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'Big Brother' Star -- My House Is 'Unlivable'

9/19/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Recently liberated "Big Brother" house guest Britney Haynes claims her Arkansas home is "unlivable" after a fire ripped through it earlier this week ... and the disaster could cut into her winnings from the show.

Haynes tells us the house is in horrific shape from water and fire damage -- and since she didn't have renter's insurance she might have to shell out some of her $25,000 "Big Brother" prize to pay for repairs.

That expense would be really tragic because Haynes says she's not even sure she wants to move back to Arkansas.

Now that she's gotten a taste of the big city Britney says she's considering staying in L.A. to become a star on the NFL sidelines -- as a reporter, not a cheerleader.


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If you base it off what they edited and showed you on tv then she looks like she is a great person and I am sure America gave her the money because she cried and was so upset because the guys were so mean to her and in an alliance. Those of us who actually had big brother after dark or watched some of the live feeds saw what was not edited and I despised that girl. She was a very nasty person. They edited her to look sweet and why I do not know. She did not stop being nasty when Monet left she just went on being nasty with Regan. From day one that girl was nasty and made vicious comments on everyone without knowing anyone in that house behind their back. That was not game play or from being stuck in there. They were a very arrogant cast but she was one of the worst. She thought if you didnt like her it was because she was so pretty. She did not earn her spot to be in the final four. Hanging on an even bigger dummy that happens to be in an alliance that didnt get rid of you is not earning your spot. She got lucky. She bragged about how much money her family has and how she has traveled all over the world. She is not to be pitied. She also at one point claimed they bought this house.

1459 days ago


46. the house is not hers, she is renting. homeowner insurance will cover repairs and also any problems her fiancee has because of the tramatic shock of the fire. the grass was dry, and the owners should have had a sprinkler system in to prevent the fire. pam

Posted at 12:27 PM on Sep 19, 2010 by pam

You're an idiot!!

1459 days ago


40. She should not have to repair a rental. The owner has homeowners insurance to cover that. Rental insurance covers the property inside the rental..personal belongings.

Posted at 11:33 AM on Sep 19, 2010 by Joanie

You also are an idiot to think she doesn't have to pay for burning down the owner's house! And yes, she is responsible! She's the one that allowed her fiance to stay in the rented home!

1459 days ago


37. and she said in the house never wanted to be an actress just a sports line reporter. So get your facts straight. She knows her football :)

Posted at 10:53 AM on Sep 19, 2010 by themftruth

Gee....then, Sarah Palin must really know her sports, because she wanted to be an ESPN anchor before she got into politics. I bet all she knows is spreading her legs to get what she wants.

1459 days ago


Superman, you're the idiot. She didn't burn down the house and she's not the sole renter. She never even lived there.

And whoever said she wanted to know if she had enough fans to fill the Super Bowl is lying. She asked fans if anyone had tickets to the Super Bowl game and that she would be their date if they would take her. Frickin' amazing the crap that's being said here about her.

1459 days ago


Check the live feeds #54. She and Lane (lying on the HOH bed together) discussed the size of the Superbowl Stadium and Britney wondered if she had enough fans to fill it. Lane said no, he didn't think so, and named a much smaller venue I can't recall. They did discuss Superbowl tickets on another occasion. It was all in fun. Don't know why you're blowing a head pipe over the truth. The wee girl has an ego;nothing wrong with that. She's going to need it in life.

1459 days ago


Morons she wont have to pay for the repairs just the items inside the house is for the land lord ...which Has Ins they wont be out anything just for the items inside

you people are dumb as hell even Tmz for sayin she has to pay for repairs

1459 days ago


On the Big Brother After Dark show she talked about how her and her mother made fun of people in church,these are probably the same people who will donate money to her now that her rental home has had a fire.

1459 days ago


If you watched this girl on Showtime on BigBrotherAfterDark you would be shocked at the level of vile,hateful,personal things that she said OVER + OVER + OVER about other people on the show.She obviously enjoyed making jokes at the expense of others.She talked about how her and her mother even made fun of people in their church,these are probably the same people who will donate money to her now that her rented house has burned.

1459 days ago

Lookie At Me    

As a renter she would not have to pay for the damages. Unless the homeowners could prove the renters were responsible. But then they would have to take the renters to court if the renters refused to help with the repairs.

From the sounds of the original fire, Nick said he was asleep when it occurred, so why is Britney so eager to pony up the cash? Unless Nick's story isn't panning out.

1459 days ago


loved this girl, as im a huge bb12 fan, i think she will do well in anything she tries, maybe time to dump that fiancee
since he cant grill worth a crap, not a southern boy for sure

1459 days ago


That entire article did not make sense. But anyway I wish her the best. NFL sidelines, maybe reporting? Training is what she means she may need to be in Ney York and no L.A. But she will figure it all out. It's funny how a lot of the big brother people like to move to L.A. when they come out, the single ones..And a lot of them also break up with their BF too..
I think they also get 30,000 just for being on the show.. So that would mean she get's a total of 60,000..

1459 days ago

Ashley Moore    

Britney was hateful & two-faced i could care less about the little bitch

1459 days ago


I thought the idiot had left the building....
BB is done and so is ****ney...bye bye honey you suck...

1459 days ago


We love you Brit! Your friends stand with you and you decide, at least we got to see the beauty inside and outside...keep positive make a great life!

1459 days ago
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