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Sandra Bullock -- Louis, Louis

9/18/2010 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No failed drug tests here -- just a cute pic of Sandra Bullock in Bev Hills yesterday with her adopted son Louis.

These two are guilty of felony adorableness.


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He is too adorable. I think Sandra is a great role model as to why people should adopt.

1495 days ago


Classiest lady in Hollywood

1495 days ago


SANDRA ASKED FOR A CHILD THAT NEEDED HER, BLACK OR WHITE. You racist people have to grow up and look as people as human beings, not by color. Those white babies are aborted or taken into the family! Hard to get them. Give this woman an award for being a good person, which some people find hard to be.

1495 days ago


First she had to have a bad boy with tats and a tude and history of cheating as her personal attendant. Did she get the memo, when you're a real mother, its for keeps, you dont get to turn them in, trade them, run away from them (well some do) when they are no longer cute and cuddly and start acting up and out?

She knows all of this right? We're not playing anymore, play acting or other such self righteous nonsense right?

Best of Luck if you are real about this, because if you werent going in on all of this, you will be now.

Nice choice by the way with Jess, did you do your homework on that CAD and still decide he was the one for you? Whats your IQ?

1495 days ago

Hugh Jass    

hey #3, it's hard to adopt a Caucasian child. They're highly desired and they are all taken very quickly. So Sandra settled for the child who needed her most. Little Louis had one Jewish and one Black bio-parent, neither of whom wanted and/or could care for him. I do think Sandra got the child who needed her most. Accolades to her, and hopefully more clear thinking for you in your immediate future, dude.

1495 days ago


Shes a real good person, and a great entertainer. This kid hit the jackpot when she chose him. Black or white means nothing. I think she is fantastic for adopting a child in need. Some of you shout eat a **** and then die.

1495 days ago


Both are cutie patutie! What?! no pics of her hunky bodyguard Damian!! He was with her. Sandra looks better than ever. I'll bet she'll soon be dating that hottie.

1495 days ago


What a concept, a mother who carries her child around in HER ARMS! No sitting in a seat for Louis. Human contact.. I work with young mothers and nothing upsets me more than these moms propping bottles with blankets, etc., rather than hold the baby to feed him/her. Same thing with seats... if they're sitting in a SEAT all day, who's holding & playing with them?

1495 days ago


im glad not everyone in hollywood has a messed up life way to go sandra

1495 days ago


Why does it have to read adopted son it should be her son or baby. As a mother of an adopted daughter I don't going around saying this is my adopted daughter, I say this is my daughter.

1495 days ago


Do you have to use the term "adopted" son? As an "adopted" child I can tell you both children and parents find it an insulting term. I am my parents child and they are my parents, period. Unless you start labeling every birth child as a birth child then the term is unacceptable.

1495 days ago


well said britt, I agree with you. I love, love, love Sandra always have and I'm sure that she feels the same way. : )

1495 days ago


I think that those making these racist comments are quite talk so badly about a child who cannot defend itself? What did this child do to you. His complexion is beautiful and furthermore he never asked to be born, whether he was born black or white. Sandra is a very loving person for adopting a child....PERIOD...whether child is black or white is not the issue. The issue is that this child has a loving mother now and this is what's important. God will deal with each and everyone of you who have such hatred in your heart for others. Its not easy or fair for this child already so why make it more difficult???

1495 days ago

say what?    

People who are making these awful comments about the child and his mother are nothing more than maggots on dead carcasses. You people are the s***s of the earths and you will rot in hell.

1495 days ago


Louis is HER SON. At what point do you quit saying "adopted son." OK, we get it, it's pretty obvious, she was NEVER pregnant. But, now he is her son. Period. Drop the "adopted" in every pic you show, jeez, it doesn't need reiterated EVERY time, enough is enough.

1495 days ago
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