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'Big Brother' Star -- My House Is 'Unlivable'

9/19/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Recently liberated "Big Brother" house guest Britney Haynes claims her Arkansas home is "unlivable" after a fire ripped through it earlier this week ... and the disaster could cut into her winnings from the show.

Haynes tells us the house is in horrific shape from water and fire damage -- and since she didn't have renter's insurance she might have to shell out some of her $25,000 "Big Brother" prize to pay for repairs.

That expense would be really tragic because Haynes says she's not even sure she wants to move back to Arkansas.

Now that she's gotten a taste of the big city Britney says she's considering staying in L.A. to become a star on the NFL sidelines -- as a reporter, not a cheerleader.


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Dump the stupid fiance and go hook up with Lane :) agreed, I rent a home and have renters insurance, the homeowner MUST have home owners insurance too for the house. Duh.

1492 days ago


i am pretty sure at 1 oclock on august 6 rachel was crying about sucking at bowling...

i cant hate rachel now, she was hated all show, its time to hate someone new who actually deserves to be hated...well britney is ur house is unlivable fix it, am sure ur undeserved 35000 will go along away..but that sucks because i was hoping you will use some of that money to go to rehab for ur brenchel addiction, u and ragan...karma they say...

1492 days ago


I am another big Britney fan. Since the show ended, Lane has already come out and says he does indeed want to see about a relationship with her. Apparently, Nick did indeed fly out after the finale and they did attend the Saturday night Vegas Bash together, but Brit was reported to have left the party very early and did not give any interviews while there. Nor did Nick get interviewed. Earlier that same night, she is reported by Lane to have texted him an "I miss you" message. Then, the next day (Sunday), she tells TMZ she is not coming back to Arkansas, in all likelihood. This is tantamount to saying she is leaving Nick behind, and needs to wind down her business with him before she and Lane can take up together officially. Just my analysis...who knows for sure.

1492 days ago


No way she's gonna be a NFL reporter. She came off as too bitter and shallow on BB. Enzo should have won-that guy was too funny.

1492 days ago


this nasty skank with her paris hilton eye won't get anywhere in California.....skanks like her are a dime a dozen...well in her case a penny a dozen

she has absolutely nothing to offer anyone

1492 days ago

robin earle    

I don't think she deserves any good thing after doing Big Brother. She made fun of fat people, people who have skin problems, who are waitresses get the idea. She looks down on people not like her or less fortunate and makes fun of them. She is truly and mean girl and I would never want to see her on sports TV. Sorry she could never be an Erin Andrews who has real class and talent. Go home Bratney to your small town life and small town thinking. Stop at church on the way and ask God for forgiveness for those you have trashed.

1492 days ago


fact is the grass was very very dry, the homowner is responsible for not letting the house sit there waiting to burn with all that dry stuff. it is lucky he got wout with the barred windows, another fire hazerd waiting for someone to die.

1492 days ago


the owner has insurance and should have known not to leave the grass so dry, it was waiting for a chance to burn the house. and with the windows barred, it is lucky he got out and saved their animals.
no one with a rental leaves the grass so dry, it is pure stupidity and carelessness.
ps I cant stand brittany, but she is what she is, too bad for Nick is all I can say

1492 days ago

Get back to work!    

Renters insurance is practically free. There is no reason not to have it, unless you are Randy & Evi Quaid.

1492 days ago


"Ummm...most sideline reporters don't look in two different directions with their eyes. Wall-eyed, shallow blondes are not in high demand. Haynes needs to go ahead and pose for Playboy, then fade into her well-deserved obscurity. Walleye, give it up. You came across as a total bitch..."

Posted at 12:43 AM on Sep 19, 2010 by Richard Hubbell`
In response to Comment #2 posted by Richard Hubbell:
I take strong offense to your comments concerning Britney Hayne's Lazy Eye. . . IT'S NOT CALLED A "WALLEYE"!!! Britney has a medical condition which is genetic and commonly known as a Lazy Eye.

My oldest daughter was born with this medical CONDITION. At the ages of 12 months and again a year later, my daughter had eye muscle surgeries to correct the problem. The muscles are either lengthened or shortened to help the eyes move together. Even after going through the two HORRENDOUS surgeries in which my baby's eyes bled for days, often weeks, after her eyeballs were pulled out of the socket and the muscles were CUT, and adjusted, her eyes still "drifted" when she was tired or upset. She wore patches on her "good" eye for months and wore corrective glasses to force the use of the Lazy Eye. It was a long, traumatic experience for a baby to endure.

