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Katherine Jackson: 'I Want Justice'

9/19/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson doesn't think any judicial resolution with Dr. Conrad Murray or AEG that will bring her peace ... but that doesn't mean she's not gonna fight the fight.

In another interview from the Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine Jackson says, "I want justice done," yet she explains that any victory will be hollow. 


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I agree with TruthHurts and CJ, cause Michael could have adopted children from his own race just as well. And actually, did he even have to adopt his first two children because he was the legal father since him and Debbie were married when she had them?

1461 days ago


I do want to also say that no matter what, that I love Michael very much and always will.

1461 days ago


@kathy40, Right, I don't have any complaints about MJ's changing looks because he always looked hot and sexy to me. And who doesn't like a change here and there instead of being boring. If I had the money, I would do the same thing. Change is good.

1461 days ago


I'm not sure if your comment was in this thread or another but it was about Murray's claim that MJ could have injected himself. I'm with you. It makes zero sense that MJ would do that, given that he hired a doctor to KEEP HIM SAFE. Murray is just grasping at straws. This should be one tactic that the prosecution can dispose of quickly, by your own reasoning. Makes no sense.

Posted at 9:41 AM on Sep 21, 2010 by danger baby

Db, I remember writing something like that, but I don´t remember in which thread.
Talk about a stupid way of committing suicide! Hire a doctor, call him to stay with you for the night. Then you wait ALL NIGHT, ALL MORNING and almost till NOON for the doc to go and take a leak, and when the doc finally has to give in to nature, you think, NOW is my chance to "off myself!"
Just too stupid. No one would commit suicide that way and Murray and his lame team are embarrassing (and I hope hurting) themselves by throwing this MULTITUDE of differing, HIGHLY unlikely scenarios out there.
How many times has he/have they changed the story?

Finally, I don´t think that Michael COULD have administered the Propofol himself. Neither does the LAPD. They have concluded that Michael died AT THE HAND OF ANOTHER.

1461 days ago


Yo go Cherwood!, Git wit em'! Put ya thing down! Me, Michael, his family and fans Luv ya!

1461 days ago

Love Michael for the Man that he is..    

STOP!!! I have read these boards for a long time. So much knowledge about Michael. Most of you know so much more about Michael than I could ever even pretend to know. But there is one thing that I do know. I know that rather if Michael is still alive with us, or if Michael is in God's arms tears are rolling down his cheek's seeing all this fighting in his name. It is about finding the truth with L.O.V.E. NOT HATE. Hate is greed and is what is wrong with our world today, and is what has caused the media to tear at Michael all these years. Greed is what caused Sneedon, Diamond, Chandlers, Arvizio's, Bashirs, AEG, Sony, on and on.. Please don't help spread the hate by fighting within. OOO and Ohwell maybe you might want to enlighten us on why you are so sure on your feeling on Michael. Everyone for over a year now has gave you proof time and time again. What is your proof that he did molest children.. You know it would seem to me that Mrs. Jackson would have a law suit against you. Would it not be a defamation lawsuit. He was found not guilty in a court of law in yet you continue to say that he is a child molester.. Hmmm..

1460 days ago


Sofi and whomever else, are MJ's fans (which is cool and great)but are very incorrect when it comes to him, and the people in his life that he chose to associate with. All of the African American people mentioned, and the athletes, all have issues themselves with being Black. It has always been a stigma that the lighter or even white the better. And it is not only with the Black race/culture, but with other minorities as well. Why? I don't know. I guess some people just prefer light or white thinking it is better. As for Elizabeth Taylor, she was and always will be an icon to Michael and whoever else. Her acclaim had and has already been established. That's why Michael sought her out, not the other way around. He did like being with high profile celebrities because he himself had become a high profile celeb. (which is cool). But don't take anything away from anyone else because of Michael. Michael was not a saint (which he said himself in his book Moonwalk). He did everything for a reason and purpose for himself. Even with his humanitarian deeds. With all this being said, I still love Michael the best, because he did what he thought he needed to do for his life only. He was about his profile image, as well as his fans and the world. (how they preceived him) and during his time, it wasn't just him. Michael has been in the industry/business for a long time, since old school. Things and times are different now, where it's popular to be Black American or any minority now. Back then, everyone and everything was trying to be white. Because everything was run by whites. I am the same age as Michael and was there from the beginng. I had fell off with Michael as well as the rest of those people. Because he had started to gravitate towards the caucasian look with Thriller and then the caucasian color with Black or White, and it only got worse with the marriages and finally the children. Now, the children have nothing to do with this. Because they are beautiful and I believe they love him very much. I think they are very smart and will carry on their father's legend and legacy very well. I think that they will make him proud. And I am happy of that.

