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Karissa Shannon Sex Tape -- Really, Really Dirty

9/20/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon must have been extremely filthy before she shot her sex tape ... because she spends a whole lotta time in the bathtub and the shower.

Karissa Shannon Sextape
These are non-filthy screen grabs from the video.

As we first reported, Shannon and her BF -- "Blue Mountain State" star Sam Jones -- claim they tried to block the release of the tape ... but ultimately agreed to a deal with Vivid Entertainment after the price was right.


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Move that damn black bar from the crotch area. If we can see her back bumps we should be able to see his front bumps. Move that bar, move that bar!!

1471 days ago


Why don't these people just go into porn and be done with it? All these coy tapes. As if, you don't realize a bigass camera is recording your every move?? Did you think that no one would want to see it, what was it a momento?? Gimme a break, you record the humpty dance and get offended when people actually want to see it. IF people would just consider what it is, there wouldn't be any takers.

1471 days ago


Is he posing for the next Nike ad?

1471 days ago

bob watford    

Seriously...this chick looks like a mediocre normal pornstar and is famous for what? Being in playboy? So she's a whore who is doing harder core porn? Who cares? Other than TMZ harping on this stupidity nobody would give a flying fart about this silly tape. Hilarious they settled in the '6 figure' area. Yeah, $100,000....must be real 'celebrity' material. More like a has been playboy model making a last ditch effort to be someone...and as usual TMZ feeds the patheticness of it all....LOL.

1471 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

100% STAGED photoshoot.

Production lights in the backgrounf reflection. Besides who's taking the picture of Jones staring at Shannon in the tub if a cameraman wasn't there.

Someone needs to tell Shannon that if Jones is the biggest catch she can get to further her carreer then she needs to go back to Florida and try the Hooters thing.

1471 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

Ooops..... someone forgot to crop out all the professional camera equipment cases, stands, luggage from one of the shots.

Yeah this sure looks like a homemade video stolen by Pratt.

These two are nothing more than con artists just like Montag & Pratt.

1471 days ago


Why doesn't TMZ get it over with and just announce that the tape is a co-production of TMZ/Vivid?

It is so obvious. These people have been shoved down our throats by TMZ because TMZ has a deal with Steven Hirsch to promote it.

This is the only possible explanation for what is going on. Create celebrities and then "shock" people by releasing their sex tape.

1471 days ago


It is so obviously fake and dont to try to become famous.

There was never any spencer or heidi sex tape. They put in the media and then connected Karissas name to it saying that there was one with her and heidi. Ya right. They just wanted to get her press.Im sure for a fee.
Its all a set up. Then i'm sure Karissa filmed it to try to become famous the Kim and Paris way.

This whole situation is such a slimy use of the media.

1471 days ago


Could she be any uglier! Her dyed out platinum hair gives her that ridden hard and tucked away wet look!

1471 days ago


Wow, what a surprise another race trading whore.

1471 days ago


if they truly tried to stop the tape from being published then it wouldn't of been published and as for the pics they look as though they were posing for a shoot , the chick is a ho who got famous for being with hugh hefner while the guy had a t.v. show and obviously couldn't get work afterwords so they're taking the porn route , gee big surprise

1471 days ago


I love the Victoria's Secret price tag on picture #7. Very classy! I hope she didn't return it after filming. Gross!

1471 days ago


She's taking a bath with gobs of makeup on! Yeah, this was a staged sex tape! Don't believe the BS that they tried to block the sale of this.

1471 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Just the same tired stuff like the skanky Kardashian trash, specifically made to be "leaked" for money and 5 minutes of attention. She is looking like a frayed blow up doll

1471 days ago

Yep I said that    

Hey you well worn bimbo this is all you will ever be a foot note on the sex tape parade

1471 days ago
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