I resent your ignorant comments about Britney's "Walleye" and the same stupid comments made by others, including one who called Britney's Lazy Eye "Satanic"!

WTF is wrong with you people? Britney has most likely had treatment for her eyes since she was a baby. This is a physical medical condition she has no control over.

Why do you and others insist on poking fun at her for this? Do you also laugh and criticize handicapped people? Retarded people? Stutters? Children with Down's Syndrome? Autism? MS and other Neuromuscular Diseases? I bet you have a great time during the Jerry Lewis Telethon each year poking fun at all the diseased "Jerry's Kids" too, don't you? Shame on you and your ilk!

What is wrong with you and your ilk? How old are you? 12? I pray YOU, sitting up on your pedastal, looking down, judging others will only give birth to PERFECT children with NO physical or mental problems because God forbid you have an imperfect child in your family! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO CONTINUE TO BASH BRITNEY HAYNES BECAUSE OF HER EYES! You make me ill.

1492 days ago


Enzo did not win or deserve to win America's Favorite Player. In fact, he wasn't even in the running according to all of the polls on the Big Brother message boards, blogs etc. If anyone came close to Britney it was Brendon. Britney won fair and square. The voting was closed before news of the fire was reported. All indications from polls taken showed Britney far ahead of anyone else.

Enzo had no chance for many reasons imo. For the Superfans of Big Brother who watch the Live Feeds 24/7 and watch BBAD on Showtime, we saw the REAL Enzo. I lost count of the times this 33 year old man called Britney and the other women in the BB house c*unts, wh*res, bitches blah...blah... blah...This man who professes to be a good father to a little girl using such words for no apparent reason other than he doesn't respect women. This is backed up by his stories of how he and his buddies treated a prostitute, abused her and stole from her among other charming accounts of his behavior. He was an arrogant ******* who had/has delusions of grandeur.

He thinks he's going to have a movie career and will be making movies with Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro among others. He's totally delusional. Britney tried to help him understand that their 15 minutes of fame would not last that long. She was trying to help him. He called her names for it. He had the table manners of a sloth and Live Feeders cringed every time he ate. He played the Jersey role and that's all he did in BB. He did not deserve to be America's Choice nor did he deserve to be in the final 3, much less the final 2.

He did NOT come up with the plan for the Brigade. He thought of the name. Matt was the mastermind behing each person having a "parachute" which was a genius move in the game and has not been done before. Enzo was jealous of Matt and wanted him out. He was jealous of Kristen and wanted her out. He wanted Britney out due to jealousy. The evening he forced upon Lane and Hayden the idea a outing the Brigade to Britney, he was cruel, hateful, mean and took great delight in making her cry. It was all done for Enzo's inflated sense of self and his ego. He didn't give a damn if he hurt anyone or not. Neither Lane or Hayden was comfortable with the way Enzo handled that. I rarely seen anyone so hateful and hurtful on BB as Enzo.

He bashed each person as they were sent home and made fun of them for being upset, telling the to let death take them. Then when it was his turn to take the heat he was a little bitch. He's a man/child who needs to put on his bigh boy panties and grow the hell up! He did not deserve to win America's Choice and there was no chance in hell he would. He's delusional to think he would. He also did not play the best social game ever. Dr. Will did among many others. He's a pathetic little man imo, with an overblown ego and needs to be brought back down to earth. He's not "all that!"

When Britney won America's Favorite Player, he says he was "salty" and jealous and he deserved it more than she did. I say BS! Even knowing her house had burned and can't be lived in, he was still bashing her. He has no compassion for anyone except himself. Last I heard he's still having a pity party for himself, which he brought on himself by playing a horrendous game this season. The worst player of the season, if not all seasons. I hope he takes his salty Jersey attitude and goes home and learns how to be a father to that precious little girl and stops using vile language about her and women in general. She deserves more than Enzo's nonsense as a father imo.

1492 days ago


Wow, Sunny. Well said. Britney for All-Stars!!!

1492 days ago


Some people are just mean and spiteful. To the mean people let it go, the show is OVER. Geez. To Britney, you are delightful and it is no wonder why you won the AP choice. You deserve it...and your smile, wit, charm, sports knowledge and general overall intelligence, and sense of humor will take you far and open many doors. Good luck to you and sorry about the house. Take care of this issue and move it on. Hope to see you on the Emmy's again in the future. Hugs

1491 days ago


Karma rocks, how can anyone who actually watched BB like this chick. she is a whiny, condescending, conceited bitch that just rips on others. Tough call to determine who is more despicable between her and rachel

1491 days ago


reap what u sow i always say and she did not deserve that money for making fun of people

1491 days ago
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