1460 days ago


Katherine the Great Returns - 2.0..........
-#139: AuntieG, EXCELLENT POST! You're so right--no amount of picking and dissecting Michael's lifestyle or choices changes the fact that June 25, 2009, someone or persons decided to take his life for their own GREEDY purposes.........
-#140: The Truth Hurts, normally I wouldn't respond to someone of your ilk, but your post was too ridiculous to resist. You asked why Michael didnt ADOPT black kids, but he never "adopted" ANY kids. PPB are HIS BIOLOGICAL Children--DEAL WITH IT!!
And even if they weren't, WHAT OF IT? Why is it so important to you and your kind to pick on poor defenseless children? Michael doesn't have to defend his actions to you or anyone else. WHat have YOU done for the world lately? Last I checked, Michael was listed as the most charitable celeb ever, and worked hard--even went to Capitol Hill and fought Sony and Mottola for Racial Equality. What have YOU done but come on these boards trying to stir up trouble? You are a joke.....
Have you and your kind ever stopped to think that what Michael did in having those friendships and have a multi-racial family, is the same thing that Madonna and Angelina were trying to do--get IDIOTS like you to come out of your T-Party meetings long enough to realize it's the 2000's, and we know longer rate EVERYTHING by it's COLOR........
-#144: Hey Alice! Thanks for the wonderful quotes. As you can see, we need all of the help we can get on these boards, lately.......
-#150: Tick--yet another "bright post" LOL, here it's just sad. I don't know what it will take to get you and your ilk to realize that THERE IS NO PROOF THAT MICHAEL WAS AN ADDICT!!! He had a problem with pain meds in the mid-90's, and admitted it, then checked into Rehab. After that, he had numerous injuries and the Lupus which caused him to have to take meds SOMETIMES, but noone can prove he was addicted to them, and the CORONER"S REPORT states THERE WERE NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE (damage to his organs.)
And don't drag his children into this, they were better cared for than most children their age with celeb parents. Just look at the outcome--they are well-behaved, mature and BEAUTIFUL!
PPB's only issues now is missing their Daddy, and dealing with IDIOTS LIKE YOU!!!
-#151-152: There you go. Trash begats Trash!!
-#158: More "Tales from the Dark Side"......LOL x 50!!!
They're giving "MJ Fan" a bad name, just as CloBird said.-db
Yup. It REALLY gives MJ Fan a bad name when you defend him against people who only want to constantly DRAG HIS NAME THROUGH THE MUD, ticking off every NEGATIVE thing the Press has ever written about him, dissecting his choices and lifestyle, and now that he's gone, trashing his TRUE SUPPORTERS out of some TWISTED JEALOUSY........
Yeah, that DOES give them a bad name........darn those Michael Supporters for loving him, and not destroying his legacy like you and your kind. HOW DARE THEY??!
-#162: Sickofexcuses, have you ever asked yourself WHY you're so sick of people defending Michael? What do you have to gain by having everyone consider him an addict? What does that do for YOU?
You're the type of person that makes me embarassed to call myself an American. This could be a great country, if it weren't for idiots like you who only get their jollies when someone is as bad off as they are. Is it that YOU have an addiction, and you want to relate to him in that way? If so, I would not walk, but RUN to the nearest Therapist because you have some SERIOUS ISSUES to deal with!
Here's the thing, we already know he once was addicted to Pain meds, but got past it. We know he had meds for other ailments, but other than that, there is NO PROOF that he was CONSISTENTLY on meds, and the CORONER'S REPORT backs that info up....what do you say to that?
AT the end of the day, it's not a question of whether or not he was on meds, it's a question of why do we have to endure posts like yours rehashing this drug thing to death? Is it THAT important to you to make Michael look bad? If so, you're more pathetic than I realized....
good luck with that.....
-#167: Tellit adds on another nic. How many are you up to, now Tellit? 200? And now this "The TruthHurts" wonder you disappear for long stretches of time...PATHETIC!!
BTW: I've caught onto what you're up to on that "other" board--you know the one I'm talking about. Your game is up, son!
-#170: Larry, there is NO PROOF that Michael asked for Propofol. Go back online and DO YOUR RESEARCH! There were 4 people who ALLEGED that he asked for Propofol: Murray--the Murderer, himself; Nurse Cherilyn--an unknown nurse who CLAIMS Michael begged her for Propofol, even though he was supposedly getting it from Murray at the time, Dr. Adams--a DENTIST Michael went to who Murray is alleging that he saw give Michael Propofol--again, he's trying to save his NECK; and Klein--a quack who will say anything to get his name connected to Michael's in the Press........
As for Katherine, what makes you think she has no right to find out who killed her son? And why are you and everyone else here so OBSESSED with the money she may get--SO WHAT!! There have been x amount of celeb's families who filed civil suits and were awarded money, and noone said anything about them. As his family, she has the right to his money more than the greedy lawyers collecting it under the guise of being "Executors".......YOU think about THAT.......
BTW: Michael didn't commit suicide he was MURDERED by Murray and whoever put him up to it. Michael had no reason to commit suicide, and don't give me that crap about being afraid of the 02 Concerts because by the time he was killed, he had already conquered that demon and was set to beat his own records. The only time he appeared down enough for suicide would've been the 2005 Trials.....knowing how that went down, if he didn't do it then, he wasn't going to do it at all.........
-#175: Hey Cathy, I know we've discussed this before, and you have some great sentiments in your post, however, I disagree that Michael was in depression, unless you're referring to the '93 allegations, or 2005 Trial Era. I agree that he was in a bad way, then--but who wouldn't be? They took the one thing he LIVED for and loved the most and CRUSHED him with it....just like the devil.....
But the good news is that God restored him through his 3 beautiful children. And Michael was happy and knew it, IMO. After that trial and the stint in Bahrain, he knew what was the most important in his life--Prince, Paris and Blanket....that is why in his latter days, he looked like a new person because he had a plan--Achieve the "Tour to End all Tours" then move into the film Industry....does that sound like depression to you? He was WAY too skinny, but I think that had to do with him not paying attention to taking care of himself--he was too caught up in making his children proud and taking back what was rightfully his--the title of "KING OF MUSIC" and he would have done it, if they hadn't murdered him......
Funny thing is, God got the LAST LAUGH, because after he died, he became even bigger than ever!!!!
No Peace till Justice!

