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Lindsay's Failed Tests Could Derail Upcoming Film

9/18/2010 5:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to the production of Lindsay Lohan's next project tell TMZ her latest slipup could throw the movie into serious financial turmoil. 

Lindsay is set to star in "Inferno," a biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace. As we previously reported, one of the things Judge Elden Fox can do in light of her recent failed drug tests is restrict Lindsay's travel -- and "Inferno" is set to shoot in Louisiana. 

A source close to the film tells us shooting the picture in Los Angeles instead of Louisiana "would radically change the budget" and force producers to try and secure additional financing.

We're told the producers might be less inclined to make certain sacrifices for LiLo -- the film's top people are "beyond irritated by the recent developments" and "there is a concern of her commitment to the work."

Looks like a lot of people have a lot riding on whatever Judge Fox decides.


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Not only dont they have funding for the Lovelace movie, the director Matthew Wilder isnt even a member of the DGA

1475 days ago


There is no Film without Lindsay. Nobody cares about The Linda Lovelace Story but Lohan makes the film worthy so The Producers will either be forced to wait or just cancel the whole project.
The need her she doesn't need them.
The Truth!

1474 days ago

bob armstrong    

If I were the judge, here is what I would do. I would take the drug test results, and I would say that I will incarcerate her unless she tells me the truth about where she got the drugs.

Then I would haul those people into the legal system and ask them if they realized that she was on probation. I would open them up to charges from the production company(ies) for interference with prospective economic whatever (there's a bunch of those).

These folks knew better. I would go after the source. How could the source of the coke not have known? I would tear the source a new one. It may not be possible in criminal way, but in a civil way, there'a a lot of folks who have stuff riding on LILO.

Her dad is obviously stalking, the rest of the family has too firm a grip, people need to pay attention to the fact that they are responsible for the environment they create (intentional infliction of emotional distress requires consequences). It shouldn't be a free-for-all. That's why I would invite these sabotaging morons into the legal system to face consequences for their actions. I would excuse LILO for turning them in.

Her family is messed up, so her choices of friends reflect that messed-upedness. Her entire environment should be incarcerated for lengthy periods of time, and then her true self will emerge, which is something that we may not have experienced a lot of up to this point.

Turn 'em in. Make them pay. These people are evil. How could they not know she was on probation? Please.

1474 days ago


i don't know... i think Judge Revel had one of those perfume ladies at the mall spray Lilo in the nose with some cocaine, cleverly masked as perfume. she was always after lindsay, playing hardball and all.

nicole (def not dina)

1474 days ago



There is a distinct difference between substance abuse (Lindsay apparently has) and substance dependence (so-called "addicts") not so applicable to Lindsay Lohan.

UCLA found something and never, ever revealed it to the public. Was there a leak? I don't know. Officially, whatever they found was not released to the public. So, whatever anyone states UCLA found is pure conjecture and nothing more.

For the difference between substance abuse (a certain type of "disease" vs substance dependence a certain type of "disease" see

The problem, people continue to isolate "drugs" as LIndsay's "problem" as though everything occurs in this vacuum. Therefore, no substantially intelligent statements are made outside of a very few posters (exceptions Spot, Nicole, Susan, Mike, the very people called "enablers" by the lemmings and sheep of the gossip world) and the oh so popular yet fatally flawed "she's just an addict" lemming-like strident people repeating their mantras.

For Lindsay, it's a tough but essential year for you. If you survive, years from now, if you continue on your overall path of compliance, even if you do more jail time and lose out on your next role, this is part of getting where you wish to go when you have whatever it is that UCLA identified. Just deal with what you have, the world doesn't need to know what it is. It's your and a few others truth but be aware of the power of perception. In the end, if you prevail, they were all part of the script.

1474 days ago


You dont know what you're talking about!!!

1474 days ago


There’s psychological and physical addiction
Heroine is a physical addiction
Cocaine is a psychological addiction

1474 days ago


And Delmar,
If you dont think psychological drugs are an addiction, try telling that to someone who lived with a crack addict

1474 days ago


Holy **** how many times are you going to post this crap about Lindsay and her Failed Tests Could Derail Upcoming Film?

1474 days ago


Fail, fail, fail. I have no idea if she's a good actress as I have never seen her in anything, but lawd, she is one hot mess...

1474 days ago


Emma Stone is nipping at your heels sweetie.

1474 days ago


What an idiot.

1474 days ago


She has frequently ignored other people's financial cir***stances in her dealings with them, like failing to show for her deposition, being late for photo shoots, and being reprimanded previously for delaying shooting of another movie. And it seems she tried to lie again about failing her drug test until it was reported as an irrefutable fact. Then she tweeted about it and said she's ready to face the consequences, but apparently only after unsuccessfully trying to lie her way of the situation, as the previous judge indicated she has a history of doing.

1474 days ago


if kate moss is lindsay's idol ,she doesnt want to quit,she wants to be cool. lindsay you can be cool ,wild,skanky,sexy,filthy spoiled rich without the drugs,and look better doing it too.and i mean that to all other addicts as well.

1474 days ago

solar panel    

Lindsay has submitted to total influence under drugs; she's an out of control junkie. From all reports, many of her friends are also alleyway junkies.

If Lindsay is to live much longer she needs a serious interruption which leads to extensive biological and psychological rebalancing during a clean out period. Obviously she can't provide that interruption with her own free will. She needs the officials to immediately slam her with more enforced treatment time and she DOESN'T need her damned father, friends or the Grim Reaper supplying any more influence.

1474 days ago
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