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Randy & Evi Quaid -- They Made Themselves at Home

9/19/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ ... Randy and Evi Quaid made themselves so comfortable in the home they are accused of squatting in ... they actually hung their picture over the fireplace.

The Quaids were busted Saturday afternoon on charges of felony burglary -- after they were found to be living in a home they once owned.

A source close to the situation tells TMZ the owner of the home sent a realtor to the house after an alarm went off Saturday morning. We're told the realtor found the gate codes had been changed, security cameras had all been moved to face up, and Randy had carved his initials in the mailbox.

When the realtor went inside, we're told he found the place trashed -- dirty dishes in the sink, footprints everywhere and clothes that didn't belong to the owner were hanging in the closet.

The kicker -- the Quaids allegedly broke a $7,000 mirror that had been over the fireplace and, according to our source, replaced it with a photo of themselves.

The Quaids were arrested and charged with felony residential burglary and entering a noncommercial building without consent, a misdemeanor. Evi was also charged with resisting arrest.

A rep for the Quaids could not be located.



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I know these two have to be whacked out of their minds, but they definitely keep me laughing. I swear they need their own reality show.

1441 days ago


Its great to see that you don't have to be an attractive young woman to make a mess of your life. In the today's Hollywood you can be an aging not so attractive male actor too!

1441 days ago


Hey cuz,as you may or may not know I have quite a reputation with wild women and generaly there is no charge for Celeb's.So; if you care to bring her back to Texas,well I'll see what I can do.

1441 days ago


This is celebrity justice. Which drugs are they taken? H?

1441 days ago


It's obvious maybe they had no place to stay and one of the two came up with their old home that is not being lived in..
I am wondering what's up with his brother, why doesn't he help Randy.. It's obvious Randy has nothing help your brother, geez my family is the same way. If I had nothing I would have to live in my car. I've done it before. And I would give the shirt off my back for anyone. Just Sad,

1441 days ago


I think both have some psychological probs and don't live in reality. I don't thing they are criminal, just nuts. Sad. I hope they can get help.

1441 days ago


Quite obvious they are pitching for their own Reality TV Show.

1441 days ago


What the hell? How many times are they gonna get away with this crap? Lock em up fricken nut jobs.

1441 days ago


Nice world where trashed house = "dirty dishes in the sink, footprints everywhere and clothes...hanging in the closet."

1441 days ago


Just shows how Hollywood completely screws people up, they end up doing anything to maintain the image of a big house and nice car etc. From what I read Evi is the worst influence on Randy who maybe is already an out of control addict of something, Randy get away quickly or just carry on and stay the joke of the town, your decision, but all the fans would like to see you come back and be the great character actor you once were.

1441 days ago


They are either both very mentally ill or on a massive amount of drugs. Probably both. Lock these two freaks up!

1441 days ago

Bob Gray    

I see a trespass (entering a residence w/o right or consent), and a likely vandalism, but not a burglary.

1441 days ago


I just hope he doesnt face Phil Hartmans fate one day. God I miss that guy, more with every year. Damn you Andy ****! You just had to give his wife a cocaine, you retard, after she has been clean for 10 years

I love this guy, because he had the same quality as Phil had, so I dont want him to end on the same way.

Now excuse me, need to go see some Phils lines on you tube, so I can feel better.

1441 days ago


I guess they just fell on hard times. And the drugs don't help. Where do they really live, do they still have a home somewhere?

1441 days ago


This is what happens when you do drugs. It is common knowledge they are drug addicts. Why isn't TMZ reporting it? Oh I forgot..TMZ only reports what the publicists tell them.

1441 days ago
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