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Katherine Jackson: 'I Want Justice'

9/19/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson doesn't think any judicial resolution with Dr. Conrad Murray or AEG that will bring her peace ... but that doesn't mean she's not gonna fight the fight.

In another interview from the Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine Jackson says, "I want justice done," yet she explains that any victory will be hollow. 


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Gsharon 710    

I am so glad to finally see intelligent people respond to this story.

If you ugly people really loved MJJ, You would know how he spoke about people judging him before he had a trial. Now, if you have even the intelligence of a rock, you would know that Katherine and Joe has not been on trial for being money hungry.

If they get every dime, fine. You must think it is ok for people who may have stolen from MJJ, not be questioned and just live like the king on MJJ's money.

Another thing, When people sue, money may be involved because that is an easy way to get into court. I think Katherine and or Joe, wants to put those names out there for a reason. Even if they got zilch money. In a trial, attorneys will seek information and that information may give us the truth behind his death.

There are a lot of loose ends and if the fans want to know, think of that a million times over for his family.

Please do not speak of MJJ's parents so rudely. I hope Mr. and Mrs. Jackson never hear about these posts. MJJ's parents are elderly and with the stress they are already under, they don't need anyone to add to it. She has been put in charge of her Grandchildren. Those children had one parent, MJJ. Now they are with the Grandparents who have to make sure the children are with familiar family.

Again, MJJ loved his Mother and if he thought she did not protect him from whatever he felt was unnecessary from Joe, His love for his mother would not be so great.

I do not believe katherine just let MJJ go on taking drugs so her money would not stop. As another poster pointed out, MJJ had his own family and it was not easy to get into without Michael wanting them there. This man was fifty folks not a teeny bopper who relied on Mommy and Daddy to survive.

Furthermore, you have no idea if Michael had already given his parents a bundle of money. He was sued so mamy times, if he was smart, (and I say he was), he would make sure without a doubt his loving mother and children could have a nice life. That could very well include Joe. Was MJJ suppose to tell the world all his business so they could sell papers, edit his remarks and use them to hurt his family? So please just think of her as a Mother of a son gone, who became Mother/Grandmother.

This lady probably has more money in her piggy bank than some may ever have in a lifetime.

1431 days ago


I know you are still in mourning Mrs.Jackson but you have my
support and I pray for you and the family. Blessed are they
that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Michael was overworked
and not properly taken care of. Justice for Michael.

1431 days ago


DANGER,i am referring to:

MJ'S Alleged Love Child - Give me Another Chance.

I left while you posted there and went back for about 5 minutes but by then you where here.That's why i lost you.

1431 days ago


I know that the Jackson Family may be still grieving and are looking for answers and justice. However, they have been fighting over Michael's will and his Estate since his death which makes them look greedy. The siblings have taken every media opportunity available to make money from interviews. During which they knew no more about Michaels demise than anyone else. It appears that they were not around him much to only speculate after he died. I am sure that they loved him for the son, brother and uncle that he was. However, two of his siblings have been known to either write a "tell all" book or was in the process of writing one about Michael's questionable lifestyle. It is no wonder that he did not feel loved and was lonely with siblings like these. His family was too large for him to be left feeling unwanted. He had to be tired of people coming to him with their hands out all the time. Who was around to love him unconditionally. Perhaps God and his mother were the only two he knew personally. I do not know. I just wished he could have personally known how many fans loved and adored him. Ironically, it took him to die for many to realize how much he meant to music and our culture. He needed his flowers while he could smell them. He cannot see, taste or smell the multitude of flowers, teddy bears and posters being sent to Forest Lawn Cemetary almost daily. Nor can he take any pride in the many posthumous awards that he has received since his death either. Life is funny. His career was resurrected and fully appreciated after his death.

1431 days ago


I don't see how she thinks that AEG is responsible? They deal with the tour, not what happens before or after. The contract with AEG only covered the tour itself. Therefore, it's the doctor's responsibility to have access to life-saving equipment before and after the tour. That's like saying public schools are responsible for children while they are at home.

