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Lindsay's Failed Tests Could Derail Upcoming Film

9/18/2010 5:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to the production of Lindsay Lohan's next project tell TMZ her latest slipup could throw the movie into serious financial turmoil. 

Lindsay is set to star in "Inferno," a biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace. As we previously reported, one of the things Judge Elden Fox can do in light of her recent failed drug tests is restrict Lindsay's travel -- and "Inferno" is set to shoot in Louisiana. 

A source close to the film tells us shooting the picture in Los Angeles instead of Louisiana "would radically change the budget" and force producers to try and secure additional financing.

We're told the producers might be less inclined to make certain sacrifices for LiLo -- the film's top people are "beyond irritated by the recent developments" and "there is a concern of her commitment to the work."

Looks like a lot of people have a lot riding on whatever Judge Fox decides.


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If she did fail the test then lock hurt a$$ up before you bury her.

Wake up!!! They are Celebrities, nothing else, you would be in jail if it was you and the same goes for Paris Hilton. I hope her family will be proud when she is dead and they kept getting her off all these offenses, Pot and Coke in a month period. When the hell is it gonna end.

1496 days ago


The only way Lindsay is going to heal is to get out of LA. Better yet, the country. (For everyone's sake.)

1496 days ago


This is so sad. How about a REAL jail term, or a true stint in rehab and not a let the famous girl out early card! She gets her way over and over again untill she feels she is above the law...and it looks like she's right. Her family only wants to save her career for the money they get. They care more about $ than their child.

1496 days ago



1496 days ago


Looks like Linds has got the blow but she hasn't got the job... take from that what you will.

*Knock, knock, knock*

Lindsayyyyy.... it for's the San Fernando Valley calling. Hope you're still into character because there's a character about to be in you!

1496 days ago


Full jail time, full rehab time! If released from jail early, or if released from rehab early, have "experts who shorten time" serve time with her! This "Oh, I'm so pretty! Pretty people deserve an infinite number of excuses." Heck, even Donald Trump gives his pretties an infinite number of excuses. On The Apprentice" tonight, Donnie excuses a second place beauty contestant for being an incompetent "boss" and comments that he will give her an interview for a job with his beauty organization. Pretty girls and wealthy men! And the rest of the world supports this bull! Enough said!

1496 days ago


Well, everyone has had their say. Guess it's light out! Hey, Harvey make sure you turn on the auto-coffee maker before you leave.

LL can make it. There still is hope. Ernie sings: "One day at a time, sweet Jesus!!"

1496 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace? Great role to play, a burned out porn star! Get a job portraying someone respectable, maybe the charactor will rub off on her.

1496 days ago


There's lots of actresses I can think of to replace Lohan for this movie role who would love the job. Look around producers, even go with someone new and give them their first big breakthrough.

Taking a chance on Lohan is to risky now, she blew her chances. Her word is meaningless, she can't be trusted. She'll be forgotten soon once the hoopla is over, like so many others before her. There's just to many talented girls out there who deserve a break, go for it producers, get rid of her.

1496 days ago


Except for the fact thaat cocaine is ilegal, why does the government even care if these stupid girls like Lohan and HIlton use it. If they want to be drug addicts and ruin their lives and overdose, so be it. Less jerks to worry about.

1496 days ago



1496 days ago


Has the Lovelace film received funding yet? I thought that when she was off allegedly "promoting" it in Cannes, they actually just had the posters but not the backers... They never would have had all the publicity without Lindsay's every mismove being followed by the paps, though, so maybe that will make up for all the uncertainties connected with her. It sounds like a rather low-budget endeavor, so maybe they can wait.

Lindsay might be deluding herself that she's "working" as a model and actress, but also obviously she's been getting jobs that just need someone willing to take off their clothes (fully or partially) in front of the camera. As long as the pap pests are interested, she brings some publicity along with it. But legit movies can get publicity in other ways and can't really afford the risk of giving her an important role, because she will cost them too much money waiting for her to show up and she can be arrested or overdosed any time - she's doomed to practically cameos until she's stayed sober for quite a while.

1496 days ago


She was with that parasite Samantha again and now she's testing dirty for coke and some "other" drug...she needs to get that freak out of her life, she has brought her down before and again now, only this time its huge. Hope the crack party was worth it...nice f-ing friend.

1496 days ago


I am soooooo sick and tired of hearing about Lindsey woes!Give me a break, if it were me I would be in jail! Put her in jail, make her do her time and take responsibility for her actions!!!!!!

1496 days ago

Flagrante Delicto    

Drop LiLo an hire Jennifer Aniston. Aniston always plays the damaged girl next door. Time for her to play the Cougar next door.

1496 days ago
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