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Lindsay Lohan

Second Failed Test


9/20/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's second failed drug test involved amphetamines ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Lindsay failed two drug tests -- One for cocaine, and now we know the second was for amphetamines.

Our sources would not divulge the nature of the amphetamines, but Adderall -- the drug Lindsay was prescribed and hooked on -- is an amphetamine.

We do not know which test came first -- the cocaine or the amphetamine.  But we're told both tests were taken close together.  Lindsay failed her cocaine test the week before last.


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Sorry, hear not here.

1492 days ago


So, so, so dumb.

Lessons learned to date: None.

Grade: Fail.

1492 days ago


It is apparent that she has not learned anything. Wonder what rock bottom for her will be.

1492 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@t66 by??
you got it all wrong it was than hardcore fans like Nicole,teamlindsey,delmar,and the other rabid fans saying Lindsay not addicted to drugs and was misdiagnoses.

1492 days ago

LA Native    

This new poster Mike sounds like a well oiled PR machine sending subliminal messages to LL. If it is, more power to him; whatever it takes to get this creature straightened out. Nothing else has worked so far.

1492 days ago



The UCLA diagnosis is unknown. The conjecture by TMZ and other media outlets is that their position was not an addict, etc. but they never made an official statement. Lindsay's lawyer and family as well as the judge and prosecutor were overall satisfied with whatever information and diagnosis that was given to them about Lindsay. The problem is this failed drug test is blown way out of proportion and the perception that Lindsay is not in rehab now is an erroneous perception. She is an outpatient and she had a relapse and several outpatients have relapses and it is not unusual and doesn't indicate failure but does indicate a setback. TMZ, the media, and those that vilify Lindsay in the public IMO, should get out of Lindsay's business, but it is impossible as she is one of the biggest tabloid stories, gets the tabloids loads of hits and makes them money. TI has relapses, no big story. Many people in the world have more DUIs, more setbacks, than Lindsay and there's no public scrutiny. I think reasonable people not out to find Lindsay totally iniquitous and a failure will see that she's getting treatment, she's done overall well as this is the first failure since regular testing since May 24. She's had a setback, move forward and not dwell on this. The legal ramifications are a big part of this and she may be jailed, if that's the case, well, she knew the consequences and she has made a statement that she is ready to face them.

1492 days ago


Wow!!Haw can this girl really take this seriously when every time she violates her probation and mocks the court system she, never has any consequences!!! How many more times will she get a slap on the wrist??!! Most people get Prop 36 and when they violate that they end up doing their suspended sentence....she should have prop 36 or do some time quit whining!!!!1

1492 days ago


shes on meth! tweeker bitch

1492 days ago


what business is it of you what someone else does? legal or not - who cares. government should not be a nanny or mother determining what is right or wrong.... outlaw drug a because some aspect of industry want's control over the subsitiute ... this is all trash - we should not care.

1492 days ago


Acting like a true spoiled, strung on hooker. Most likely without the nightly hook-ups b.c no guy would want that...

1492 days ago


What a D-A. She wants her career back, **** she cant even get her life together.

1492 days ago


ok first off for everyone talkin **** about her, please dont act like your a angel and what just bc shes a actor she need to be miss good too shoe!? uh NO! shes young and is living her life the way she wants it and im sure of all things she damn sure didnt ask for EVERYONE and their GRANDMA to be in her business. so F OFF!

1492 days ago


lol Meth are cheap crap drug. She can be that broke to get meth, its probably adderal, ritalin or whatever. She should leave the state, its not her place with the war on drug and all.

1492 days ago


The U.S. Justice Systems and judges should be ashamed. If this was a normal person, (Not a “Name” and not rich) they would have been placed in jail already.
Enough quit favoring this spoiled rich addict!
Judge you should be ashamed letting her stay on the streets.

1492 days ago

cool breeze    

I had a friend that lost her child over drugs and this dragged on for years with the court doing the same thing as they are doing with LiLo. She even had them all convinced she was not addicted to drugs during a psych evaluation. On the same day her counselor testified there was no evidence she had a problem with drugs, that she was just a hyperactive type A personality, she popped positive for crack. Making others believe you don't have a problem is imperial in the mind of a druggie. They think they are smarter than everyone else and no one knows their secret. My friend’s parents always told her she was smarter and better than everyone else and she believed them. Now they are dead and she is a crack whore.

1492 days ago
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