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'NJ Housewife' Slams 'Deranged' Danielle Staub

9/18/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained footage of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Caroline Manzo blasting her former castmate Danielle Staub --  calling her a "pathological liar, sociopath, con artist" ... and "deranged."

Manzo sat in front of a camera on July 22 for a deposition in Staub's ferocious legal war with her ex-husband Kevin Maher ... who's demanding $10 million for alleged defamation.

During the depo -- Manzo claims Staub told stories about her alleged abusive past with Maher ... including one situation where Maher allegedly raped Staub on broken glass, killed her dog and "inserted a pistol up her vagina."

Staub has claimed Maher has "no evidence" she ever made those statements about him.

Best part of the tape -- Manzo is asked about Staub's "propensity for truthfulness" ... and Caroline just unloads.

You gotta watch this.


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Who are you to judge! What is a perfect mother? citizen? friend? Define that for me! If you think it is okay to bully taunt, gangup and outcast someone for mistakes they have made (its not like she killed someone). You may as well lock yourselves in solitary confinedment because WE ALL have our skeletons!!!! She also has CHILDREN hearing these AWFUL things these other woman just wont let go of!!! WTF is wrong with you people!!! There are rapists and murderes getting out of jail and you are all hung up on commenting about the "immorals and mistakes" of Danielle I think you all need help!! None of us are perfect nor will ever be...hating on others is a reflection of hatered for yourselves!!!

1465 days ago


TEAM CAROLINE! Why? Because I have common sense.

1465 days ago


Um... Liz... I don't care if Momo is Danielle. I still agree with everything she wrote. You act like I should be outraged or have the same adverse reaction as you do. And, since you're calling people out, you sound just like Ashley. Don't kids usually hang out at the mall on Saturday? OCD much? Peace out youngster.

1465 days ago


In Daniel, I see a vulnerable, broken human being who has a difficult time trusting, living her life out of fear in every way. In Caroline, I see an inflated ego, and highly skewed sense of right and wrong, masked with claims of integrity and justice. She is manipulative, unforgiving, hateful, and angry. Caroline, your actions go every bit against your self proclaimed peace making, and wise matriarch. You are in fact the most troubled of that crazy bunch; and I didn't think I had seen more screwed up than Teresa. Get off your ridiculous soap box and heed your sister's path; get out from the lime light; you make me sick!!

1465 days ago


Are you all crazy? Danielle is a fricken psycho!! I have an ex-sister-in-law that does the same thing. Tries to look all calm, then does so much evil heinous stuff behind people's backs. She plays the victim so people will feel sorry for her. It's insane. I can't believe that some of you are buying it. Danielle is a sociopath, narcissist, & a pathological liar. None of you will ever understand until you have dealt with someone like that in your life.

1465 days ago

Whip It    

#38 this I agree with you. They never post anything negative written from "Real people like us" lolZ.

"There's nothing like a woman scorned"..I remember some of these chicks came out with a book from the past 'bout Danielle's past. Did they care about her young innocent daughters? They Caroline etc. claim Danielle went after family members..I wonder why..hmmm hmmm
Ladies realize sum people don't do tic for tac they go for the juggler, especially with what you did with the book. Revenge is infinite. Do you think that's justified?

WTF with this Teresa aLways going after another woman (Danielle) physically?!
Teresa your a pig, keep your hands to yourself ! Perhaps you should go into the boxing ring and become a man and change 'ur name to Thomas 'cause your no Lady..

Also perhaps what Danielle says about her ex is true that's why she acts mental at times because she was abused. If this really did happen who wouldn't be scathed. Right?!

In addition I am on team no one, but I do admire Caroline. Especially the one liners. lol. But why would someone continue a conversation with you when you insulted the woman and you were aggressive from the the start of the sit down I wouldn't have stayed either. You just threw gas on the fire!
Caroline your a strong woman don't be tic for tac you gotta know when to just leave things alone, cause this is MeSSy.

You say that the woman is?? i'm not saying to be a coward, just someone needs to take the "High Road".

BTW BRAVO hope you do fire "The Salahi's" people in my crib refuse to watch Housewives of DC because of them. Not that you care if I watch your show..just saying. ;]
AND Sorry i will be watching Danielle Stuab's new show "Social"
looks kewl..not saying i'd break bread with her though. I still have no opinion about her regardless of everything i've scene she is a product of her past so I can't judge her.

"We are in the O.K. Corral okay Buckle up, Yippie-ki-yay"
~Caroline Manzo, taken from reunion show..

LOVES IT!! You should write a book on your one liners I'd love to have Lunch with you Caroline, your place or mine =)
p.s. I don't like many people, but u amuse me.

~Whip It

1465 days ago

Whip It    

#38 this I agree with you. They never post anything negative written from "Real people like us" lolZ.

BTW this is regarding BRAVO. BRAVO doesn't post negative comments.
Just to make it clear for those that are reading comment.

p.s. TMZ is EXCELLENT by letting us write are comments and actually posting them. WOOT WOOT
Harvey's the man <3
~ whip it ;)

1465 days ago

Whip It    

Also don't want to leave out the staff..I tip my hat to ((you)) TMZ staff! Thanks for everything 'cause you brighten up my lonely days & nights...


~Whip it

1465 days ago


Wow, Danielle/Angel/Ellen or whatever split personality name you are using today Danielle..go take your freaking meds. You are a psychotic, narcissistic sociopath who needs to have her children removed from her custody. Your ex husband needs to get custody of those kids and run like hell! You are nothing but trash and no one believes your garbage. I don't blame the other housewives a bit for going after you..I'd have knocked your skanky teeth out by now if you pulled half the **** with me you've done to them.

1465 days ago


This non compos mentis better known as Caroline is a vile, vapid and hateful old crone! Even more annoying is the fact that she only speaks in cliches. Caroline, try using some nouns, verbs and adjectives. And what's with the prosecutorial tone you take with Danielle always screaming ..."answer me, just answer me"! If you would shut up for just one second and give her a chance to respond, maybe you would hear her answer. Actually, you come across as if you couldn't care less about an answer, you only seem to want to create drama and tumult. You are a fake, a phoney and a fraud!

1465 days ago


They are all losers.

1465 days ago


I like caroline, of all the housewives, all shows, she is the real deal.

1465 days ago


too funny, momo is danielle. otherwise why would she carry on about dina............

1465 days ago


Anyone who is " TEAM DANIELLE "is as insane as she is. That crazy chick is pathological she has been caught in SO many lies. She is sued monthly she has been engaged 19 count em NINETEEN TIMES. She is destructive. One has to ask themselves this.. Why is it that any and everyone who ever has an ounce of contact with her ends up either hating her or suing her or being sued by her. What the heck does that tell you??? Clearly she has mental issues and is insane. She is CRAZY as hell.

1465 days ago


It is VERY clear that " MOMO" is CRAZY INSANE Danielle.

1465 days ago
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