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Sarah Palin To Appear at 'Dancing with the Stars'

9/17/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin will be in the audience to cheer on her daughter, Bristol, for Monday's season opener of "Dancing with the Stars" ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ. 

Our spies say security has been "beefed up" for Sarah's appearance.

And get this ... We found out the song Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas will dance to -- in front of Mama Palin.  It's Three Dog Night's, "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)."  Classic.

We're told Bristol will wear glasses and a conservative outfit but tear off her clothes mid-dance ... just like in the old days.




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I see obama is still paying hit men to bash Sarah You know it won't Work against a Barracuda She will bite you in the A$$

1476 days ago


go team obama

1476 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

#160...: You are an idiot. Read my statement correctly. I did not compare the kid to a loaf of bread, I compared the way she always holds him for media attention like a loaf of bread. You fool.

1476 days ago


STFUP - Your proof is that she said she didn't go to prom? That's all you've listed, so I assume you are merely parroting something you heard from another Palin-hating moron. You've got nothing to back up your claim Trig wasn't born when they said he was, so try again Mr. Conspiracy Theorist. Maybe you can find Obama's birth certificate while you're at it, lots of people seem to think he's only 'fooling' people that he's a citizen. I'm not a Birther myself, but since we're discussing stupid conspiracy theories you might as well use your keen investigative skills on that one, too.

And guess what? Single parenting is difficult regardless of who you are. You think being in the spotlight and constantly having idiots attack your character makes raising a baby alone easier? I'm not the naive one, sweetie.

1476 days ago


Brandy is an unmarried mother. Why not vitrolic responses for her?

1476 days ago


kate- come join the obama team and you would not have to fight with stfup...we got room for you...come on

1476 days ago

Ben Gleck    

Who's Brandy and why is she such an issue to the guy with a hundred tmz accounts ?

1476 days ago


Alston - I don't know, man. Do you have cookies? I always heard the Dark Side had cookies.

(Thanks for the laugh. I appreciate the offer, though I am disinclined to join your ranks.)

1476 days ago


kate, im sorry but im on the white side...but i do have milk...*** get some...go obama (the greatest president ever)

1476 days ago


I agree with # 179, it seems there are abunch of weirdos making comments on this subject.

1476 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..when USA elects Bush, not once, but twice..ya..I can believe Palin bein elected..poor Obama having to clean up all these messes from stupid people electing a stupid Prez, just when the rest of the world starts to POSSIBLY think USA has a chance in regaining its former glory, history will no doubt repeat itself, and USA will b in the deepest most unimaginable abbyss if they elect Palin. Gawd help us all...

1476 days ago


everyone bashing this..yet it it was michelle olama everyone would be praising her way to go bristol.

1476 days ago


@tgrfan42069 - Spot on. Speaking of Moo-chelle, since she's always talking about obesity being a problem, she, or one of her fat daughters, should go on the show and try to lose some poundage.

1476 days ago


WTF??? It's not okay for her dimwitted ex to mock her mom but she can???? Oy. And please don't tell me it isn't her mama she's parodying - glasses and conservative outfit??? Please! She'll be Sarah's spitting image.

1476 days ago


First off I dont know why she made the show but I guess her mama'z status got her she wanna be a star - I hope she the FIRST to go...bye bye...go try another show or better be a mother to her child or is she having her no good, going to get married, not going to get married "baby daddy"......ohh I forgot...probably a nanny - great example...pregnant, have the baby, move in w/ mom, move out, engaged, not engaged, want a reality show.....JESUS...what the hell -

1476 days ago
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