1431 days ago


You are a bunch of racist idiots. Your problem is that you are afraid of a Black family that is cohesive,talented, brilliant, and wealthy. It is a family business you ignorant racists. Admit it, you racists, you are fascinated with Michael and his family but you jackasses are too afraid to just say so. You are losers for posting negative things. You are probably poor(even during good economic times) and were the worst students in school(before you were kicked out). You have nothing. You are nothing. TMZ panders to your trash for big bucks.

I love Michael Jackson and the entire Jackson family!!!!!!!!

True fans, do not despair. There are more of us than the racist fools. More of Michael's supporters are too busy leading productive lives than to get on these boards to defend him. But when you come from nothing and are going nowhere and are filled with hate, you have time to spread your racist ignorant hate.

Posted at 3:04 PM on Sep 19, 2010 by JacksonFamilyFan


I could not have said this better!!
Such an awesome and truthful comment.
That's what I've been trying to say to these jealous azz BIGOTS trying to pretend that they are true MJ FANS!!
Michael wouldn't entertain half these Scuzzbuckets supposing to be his fans and talking all about his mother and family in such a derogatory way!! A bunch of stink bugs!!!

Again, thank you for insightful comment!!!

Posted at 3:32 PM on Sep 19, 2010 by WillOTheWisp





“Hatred is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.”

- George Bernard Shaw

1431 days ago


The trial can't start soon enough. When the medical experts speak is when we will find out what happened (and perhaps "who" gave MJ the overdose). I have a feeling there is much more to this than Murray alone.

God bless you Katherine, Prince, Paris & Blanket

1431 days ago


As for comment #121, the contract between MJ and AEG was effective from the date it was written January 26, 2009, which includes the run up to the concert tour itself. How do you think it would only cover the tour itself and not the preparation for the tour. Michael would have walked away from that AEG produced contract with nothing, as every cent he was to receive was by way of "advance" money, and like some dog begging for food, some certification that he had performed five or six shows had to be signed before an "advance" would be released to him. It will all come out, but in the meantime, you go Katherine, get justice for Michael, it's not about money; it's justice for her son.

1431 days ago


Danger baby,i just realised that i forgot to tell you that i am the proud mom of 2 teenage boys my eldest is 16 and my youngest is 13.
I unwillingly gave up my job when i had my first child because my husband wouldn't help me out.
Being a mom is hard work especially when you have teenagers,you need tons of patience!But i find the time to be on line because i enjoy talking you and you have helped me with questions concerning Michael.
I hope i am not tiring you.
Could you please tell me which thread you will be on tomorrow if you finally have the time.

Danger i hate to go but it's already 3.34 AM and i have to get up early.I wish you a good afternoon.

1431 days ago


#3 Posted at 12:50 AM on Sep 19, 2010 by Disturbed

Boy does your name certainly fit you to a tee. I agree, you couldn't be more disturbed.

1431 days ago


Hey Human Nature, before you call anyone around here a racist...

So you hero worship a 'proud black man' who opted to have only white kids and that bleached Prince's hair blond when he was a little boy? Why didn't your idol adopt a black child? Plenty of orphans in New Orleans after Katrina and in Africa. Michael Jackson WAS NOT proud of his heritage and he would have been embarrassed to have adopted a black kid. All of you MJ fans should stop with the BS. Of course, anyone who decides to confront you is a racist, a hater, whatever... oh well, the deal is that the truth hurts.

I have more respect for Sandra Bullock, Madonna and Angelina Jolie, who didn't care about the children's color. Michael Jackson was a farce. I wish Martin Bashir had asked him this question upfront: why didn't you adopt a black child?" Oh, I forgot. Michael would never had answered that question cause in his sick mind those kids were biologically his. "It's just that mother nature didn't favor his black genes at the time of the children's conception" That would have been his answer, huh?

Michael Jackson was a drug addict, racist and for sure a very manipulative man. I do not feel sorry for him. He dug up his own grave by refusing to go into therapy, by bullying doctors into stuffing him with drugs and living way beyond his financial means. The problem with that man is that he thought he was 'Invincible'. But you know what, HE WASN'T! He is the one to blame for his own demise.

You Jacko fans are a sad breed! And blind!

1431 days ago
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