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Sarah Palin To Appear at 'Dancing with the Stars'

9/17/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin will be in the audience to cheer on her daughter, Bristol, for Monday's season opener of "Dancing with the Stars" ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ. 

Our spies say security has been "beefed up" for Sarah's appearance.

And get this ... We found out the song Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas will dance to -- in front of Mama Palin.  It's Three Dog Night's, "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)."  Classic.

We're told Bristol will wear glasses and a conservative outfit but tear off her clothes mid-dance ... just like in the old days.




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Lisa S.    

It is obvious that most of the people posting here are from the so called party of "tolerance and compassion". I guess it's beyond your pay grade to be civil.

1498 days ago


Who's gives a **** who is Sarah Palin sounds like a real stupid person.

1498 days ago

Ben Gleck    

@ HP_Loveshaft

You prove my original point by trying to argue both sides of the issue. I bet you argue with yourself while you are loving shafts too.

1498 days ago


why is Palin's kid a "star"?

1498 days ago


I think she will be the 2nd one voted off..

1498 days ago


Too bad. I had been looking forward to watching the show, but there's no way I can now. Just the sight of her makes me puke.

1498 days ago


Palin would make a far better President than the so-called President we have now. Obama totally sucks at his job and continues to run our country into the ground. Thanks for the CHANGE *******s! The real change is coming soon...come on November and 2012!

1498 days ago


I think she seems like a nice person. She had a child out of wedlock, boo hoo. Over and done with. I don't get why she's on the show either; yes, she's "famous" for being her mother's daughter...but you know what? No one forced DWTS to hire her and I would have accepted the offer, too, if I were Bristol. Why should the paparazzi and other people be able to take their little pictures and write their smutty gossip about her and be the only ones making all the money?? She will get paid a pretty penny even if she IS the first one voted off (and I think she will be).

At least she didn't have to strip like her ex to make some money...If I had someone willing to give me free child care, free dance lessons, free exercise, free room and board, AND get paid a salary on top of it all I would jump at the chance, too. I highly doubt anyone on here would turn it down.

1498 days ago


Thought it was Dancing With The Stars. How did a know name Palin get in there. Now the show supports wreckless teenage pregnancy also? Our TV is going down hill fast! Hope people stop supporting this nonsense.

1498 days ago


Ditto #53, It's Palin!

1498 days ago


comment are talking about others that can't spell, right? Their last name is spelled PALIN not PALEN...idiot

1498 days ago

This show finally "jumped the shark". I am glad that scripted shows are back with new episodes with people with tlaent..even though DWTS have talented pro dancers plus Forence Henderson. Bristol Palin, I don't understand because her mom, Sarah has quitted as Govenor of Alaska in the middle her term and thanks to John McCain..given her to us in political crap. I know a woman who is qualify to run for president should run, if she opinion Palin does not qualify, she is not P.M. Margret Thatcher or Former Secr'y of State Albright..enough for politics. DWTS needs true stars like Clooney or Jolie...the true stars even William ****ner, lol

1498 days ago


Lying hypocrites!!

1498 days ago


Oh, for god's sake, it would seem that BOTH sides have an inordinate amount of people who can't seem to spell OR and I will give some leeway here, perhaps you are typing too fast to pay closer attention to your spelling (because it does happen when you get passionate about what you are writing about). I will assume the latter.

Yes, the Palin defender spelled "Palen" incorrectly. But there have been plenty of Palin-bashers who can't seem to use "their" vs "there" vs "they're" correctly...or "loser" vs "looser"...the list goes on.

There are gaffes aplenty and we could go all night, people. Careless spellers know no gender, party lines, race or creed...

1498 days ago


Well if Dubya could Pres., why can't Palin. Everybody knows its just a figurehead position for the real behind the scenes powerplayers.

1498 days ago
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