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Katherine Jackson: 'I Want Justice'

9/19/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson doesn't think any judicial resolution with Dr. Conrad Murray or AEG that will bring her peace ... but that doesn't mean she's not gonna fight the fight.

In another interview from the Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine Jackson says, "I want justice done," yet she explains that any victory will be hollow. 


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I love his music but he stopped being part of the human race way before he passed on.

I'm sure his 3 children would disagree with you on that.

1466 days ago

Lee lee    

You are totally right! I just can´t fathom where all this hate towards Katherine comes from. Well, I think I do get it, but I won´t open up the can of worms by expressing what I think it is.

I just want to say that I find it utterly classless to attack an eighty-year-old woman who is grieving her son, needing answers to what REALLY HAPPENED. Who wouldn´t???
On top of all that, she has been given three minors to bring up - at the age of EIGHTY! Just imagine.
Go Katherine, you have all my support! You are a true fighter.

Posted at 5:18 AM on Sep 19, 2010 by Siggisis

I get it Siggisiss

This poor woman. Her life has been hell. She just wants answers. Who can blame her ? She has made mistakes in her life, who hasn't?? Put yourself in her shoes , just for a minute. Shes doing a fine job!

1466 days ago


All of you hate mongers. GOD forbid something happens to any one in your family. Then we'll see the shoe on the other foot. You'll all be screaming for justice for your family member and I hope it falls on deaf ears.
Go ahead Mike, Mrs. Jackson and all of the Jackson family members. Keep these idiots talking. Keep pissing them off. These idiots get pissed off when there is any mention of Michael. And they say that the fans are crazy. Look at these ugly people hurling slurs at a dead man, and his family. I love it. KEEP MORE MICHAEL JACKSON NEWS COMING. THESE IDIOT READERS WILL BE FIT TO BE TIED.

1466 days ago


The circus just won't leave town will it.

1466 days ago


WooHoo #42 Hate on. Dont you just hate when they mention MJ's name? I'm so happy that you are eating your guts out. MMJMJMJMJMJMJMJMJMJMJMJMJMJ
This will give you something to think about.

1465 days ago

TMZ Staff

1465 days ago


This woman is quickly becoming as big a pain in the rump as her hideously ugly husband and the rest of her trashy spawn.

1465 days ago


She should have done more for ALL of her children. Be a mother and stop looking to Jesus to do everything for you. These Jackson"s have excuses for everything they screw up in their lives. But it's never them !! It's an ex-husband, a doctor, the post office didn't send me the bill on time.... Please, Michael was the talent and the Money train in the family, and the pressure he must have been under to keep the users in his family happy was probably tremendous. Anybody would do drugs to keep sane claiming them for Family....

1465 days ago


Excellent post # 3. Couldn't agree with you more.

1465 days ago


My dear Souza, since you put this link on Twitter, you still believe that it is all a hoax?. Nothing encouraging words from this woman.
Souza confess that you were wrong.

1465 days ago


Katherine,I feel for you and your family,My youngest brother,one of seven,we had a very large,he took his life in 2005, it was horrible!! He was not happy with himself, he let drugs and alcohol,allow him to be what he hated,he destroyed himself,its nobodys fault, but there are enablers,which feeds the problem,sadly leads to death! Learn from it and watch over your other family members,don't be a enabler, I tried to help my brother, but there were others who would enable him,they know who will enable them,there is always somebody out there that will enable, Very sad, Don't live your life in anger and blaming people will not bring him back,let go and just celebate his memories!!

1465 days ago


i believe they did want michael around too,i dont understand why,such a sweet and kind person,there is always mean people in this world that want to distroy a beautifullman. Most people are mean and not happy unless they are starting something,michael out soldall the top profromers,so lets think of something to bring michael down,they tryed all most everything,until they decided to go to childern which michael love so much,they know they had michael then,i would kill michael insided. michael would never hurt a child.thoose familys just did want the good live to end.i feel so bad for michael i will love michael forever and ever.

1465 days ago

Rocco Covello    

I loved Michael more than you would ever know. He was an inspiration to me my whole life. Now his parents want to sue the touring company for pressuring Michael. Are you serious? His dad and mom did this too him. For years they talked about Michael and his drug problem but did nothing cause he performed and put money on their plates.

I love you Michael.

1465 days ago


If she really wants justice, then she needs to look in the mirror, with the rest of her family. He was so bad that they arranged an intervention that fell through and didn't work. Instead of keep trying to get the man help, they just took the money and run. They knew he was an addict and did nothing. Granted Dr. Murray mucked up weaning him off drugs, but at least he tried(getting paid well for it).

1465 days ago


Michael had enablers all around him, but blaming his parents for every bad thing that ever happened to him is ridiculous. At some point, we all have to take responsibility for our own lives.

1465 days ago
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