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'NJ Housewife' Slams 'Deranged' Danielle Staub

9/18/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained footage of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Caroline Manzo blasting her former castmate Danielle Staub --  calling her a "pathological liar, sociopath, con artist" ... and "deranged."

Manzo sat in front of a camera on July 22 for a deposition in Staub's ferocious legal war with her ex-husband Kevin Maher ... who's demanding $10 million for alleged defamation.

During the depo -- Manzo claims Staub told stories about her alleged abusive past with Maher ... including one situation where Maher allegedly raped Staub on broken glass, killed her dog and "inserted a pistol up her vagina."

Staub has claimed Maher has "no evidence" she ever made those statements about him.

Best part of the tape -- Manzo is asked about Staub's "propensity for truthfulness" ... and Caroline just unloads.

You gotta watch this.


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Manzo is a modern day Gladys Kravits Get A Life Woman, no wonder your husband works all the time he can't stand being around you!

1433 days ago


The real nuts are Teresa and Joe Guidice. I'd love to know what goes on when the camera's turned off.

1432 days ago


caroline is an idiot, just like her son. She's incredibly boring, too. i think she gets off on bashing Danielle-- a person who is pretty much alone (no family), crazy and needs a ton of therapy and healing. why would you pick on someone who is clearly struggling with life? caroline is pretty heartless for a mother. she should pick on someone her own size.

Teresa is another insipid, classless idiot. Does she not know that her and her family are a sideshow? they're like a circus!

Danielle is crazy, but she is also a product of her environment, some of which was beyond her control. Not defending her, but she did have it rough. She's suspicious of everyone and brings a lot of negativity upon herself. I think she has a lot of growing up and healing to do. Had she had a normal upbringing, she could have been a slightly different person and made different choices in life. who knows...

honestly, caroline is just not very bright. I'm sure she cant think beyond the two feet she sees in front of her.

1432 days ago


Let's have a contest to see who can guess how many of these post are really Danielle.

1432 days ago

Jersey is full of dumps hence the garbage     

If anyone watched the RHONJ Reunion in Part 2 Caroline admitted she had never had a conversation with Danielle aside from what was taped.

Why did Caroline and the other housewive's seek Danielle's ex-husband in the first place?

I think they are all crazy and low class, yet fun to laugh at - but Caroline and Dina are fake as heck, they never provide any evidence of any of their claims against Danielle, yet Danielle always has something to show when she throws out an accusation.

Danielle is a really sick person and she does exude all sorts of symptoms of being a victim of abuse. That being said, Danielle has no real family and no real friends so what kind of people gang up and kick a person while their down? Evil, bitter women - Corleone errr Caroline and Dina.

1431 days ago


Having met with people like this Caroline mafia wannabe if have no sympathy at all for her. She has a very inflated opinion of herself and her family. She does come across as a bully. And they all come across as the mean girls. Teresa needs some serious therapy ( Mental Health). Danielle is sad and pathetic and also needs help. BUT YOU DO NOT PICK ON PEOPLE THAT ARE NUTS. I am not sure why it would be important for anyone to be friends with Caroline or Dina and had Caroline called me garbage it would have then the first, last and only time she did to my face. I would have slapped her into next week.

1430 days ago


I think it's funny how some people on here keep saying that Im Danielle, lol. I know that you dont think it and you saying it is just a ploy to get people to think that the only person who agrees with Danielle is herself. Well, its not going to work and the truth is Danielle does have a lot of fans who love her and support her. I am just one of many. I think what BRAVO did was wrong, and I just really hope she is successful on her own. I just read how TMZ released a video showing Caroline threatened to leave the show if Danielle was on there. BRAVO is a joke, their blogs are a joke. They want you to believe that Jaqueline, Teresa, and Caroline has many supporters. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW THE PUBLIC REALLY FEELS ABOUT THEM GO TO THE MESSAGE BOARDS. It's sad that the blogs dont reflect reality. I also just read that Teresa's husband is serving a jail sentence. Karma is a bi***. She treated Danielle like dirt, just to fit in with the Manzo's and look at all the stuff she is going through now, God dont like ugly and I here now Teresa and Caroline arent even speaking, so now Teresa isnt good enough to fit in with the mob.

1429 days ago


I think the Manzo's especially Carolina are the crazy people here not Danielle. This whole family is unstable and mentally off. Carolina is the leader for Jacqueline and Teresa the puke. Hope Teresa ends up in jail along side her husband thing. THey are a pathetic excuse for a family. Look at Caroline's face in the pic above, she looks possessed just like Teresa alway's does and Teresa's kids look possessed also. Must run in the family when there is so much hate in your heart like these Manzo's are. They are so filled with hate they resemble the devil in their greasy ugly faces. They can all drop dead.

1429 days ago


So if Carol is telling the truth why is she trying to get Bravo to help her bully TMZ into removing this video from their site.

Her body language tells it all...L I A R!

Harvey - don't let them bully you into removing the video of the deposition from your site.

1429 days ago


Look at Caroline's body language and then read up on what a body language expert says on how to detect a liar. I agree with above poster that Caroline said she never had a conversation with Danielle.

Caroline is a narcissist and this video portrays the real Caroline perfectly. She is a nut and spends all her time trying to hurt Danielle and then turns around and says she wants Danielle out of her life. She needs some psychiatric help ASAP!

Does anyone know if the Police Department ever saw a penny of the money Caroline raised in her "Police Fundraiser"?

Does anyone know if Dina Manzo is ever held accountable for the money that passes thru her hands in the name of charity?

1429 days ago


Caroline can say she doesn't want any more Danielle drama, but there she is smack dab in the middle of it. She is just as crazy as D.

1429 days ago


These women should stop this nonsense...the cameras have stopped rolling and they should all resume the normal lives. This particular housewives show is waaaaay over the top these women are truly dangerous to each other and have gone way over board with made for TV. Maybe if they all didn't live a lie things would not get violent and out of control. If Caroline's life is so in order and perfect then why in the hell is she still trying to turn the knife in Danielle's back. Danielle seems to be doing a good job of screwing up her own life. It seems as though they are all trying to get revenge on Danille on behalf of Teresa..Well Teresa and her not so Fab Joe brought their mess on themselves.

1427 days ago


First want to say Please DO NOT remove the video showing Caroline Manzo meddling in Danielle personal business, because it shows who she really is a hateful, vindictive and unforgiving person. Also I agree that BRAVO selectively picks the blogs they wish to publish. I read somewhere that Teresa Guidice has a university/college degree, but with her nasty mouth I would only believe it if I can verify it. I would have to see a copy of her diploma and would have to verify it with the university only because her vocabulary is full of expletives and much profanity. I put this on a Bravo blog but they never post it, but reading this blog I now understand. They are selective in their postings. And Caroline Manzo you are NASTY and think you are all that and you are not. Thank you TMZ for my posting.

1426 days ago
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