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Lindsay Lohan -- AA All the Way

9/18/2010 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is struggling to bounce back from her failed drug tests. Sources tell TMZ Lindsay is now choosing AA over nightclubs.

We're told Lindsay attended an AA meeting last night and intends to hit up another one sometime today.

Never too early to start brushing up for an appearance before the judge.


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Linsday Lohan had two golden opportunities to get into recovery and she turned them down. Once back in 2007 and again in 2010 when prison minister, Marty Angelo was going to serve her jail time if she would enroll in a 12-month faith based residential treatment center. Those programs have provedn track records but I guess Lohan's career was much more important than her life. No one can ever say people have not tried to help this troubled woman. The real problem is Linday Lohan has not wanted to help herself. Maybe this time she will and she still needs 12-months residential. She should ask herself now ... now that she has almost destroyed her "career" is she is ready to get on the "real " road to recovery.

1460 days ago


I wonder if the judge just slaps that bracelet on her ankle

1460 days ago

Joe Blow    

Wow, she went to AA for one whole day! And only because she got caught snorting the white wonder again! Remember everyone, she lied her way out of UCLA because she's a professional actor. Don't believe a word that comes out of that vile used up hole she calls a mouth.

1460 days ago


Sorry Linds your career is dead, no producer would want such a trah to star into the movie. It would be bad for business, no income, get it. You pretty much messed up your life, so dont blame the others.
I advise you to check your finances once in a while and prevent your mom to spend all the money you earned by yourself. Then get rid of her and your dad, throw them out of your life for good, because they are bad influence.
Once you do that, believe me you ll feel free for the first time in your life. Its obvious your passion isnt acting, its something else, perhaps writing? Try to go on that path, quit acting and try other things for a change.

I am telling you this, because I had a friend who OD. He believed that he was the king of the world, that no one could touch him, everyone left him, including me, and he was all by himself, I guess he couldnt stand be alone and decided to end his life.
Whats sad is that before he started drugging himself, he was a honorable student, class president, and the most kind person I ever knew. He met a girl, got into a bad company, started doing other things, ignored his education, the offers he got, and believed he was living a life. It wasnt long before everyone gave up on him. The same will happen to you, that is if you keep using it. Be a smart girl for a change and go as far away from drugs and Media as possible.

1460 days ago


What a LOSER!!!

1460 days ago


TAKE AWAY HER FAME! That is the ONLY thing that she will respond too. She needs to be blacklisted. It's the only cure for a's all they care about.

No entries to clubs/restaurants, no free swag, no interviews, no fashion lines, no paps following her, no future scripts. Nothing. Shunned completely.

She got out of jail/rehab, was given a fistfull of cash and a maserati to drive...until she hit a baby, then got downgraded to a porshe. So where is her consequence? Why should she stop? She gets treated like a star, so until everyone stops that, she won't get better. People are actually telling her that she's going to make even more money now for her interviews. That's how disturbed her world is.

1460 days ago


God bless Lindsay-she has a very hard time ahead of her..

1460 days ago


so what?

she'll get 10 minutes in jail and then write a book about it and make millions.

**** her and **** all of who who even care about this crap.

wake me up when she does porn.

1460 days ago


She doesn't get one will touch her seriously for a movie or even a tv spot now. No 'I'm sorry I screwed up' will handle this one. And I'm waiting for her family to fault the system once again for letting her loose 'before she had a real chance' at redemption. Enough is enough. She hasn't hit bottom yet unfortunately. Until then...her only income will be making 10K a night at party spots while they exploit her as an addict and party girl.

1460 days ago


It's just mind boggling that Lindsay could be this STUPID. I thought she had more IQ than this. She must have really fried her brain cells bad to think that she could do some drugs and not get busted in a drug test when she KNEW they'd be testing her randomly and frequently.

The people who give her the pee cups probably follow her into the bathroom and they make sure they WATCH her pee into it. Forget modesty and privacy. It's probably a woman drug test technician. Lindsay can't be trying to switch out her pee with drugs in it with clean pee from someone else or her own clean pee from before she did the drugs either.

NFL players have tried that too and they still get busted. The people that do the drug tests probably have seen ALL the tricks that people try to pull.

1460 days ago


I love Lindsay Lohan,unconditionally (whether naively or cynically),she's had my balls in her hand since she was 18 years old;)

1460 days ago


What does AA have to do with cocaine? Is she high or something?

1460 days ago


Linds is starting to look a little like Mackenzie Phillips in my eyes. Not physically, but just as out of control. The major difference is that Mack was in her teens when she started the drugging. To this day Mack blames others instead of herself and as ou can see, nothing is sacred for her, not even her respect for her family's privacy. Not saying that her father didn't have sex with her, but how does it help her healing to tell the media and the world about that. Do you think she cares how her admission harmed her living family? NOPE, it's still all about her and she needed more money so she went public with it. I think she's still on the drugs today. Can't wait till we hear what BloHan has to say in the future about her dear old daddy.....

1460 days ago


It's official, Lindsey, you are only good for porn now. Hint, hint! BTW, nice boobies!

1460 days ago


Nice try sunshine, but AA is not going to work out for you!

1460 days ago
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