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Lindsay Lohan

Second Failed Test


9/20/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's second failed drug test involved amphetamines ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Lindsay failed two drug tests -- One for cocaine, and now we know the second was for amphetamines.

Our sources would not divulge the nature of the amphetamines, but Adderall -- the drug Lindsay was prescribed and hooked on -- is an amphetamine.

We do not know which test came first -- the cocaine or the amphetamine.  But we're told both tests were taken close together.  Lindsay failed her cocaine test the week before last.


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She is once again snubbing her nose at the law and the courts by not abiding by the terms of her probation. She is under the impression she can get away with this, which she pretty much has been. Why is she not in jail?? How many chances are they planning on giving this chick?

1491 days ago


This is violation 2 & 3, #1 not going to 5 AA meetings a week (as court ordered) #4 was being out drinking last night with friends in Hollywood. So why don't they just pick her up and send her right to jail? that is what would be done if it was the rest of us - NOTE: I'm saying the rest of us, I hope this judge doesn't believe in the 2 judical systems we have in this country - 1 for the rich & famous and the other for the rest of us.

Everyone in law will tell you thats not true about the judical system but from what we have all seen with her & Paris it is becoming more clearer that it is indeed true.

Actions speak louder than words Judge & Ms. D.A. so its all up to you now - lets see what you got!

1491 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Well of course she is going to have stocked adderall, she is an addict to it. She didn't just throw it away when she went into rehab.

1491 days ago


I'd be very surprised if Lindsay failed a drug test by smoking crystal meth. She probably had some Adderall laying around her house of one of her friend's houses. Same thing with the cocaine.

This is WHY Lindsay needs to find some NEW friends to hang around with. A lot of her friends of the last 10 years are probably taking the same types of prescription meds and street drugs. I hear that alcoholics hide their booze all the time. Drug addicts hide their drugs for lots of reasons too ... like the cops.

Someone probably needs to thoroughly search Lindsay's house for all that stuff. Can't do it for her friends though. Some of her IDIOT so-called friends might hand Lindsay some drugs and not even give a darn about it. They just want to appease her and be nice to her like everyone else who has been pampering her over the last 10-15 years.

A REAL friend would tell her ...

"Hell no! Are you out of your mind Lindsay! You aren't getting any drugs or booze from me! You need to get clean and stay that way. Just stay away from me and our group. Your Hollywood career is on the line girl! We don't have as much good stuff going for us like you do. You should stay the heck away from us Lindsay! Hang out with the people in the sober community like A.A. We're saying this for your own good Lindsay. You better listen to us."

1491 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@t mikey you're very dumb
Lindsay doesn't care about anyone but herself and doing drugs

1491 days ago


she is just misunderstood...

1491 days ago


When does she get to the part where she robs a video store?

1491 days ago


"42. When does she get to the part where she robs a video store?
Posted at 11:28 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by Mikey"

Well, based on previous stories, it sure does seem like she's not opposed to stealing so I'm guessing we will see that happen eventually.

1491 days ago


She is such a smart person.

1491 days ago


Is any of this a surprise? And the story of her supposedly taking it for ADHD is I'm sure pure BS. Lots of celebrities take Adderall so they won't eat. Period. I'm sure she's no exception. She lost a lot of weight a couple yrs ago.

1491 days ago


I hope they jail this woman and her lies before she kills someone in her rented cars. She is driving while high-that's pretty clear. Want her to kill YOUR family?

1491 days ago


I wonder which ghoul will try and sell Lindsay's death photos first? Will it be Michael or will it be Dina?

1491 days ago


Please vote for Frankie:

1491 days ago


Lindsay Lohan tried to pass off the blame onto anyone or anything via her twitter account:

"@ParisHilton Was that not gum you gave me??? I don't know how I failed my drug test. I'm INNOCENT!!!!!"

"@dinamlohan did I not eat a poppy seed bagel last week when I was in NY? They were being served in the BoomBoomRoom I didnt fail drug test"

"@ReqinaGeorge OMG that biyatch Gretchen Wieners totally set me up! I always knew she was jealous"

Although she finally admited guilt after her PR told her to and she is getting ready to sereve her sentence:

"Thanks Chanel 4 the rush order on my new orange jumpsuit. Will only need 1 since 60 days in jail = 1day for celebs #muchlove Lindsay Lohan"

1491 days ago

Cynthia J    

Jesus, most of the comments are filled with hate, gloating and misery. I do agree, however, she needs to do some time over her constant disregard for the Judges's orders. She just does not GET IT. If this was you or I behaving in this way we'd be sitting in Jail. Her recent admission to her "failed" drug tests was for P.R. only. She was caught red handed (peed). It's too bad because she HAD a very promising career. Her Parent's are idiots and try and live off her. They're all sickening.

1491 days ago
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