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Lindsay's Failed Tests Could Derail Upcoming Film

9/18/2010 5:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to the production of Lindsay Lohan's next project tell TMZ her latest slipup could throw the movie into serious financial turmoil. 

Lindsay is set to star in "Inferno," a biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace. As we previously reported, one of the things Judge Elden Fox can do in light of her recent failed drug tests is restrict Lindsay's travel -- and "Inferno" is set to shoot in Louisiana. 

A source close to the film tells us shooting the picture in Los Angeles instead of Louisiana "would radically change the budget" and force producers to try and secure additional financing.

We're told the producers might be less inclined to make certain sacrifices for LiLo -- the film's top people are "beyond irritated by the recent developments" and "there is a concern of her commitment to the work."

Looks like a lot of people have a lot riding on whatever Judge Fox decides.


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Well, if AEG could insure Michael Jackson, perhaps there's hope for insuring this, another tragedy of fame. She was clearly released too soon from recovery efforts. I don't know that blame is on her, but rather the system; a failure, altogether. She's just another polarized statistic. Let's make this right, and have a success, not a tragedy. It's not too late. . .

1503 days ago


This is not a slip, these are the actions of an addict who wanted to get loaded. She knows what she did, and was willing to risk it all to get high. Let's state the facts, addicts and alcoholics do recover if they listen to those who have abstinence. She will get clean and sober when she damn well pleases, and not until then. Best of Luck

1503 days ago


She would be well-shot of this piece of trash. I can only see it bringing her one step closer to movie star oblivion - it's really a tarted up porn film. She should ask herself why she is raring to do it? My guess is that she was sexually abused somewhere along the way and is acting out now via her sexual promiscuity and career choices.

1503 days ago


Doesn't it cost more to film outside of the "Thirty Mile Zone"? In which case maybe the producers are not being straightforward.

1503 days ago


i wouldn't be surprised to hear they have signed someone else to play the part signing Lindsy without a backup plan would be dumb

1503 days ago


Give the role to Paris, she only has 200 hrs of community service to do.

1503 days ago


send her a$$ to jail!!!!

1503 days ago


I think her MOM is a great replacement for this movie - she is even sicker than Lindsay! Lindsay has a drug problem - whats HER excuse??

1503 days ago

Linda Brown    

Oh I am sure she will get a pass again, her tool of a lawyer will spin some crap story and I am so sick of hearing about this loser woman and her problems! Do we as the public get to hear and read about "Gloria Sanchez's addictions on every freaking website? LOWHORE is no different than any other person but she and that other whorebag Paris make the news for being total losers?? Notice how she just got probation again for drug possession? What would " Gloria Sanchez" get? Sent back to prison to serve her entire sentence for violating her probation and probably 2 yrs on the drug charges? Now if this skank FLUNKED a drug test than she should get sent back to prison like everyone else would have to? It seems to me the more of an addict you are, going to rehab is like wearing a badge of honor and young people think this is cool??? And skanks like Snooki are considered stars when all of these broads are totally useless?

1503 days ago


You can tell shes only a few months away from having crack whore teeth. Who better to do a porn star part then a crack whore. Im shocked she is an actor considering she is 1 of the worst ones i have ever seen. everything about her is trailer trash. even if you look at her father. One week getting married happy as hell then 2 weeks later they hate each other. come on , only trailer trash unstable people act like that. This family has absolutely no class what so ever. this is like mike tyson in hollywood. except tyson has cleaned up his act. This family needs to go back to the south side of town where she belongs. talk about being a hillbilly.

1503 days ago


Let's encourage hope, not judgment. . we can all learn from this. Maybe this would be easier if she didn't appear to be so angry and victimized. She has bigger issues, obviously. . .

1503 days ago


The reason why many are disgusted with this crack-tart and her mother is because they feel ENTITLED and think they will get away with everything as long as they throw celebrity and dollars at it! HOW ON EARTH DID THE DOCTORS IN UCLA SAY SHE DID NOT HAVE A PROBLEM???? not EVEN 3 WEEKS AFTER!! This is the FIRST time this idiot has even admitted to being a crack-tart -something everyone could see - please help her and her ex-girlfriend Sam Rons-on-cocaine! Only difference is that one has the sense to keep a lower profile but no one is fooled there!

1503 days ago

Sweet Minnie    

What a bitch

1503 days ago


First off- is ANYONE surprised that she failed a drug test?

Secondly- WHO in their right mind would ever hire such a disaster BESIDES some other sleaze bags?

1503 days ago


Send her to tramps ar us where she belongs and replace her with someone deserving.

1503 days ago
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