously and her face is the most deformed.
6. Danielle is troubled, crazy, a user, opportunist. I feel bad for her kids because they probably don't have much of a chance either.
7. Cancel the show or find a new cast please.

1495 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

Just another piece of crap from a NBC owned channel-(CABLE)-Less add the other cable channel that they have MSNBC to that crappy channel line-up. Please have all of them sign this on paper, and be done with all of these foolish so-called reality programs once and for all.

Larry C.

1495 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

HAHAHAHA! Love the vitriol on this thread! The wives won't EVER do what you want, bravo will NEVER listen to any of you, & as long as the ratings are there the show goes on with or without your favorite wife & you KNOW it, & THAT'S what p*sses you off. Like it or not, conflict brings ratings & that's all they care about. Anyone with a triple digit IQ knows this. So, regardless of whether your favorite wife is still with or no longer with the show, or you hate the entire cast, they're baaa-aaaak! The producers don't care about you; They care if you're watching that show, & when the majority no longer watches it, they'll invent something else. Bummer you let it eat you up.

1495 days ago


Wow, looks like Danielle and her nut job thug friends have been here. Gee, must be real slow on the stroll lately ho. Danielle is INSANE and my hope is that her ex husband takes those beautiful little girls and runs before they get more screwed up than they probably already are from being exposed to their nasty ho of a mother. Danielle belongs in a lock down mental ward until they can get her on some meds that will even her out! That and she needs to stop screwing anything that moves and will hold still long enough for her to get her claws into. How desperate would any man have to be to even look twice at that, much less screw it!

1494 days ago


i FINALLY tuned in...what a bunch of air-headed, shallow, selfish, whiny, cry baby, scheming, manipulative, gold digging drama queens. Seeing the show once was enough, never again. the lot of you are disgusting. Surrounded in luxury and crying over the stupidest most trivial things. you would never survive the real world.

1494 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

Danielle while she is a bit off the wall, is far more interesting than this "holier than thou" hag.

1494 days ago


So what? Who cares? LEAVE!!!!

1494 days ago


I think with the two Kims and their double talking that there could be enough drama without Danielle. Those two kept the pot stirred with telling Danielle one thing and telling the other girls another thing.

1494 days ago


Caroline is old and ugly. Her stupid son flunked out of Seton Law School and tried to claim he had a "learning disorder" so he should be kept in anyway. Seton Law School refused to let him back in because he never told a soul about this "learning disorder" until AFTER he flunked out. I guess mob connections can't help her family now. Caroline keeps talking about how important "family" is, as if "family" isn't just as important in other people's lives. Caroline appears to be a bully. How dare she call anyone "garbage". God made Danielle too. I won't be watching next season.

1494 days ago


She sucks, but there isn't a show without here. The NJ aren't interesting.

1494 days ago
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