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'NJ Housewife' Slams 'Deranged' Danielle Staub

9/18/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained footage of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Caroline Manzo blasting her former castmate Danielle Staub --  calling her a "pathological liar, sociopath, con artist" ... and "deranged."

Manzo sat in front of a camera on July 22 for a deposition in Staub's ferocious legal war with her ex-husband Kevin Maher ... who's demanding $10 million for alleged defamation.

During the depo -- Manzo claims Staub told stories about her alleged abusive past with Maher ... including one situation where Maher allegedly raped Staub on broken glass, killed her dog and "inserted a pistol up her vagina."

Staub has claimed Maher has "no evidence" she ever made those statements about him.

Best part of the tape -- Manzo is asked about Staub's "propensity for truthfulness" ... and Caroline just unloads.

You gotta watch this.


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You just know "Momo" and a few others are Danielle, and probably her lame friend (bodyguard - hahaha!) Danny or whatever that nasty thug-wanna-be's name is. What a joke.

Danielle is one of the ugliest "woman" LOL! I've ever seen, she has a real horse face (sorry to all the horses out there). Glad I won't see her on the Housewives show anymore, I stopped watching because of her.

1406 days ago


This Mafia looking drag queen is so ugly...She has a lot of Skeletons in her closet that are going to come out...Some she doesn't even know about! Hey Ugly mafia might want to keep a eye on your own house...No glass house there! Man is she UGLY!

1406 days ago


It seems like Danielle Staub is posting several times here. Anyway you are crazy Danielle, God thing I don´t know you, psycho!

1406 days ago


Caroline craves attention much more so than Danielle.

How many times in this video does she say "ummmmm?"

Caroline, with all your husbands Mafia money, please, partake in speech lessons!

1406 days ago


Liz is Ashley....grow up you little brat! Your mom surely doesn't know how to raise shows with you!

1406 days ago


Let's not forget how Carolines Mob Father in law mob style! Let's keep bringing that up since she likes to keep bringing up other peoples past! Caroline Karma is a bitch and so are you! Your whole mob life is going to come out and get you too! She keeps some shady people on the police force very close for a to comment on that Caroline!

1406 days ago


Caroline is a bully.Her and Teresa Ga-douchey belong in the same "FAMILY". UHG!Quit acting like you're in the Mafia Caroline,because if you were,you would be "The Don",because you look like an ugly MAN! I agree with Angel,no matter who she is.I thought it was just my comments that Bravo wouldn't post! I guess they don't want it to be known that not everyone hates Danielle,because Teresa needs a freaking MUZZLE! Someone will dig up dirt on the Manzo Clan one day,and it won't be pretty(just like them!)The only one who had ANY class on the reunion show was Danielle!The rest had a bully/pack mentality.Teresa will be living above Joe's Pizza joint by the end of the year.OH,and I think she will be in big trouble,because her book company cut her a check for 250,000 a week before they filed for bankruptcy,and she did not disclose that income.PURE LYING WITCH!Yeah,I would "forget"that I just got a quarter MIL.too. You or I would be in JAIL if we did that.What comes around goes around.Her fraud will come out in the end.But,I'm sure that "THE FAMILY"will take care of her! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1406 days ago


Of all the housewives shows I like the NJ one the best. Why? Because they have morals (maybe not A plus morals but they do have them none the less) and that is why none of them like Danielle. With a history like hers would you really want to socialize with her? Her kids are more mature than she is. I would NOT want my children around her or her children. (Guilt by association) If you are a good person you don't need to work so hard to convince people. You show your goodness by doing good things, not telling everyone how great you think you are.

As for being a devout Catholic, Ha! I am not sure which Catholic Church that Danielle belongs to, but mine does not condone prostitution, kidnapping, lesbianism etc. or love and light. (whatever that is) Hmmmmmmm. Trying to hard girlfriend. You have always been a loser and always will be. Sorry for your luck plastic face!

1406 days ago

Tom Jones    

Staub is German for "dust".

1406 days ago

Happy Day    

Danielle (aka Angel…so funny since that is how you view yourself)…there you go again. Cutting and pasting parts of your previous post, just like you did in your Bravo blogs. You totally dismiss all of your actions, while pointing the finger at others for your perception of their misdeeds.

Those concerned about Danielle’s children reading anti-Danielle posts or articles, what about all of the things that Danielle has said or done on camera during the past two seasons? From filming RHONJ scenes about meeting someone with whom she has been having phone sex…and it was someone she didn’t even know, to propositioning Steve to have sex with her at a restaurant during dinner. Then there is the horrible scene that she caused (and seemed to enjoy) at the fundraiser at The Brownstone. How horrible was that? She says that she was there to present a check, but the family still says that they have yet to receive said check! Interesting!

And what about the TWO sex tapes that are out there that she originally claimed she had no knowledge of?! When the facts surfaced she changed her story. In fact, it has been reported by TMZ that Danielle is the one holding the camera in one of the videos. Don’t you think that that alone is horribly embarrassing for her children to hear about?!

Danielle has never directly addressed any of the questions asked of her by anyone during the reunion, including questions from Andy Cohen. She always redirected the question elsewhere or stuck to her own talking points. Maybe she should be a politician because they too wouldn’t know the truth if it sat on them! Her “truth” seems to be whatever is best for her at the time.

Wow AcesNEights…to go after Teresa’s small children. That’s just disgusting. They are innocent little girls. Even the other housewives have never gone after Danielle’s two girls! Cannot say the same for Danielle.

I actually feel sorry for you Danielle. The pathological and destructive nature by which you live your life is sad, and I hope you find the help that you so desperately need!

1406 days ago


Whatever is wrong with Danielle (which is troubling enough)but the truth is, she makes the show more interesting...

which sadly = EXPLOTATION

What would the 'Housewives Series' be if we were forced to watch BORING people....the producers love this SH*T

1406 days ago




1406 days ago


"Who is this Caroline to judge? She and every other woman in her family just screwed rich mafia thug types who are somehow millionaires off of small pizza and plumbing operations to get rich, then spend the rest of their lives acting holier-than-thou. Plus she's clearly obsessed with Staub if she's now involving herself into issues that do not involve her."
Caroling didn't involve herself into anything. She was subpoenaed to testify and was answering the question that was posed to her.

1406 days ago


I am sorry, but Caroline is a liar and a half! She is the most conieving and crooked one on the show!

Her family is seriously mobbed up.
She attacks Danielle all the time.
She sets her up.
She makes it look like she is saint and she is FAR from it!

Danielle is nuts, but the others are worse!

1406 days ago


Have you ever wondered if Danielle has been on here, posting multiple times?

1406 days ago
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