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Cinnabun Toughens Up for Texas -- Too Tough?

9/18/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' beloved sidekick Cinnabun is getting ready to join Jesse at his new home in Texas ... but first she needs to get strong enough for the big move.

You may remember Cinnabun went through a whole ordeal earlier this year when she went missing -- and returned 23 pounds lighter. Jesse's prized pit bull is working on getting stronger -- pretty clear from the video.

Some dog people will tell you ... this type of "exercise" is SOP for pit bulls -- others say it's inhumane and dangerous.



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First off its not SOP for ANY dog and its not Dangerous at all.

I have owned and trained pitts and boxes for years and people need to be quite since they have no idea what they are talking about. She isn't even acting aggressive in that clip. Who care she is hanging from a rope its just a trick and no real difference if she is on all fours playing tug of war... but notice how she isn't trying to shred the rope... she isn't shacking her head from side to side.... this is a game to her and its not personal...

Anyone have the website for this trainer I like to know more....

1461 days ago


soooooo? What's the point here guy ? Appears on Video to try to strengthen the Bulls' JAW STRENGTH - for what? This dog and other's trained like it are Deadly Weapons/KILLERS ! What a rediculous way to treat a dog. Well, knowing Jesse, right up his alley. JERK !

1461 days ago


I've read in more than one place that you really shouldn't engage in that kind of play with a pit bull, or any other dog, for that matter. It can make them aggressive.

1461 days ago


Oh - Yo John! Sure, nothings wrong there, that's why every word of your diatribe is defensive in nature. What's with that dude? Your speech would be more impressive (maybe) if you used Wordspell!

1461 days ago


My 11 year old brother was attacked by a pitbull last month due to this kind of training. Came in his grandpa's backyard and attacked their brother went outside to see what was happening and the "trained" pitbull mauled him and ate his face. Over 100 stitches, surgery, one week in the hospital and scarred for life. There is no reason to train these dogs to attack like that especially one that gets lost.

1461 days ago


another idiot pitbull owner. "oh but she was such a sweetheart with no sign of aggression whatsoever. i can't imagine why she would turn violent like that"

1461 days ago


Anyone who has spent any time around well raised pit bulls knows that they are capable of being great pets. Unfortunately not all owners can handle the responsibility of such a powerful animal...almost like an amateur driver shouldn't be behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

Pit bulls are incredibly strong. I have seen a pit bull try to bite the tires of a moving ATV and have it's head run over only to get up and keep chasing the ATV. They are amazing freaks of nature. An obedient pit bull loves rough training and play because that's what they are made for.

An amateur owner should never have a pit bull...but playing rough with one is what the dog wants.

1461 days ago


you *******s all dogs love to hold on to **** with their teeth are u retarded thats how they play

1461 days ago


No big deal. I've had pit bulls that loved to chew on bones and all kinds of stuff. And I had another pit bull that liked to play with a rope and pull against you. It keeps their mind going. As with a lot of big dogs, pit bulls need exercise and attention. And I disagree with the person that said pit bulls "love rough training"...that just makes them violent towards humans.

1461 days ago


Wow, Anon. Way to make a totally prejudiced and uneducated statement. I rescued a pitbull years ago, and it was the sweetest, kindest dog I've ever had. Never showed an ounce of aggression, and stayed by my side for the rest of her life, even laying in bed all day with me, curled up next to me like a body pillow, when I was sick with the flu.

Stories like JB's are sad and tragic, but avoidable if these animals are cared for and loved by responsible pet owners. Pits do not need "rough training", but constant attention and companionship. They are prone to separation anxiety and don't like to be left alone outside for long periods of time because they love being around people. If matched with the right owner, they can be one of the most amazingly loving and faithful dogs. I am not saying the potential for danger is not there, just that it is usually caused by ignorance and inappropriate handling or training. 99% of the time, the aggressive nature is NOT the animal's fault. Occasionally, as with people, there will be a bad seed, but more often than not, a violent animal is the way it is because of its violent owner. The people that train these dogs as fighters and weapons are the people that create these terrible, disgusting stereotypes, and people like YOU are the ones that perpetuate them and make them worse.

If you really want to know what uneducated "ghetto gutter trash" looks like, look in the mirror.

1461 days ago


thats some "sick ****" right there...thats where "crazy pitbulls" come from...from stupid people...with stupid ideas of "how to treat a dog right"..does people got issues with themselves..over here it calls "ANIMALABUSE"..what they show on the video..there is NO NEED no make a dog like that AGRESSIV..cuz they sure have the potential to be..i had a pitbulland he was like a baby..cuz thats just the way i treated him...but if people do the **** like u see on the video...or make them run on a machine 50 miles a day...til hes half dead...thats some sick hit really...(excuse my language)..people like that shouldnt even have a dog..i mean what for..??? not because they love them so much because the love to ABUSE a "helpless human being"...nasty..ridiculous..makes me sick in the stomach YUKK!!!!!and to be honest..over here people need a "license" if they have a bitbull..they have to put that dog through a "mental check"..a "biting check"..a "agression check"...and even the owner and his household get checked...and if the people see that the dog grows up in the WRONG INVIROMENT...with the WRONG INTENTIONS from the ower how the raise the dog...u will not be allowed to keep it..if u still do...and the gouverment finds can cost u time in jail..and if u had a pitbull once..and tryed to make him a killermachine...u will be registered..and NEVER be able to get another one in this country or even be a "holder" of one...ARGGHH...this makes me really sick...

1461 days ago


Stupid people talking crap you have no clue on anything your even saying...

"I have read in a few places" well isn't that nice I have OWNED them for years.

all this other bull **** about this is being used to max out jaw strength.. Jesus...

Ok first off my Boxer can out bite a pit any day oh and so can a German Shepard... That myth is because they do have a xtra set but doesn't mean more it just means they have it in two spots...

Then people who wonder why anyone would own such a dog? well why not research it more.. There has been US Presidents who had pitts.. They were "Americas" dog till the late 80's. Hell go netflix the old rascals and look spot is one also..

The only thing wrong with a pit is its stupid ghetto ass moron ****ing pos ******* who buys them from puppy mills..

Do any of you even know why a pitt is used over other dogs for fighting? its not power, speed, strength etc.. its neck mussels.. harder for other dogs to get a good neck bite. Rots, Dobie's even Boxers are used in fighting... They tend to win more and thats why they are not on the streets dead.

BTW my first dog was a great black lab.. coolest dog ever.... he had one problem... he loved tire swings.. He would sit outside all day biting on the swing and swinging for hours.. maybe I should have ran out there and put a bullet in him since he was a danger. for the 10 years he lived it never made his jaw superman strong..

oh wait dogs love this crap...

1461 days ago


My pitbull (Max, may he rest in peace) use to play like this all of the time. He also loved his car tires. He played fetch with logs not sticks. Very strong animals and are wonderful pets if treated well.


Bite me Anon you racist punk

1461 days ago


cats are much better than dogs...quiet,clean and never I have never heard of a cat chewing some kids face off...

1461 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

This is his "beloved" pooch? why the **** is she not with him?

1461 days ago
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