1460 days ago


192. ........"-#167: Tellit adds on another nic. How many are you up to, now Tellit? 200? And now this "The TruthHurts" wonder you disappear for long stretches of time...PATHETIC!!
BTW: I've caught onto what you're up to on that "other" board--you know the one I'm talking about. Your game is up, son!"

I'll have to go back & read this #167...
but alas...I'm only using 1 nic ...Tellit...
like I've said ...
Cherwood/'re not much of a PI....hehe...
you've drifted off the deep end along time ago into a world of delusion, illusion, paranoia, egomania, MJfanaticism, etc....
dingy moron...

1460 days ago


192....."Your game is up, son!"
Posted at 10:52 PM on Sep 21, 2010 by Cherwood

you're so goofy Cherwood.

1460 days ago


Dear Katherine,

With your belief in God you should now that on this earth there is no justice...nothing can avenge the death of a beloved son, and especially such a brutal death.
Our children no matter how old they are are always our babies.
I share your grief and I do pray that some of the truth will come out in the trial. You know what and who you are up against, Michael knew, and they are formidable opponents of evil.Dear Katherine, console yourself knowing that Michael is safe in the will of Jesus.We continue to pray that Michael will rest in peace and for justice and peace for his family, friends and all those who loved him.
I love you MICHAEL!!!

1460 days ago


why didn't he adopt a black kid since he was so proud of his African American background? Sure, with all his wealth, WHITE kids were the only thing he wanted. An adopted black child clinging to him would have been a bit embarrassing, no? For that I have NO respect for Michael Jackson. You should stop to think who you should be labeling a racist.
Posted at 6:32 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by TheTruthHurts

Sandra Bullock adopted a black baby so she is racist because she should have adopted a white german baby? Katherine Heigl adopted a Korean baby so she is racist because she abandonned her own white race? Since when it is mandatory for black people to only adopt black babies? Seal married Heidi Klum a white supermodel so he is racist because he did not marry a black woman? You are a racist fool,TheTruthHurts. By judging Michael Jackson and calling him a racist for having three beautiful light-skinned kids you become a racist yourself. Stop seeing people in colours. Start seeing them for who they are inside.

1460 days ago


And yes, he abused children, giving them alcohol in his bed! He was guilty, no doubt, that's why he paid up the parents...He was guilty as sin.
Posted at 8:56 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by bluefunk

It is people like you who encouraged D.A. Tom Sneddon to persecute Michael Jackson all his life. You refuse to read the facts over the internet that prove that Michael Jackson was innocent. You would rather believe the man was guilty. You got blood on your hands because Michael Jackson indirectly died as a result of your constant bullying. The fake Michael Jackson sex scandals are sweet music to your ears because they also feed your perverted ego. Shame on you!!!!

1460 days ago


I am with you Kathrine, God bless you my friend. The pain you suffer at the loss of your child has to be unimaginable. But justice will prevail and hopefully Dr. Murray and anyone else involved will get what is due them, if not on earth, than for sure in God's court.

1458 days ago


Are you kidding me that you all really think Katherine Jackson is answering you here? lmao Lord have mercy...thats for you religous folks. Come on now. Give your heads a shake. This is a blog of sorts on an news station lol. Catherine is off enjoying the millions she just inherited. You all are being played. Wow life is too short to hand out helmets to window lickers. You Americans scare me. You make an idol out of a pedo. Thats sad. Hes got more money than you will ever make in a life time. For that matter more than your next 10 generations and you wallow in his purple jesus juce just because what he was black? Poor? Im not getting it. Yes he had good music but it does not excuse his pedo sickness. The man was a freak and his family is cashing in on it. You all are the starving idiots throwing your last pork bone at the IDOL. LOL wow.

1338 days ago
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