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'Big Brother' Star -- My House Is 'Unlivable'

9/19/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Recently liberated "Big Brother" house guest Britney Haynes claims her Arkansas home is "unlivable" after a fire ripped through it earlier this week ... and the disaster could cut into her winnings from the show.

Haynes tells us the house is in horrific shape from water and fire damage -- and since she didn't have renter's insurance she might have to shell out some of her $25,000 "Big Brother" prize to pay for repairs.

That expense would be really tragic because Haynes says she's not even sure she wants to move back to Arkansas.

Now that she's gotten a taste of the big city Britney says she's considering staying in L.A. to become a star on the NFL sidelines -- as a reporter, not a cheerleader.


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AF Britany Haynes...Absolutely love you on BB12..You did Arkansas proud!!! You were charming, witty, and your diary rooms were the best. I'm sincerely sorry you have to deal with this house fire situation when this is supposed to be one of the best times of your life... You did tell Nick to get renters insurance and I'm sure he didnt.. So you know what its not your fault this happened hes to blame big time and this is a deal breaker..I say ya'l didnt know each other very long, big dreams happen in LA, not much gonna happen back here in Arkansas. When the stars call gotta answer you may only have one chance.. I say go for it, you have what it takes, BB even said so in their interview with you... GOOD LUCK BRITANY...LOVE U...

1492 days ago


Another bitch just trying to get by on her looks! Football doesn't need any more airhead reporters trying to talk tough and getting by on their feminine wiles to football fans. We sure as hell don't need any more "reality tv" douchebags!!! And I bet she tries to stiff the homeowner with the damages.

1492 days ago


big brother 12 was a complete bore...she won America's Choice because she's hilarious...and she said in the house never wanted to be an actress just a sports line reporter. So get your facts straight. She knows her football :)

1492 days ago


Britney was my favorite until I saw her dark side. CBS edited her favorably and then they called Monet out in the finale. Phony b.s. I've noticed they do the same for the Amazing race. Britney will do fine, no reason to feel sorry for her. Poor Nick. Is he still around? I got the impression her family wouldn't mind if she ran off with Lane.

1492 days ago


I watched every episode of Big Brother this season, and I don't remember Britney talking about how famous she was going to be. She could maybe come across as a TINY BIT self-centered at times, but I think that was part of her strategy to flirt with certain guys (talking about how she loved it when men bought her flowers, or told her she was pretty, etc...). Notice that she wasn't like that at all when she was talking to Ragan or Enzo. I liked her, and I felt bad for her when I heard about the fire, especially because the entire country found out about it before she did.

Also-does anyone else think that it's weird how in that one episode of the show, Lane and Hayden were messing around with the grill and Britney stood way back on the other side of the yard because she was terrified they would burn themselves/blow something up, and then that's exactly how her house fire started.

1492 days ago


She should not have to repair a rental. The owner has homeowners insurance to cover that. Rental insurance covers the property inside the rental..personal belongings.

1492 days ago

robert h    

This is Karma for being an overall horrible person. The only thing she did on the show was talk smack about EVERYONE! And yea, if they were in a rental, the only thing they would need to replace is their possessions.

1492 days ago

go home!    

Britney!!! I am a fan of yours asking you please, DO NOT move away from Arkansas, please!! Stay grounded!!! LIke you said yourself, no one from Big Brother has ever made it big. You are not the exception and will not get a job on the NFL sidelines! Stay with your loved ones, including Nick and go back to your regular job. Good God! Look at what became of that crazy Michelle Noonan!!! Please Britney!!

1492 days ago


I think it's funny she thinks she can just go to work as an NFL sideline reporter. I bet they are knocking down her door..

Hey, maybe Elizabeth will leave 'The View' and they'll hand her that job!

Or maybe she'll get casted in some ridiculous b-movie like Jerry.

Come on Brit- you're already yesterdays news. BB12 was the absolute worst season of BB, ever.. you're only chance of extending that 15 minutes of fame is making a BB Allstar season.. which, lets face it.. may never happen again.

1492 days ago


She talked about fame with Lane during a live feed. They were lying on the bed in the HOH room at the time. Hey, I got a hoot outta Britney---especially her imitation of Brendan--but she got Lane hot and bothered sexually and emotionally. When a man says you are his "home away from home" he is in LOVE. Now that "The Beast" is back in his cage, she's free to move on to greener pastures.

1492 days ago


Hey #40, she and Lane discussed the size of their ahem fame during a live feed of the show. They were both lying on the bed in the HOH room at the time. Hey, I thought she was a hoot, especially when she imitated Brendan, but I think she played Lane sexually and emotionally, then the moment she got sprung, she insisted he was just a brother to her. My God, the man said she was his "home away from home;" he told her he had "feelings for her." Now that they're all off the show she wants to put "The Beast" back in his cage so she can move on to bigger prey. Cold or immature, it's hard to tell which.

1492 days ago


the house is not hers, she is renting. homeowner insurance will cover repairs and also any problems her fiancee has because of the tramatic shock of the fire. the grass was dry, and the owners should have had a sprinkler system in to prevent the fire. pam

1492 days ago


the owners should have had insurance on it & the renters insurance is just for her possessions lost so she shouldn't have to put any money out. I think she was great on the show & deserved what she won. She should explore any opportunity that cies along. She wasn't won that talked constantly about how great she was that was Enzo Lane & Hayden more Enzo than anybody. I wonder if his bubble has been burst to know that he wasn't as loved as he thought. Britt was surprised because she didn't let it go to her head that she was the greatest. Enzo made some comments about Britt winning like he didn't think she deserved it. I guess America showed him who was loved & who wasn't!! Way to go America the person that won was the person that should have.

1492 days ago


She acted like s*** in the BB house. I too think CBS gave her the money, as I have a hard time finding very many people that like her. Karma is a Bitch!

1492 days ago


I simply thought she had a big ego until I saw a
video where she said she "didn't like old people".
I sure her parents loved that, and particularly
grandparents if she has any. Frankly, that told
me what kind of heart she really has. I'm sorry
she won the $35,000. Can't believe America voted
her to win the $25,000.

1492 days ago
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