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Michael Lohan -- I Don't Blame Lindsay

9/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan doesn't necessarily think it's Lindsay Lohan's fault she failed multiple drug tests -- he blames the people who enable her. 

We caught up with MiLo at LAX on Sunday, where he told our photog he thinks this would have never happened if he had been a regular part of Lindsay's life. 

Wonder if Lindsay would agree with that.


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he's after her money

1503 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Oh man oh man Michael and Dina you two only care talking to the media dang it and by the way is white Orpah is she in shock or something she hasn't spoken yet since Lindsay fail the drug tests

1503 days ago


Isn't it technically Judge Revel's order that she violated??

I would LOVE to see Lindsay face her again!! Talk about ratings!!

Hey Lindsay! That feeling you get right before you do something that tells you if it's right or wrong is usually spot on!!

You knew you had to pass a test, but thought you'd play the "I'm Lindsay Lohan card."

Fail! We're over you!!

1503 days ago


"he thinks this never would have happened if he had been a regular part of Lindsay's life.: That's rich. This a-hole being her father is a large part why she is so screwed up. Daddy issues, no moral compass, alcohol and drug addiction.

Posted at 2:02 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by who dat

Well said,I love it!! You especially nailed it abt no moral compass.

I wondered why is he always at the airport myself, Tre??
I wonder where he gets the money to travel like that??

1503 days ago


Reality check about trying to keep her out of jail and real rehab? How about eveyone pushing for her to get out early from the program? If she was still in for 90 day rehab she might have finally gotten the picture and changed. She will never change. Her "enablers" as he calls them are not forcing her to take the stuff.

1503 days ago


Yeah he is such a great role model. The entire family should be put on an island that has a live volcano. Then they can take turns pushing each other into it.

1503 days ago


if she just smoked a little weed it would calm her down...

1503 days ago


this guy gets 10$ for every comment posted under his news. So this is my last 10 to this douche bag. Hope you do the same thing and stop giving him money.

1503 days ago


There again.. The Douche bag Sperm donner not making her take responsible for her actions..Yeah..they slammed her face in a pile of Coke and made her suck it up like a hoover..Man..the only way she's gonna survive in life is to cut ALL these losers out of her life including her mother..If she even is to live in this world..Why does HE mater??

1503 days ago


Bwahahaha!! Morning Toker!

Yeah, wasn't he trying to get her released early too??

Really who's to say it would have done any more or less if she stayed the duration. I think she's one of those people who has to suffer the consequences. She's too out of touch with reality.

Where's her girlfriend Sam?? She looks like the culprit here too...physically she looks strung out on something.

1503 days ago


Lindsay could always say "No", but she didn't, did she?

1503 days ago


Isn't it technically Judge Revel's order that she violated??

I would LOVE to see Lindsay face her again!! Talk about ratings!!
No the only way Lindsay would possibly see her again is if she caught a new case.

I agree completely he knows nothing and the last time he seen Lindsay was when she surrendered.
I don't even understand why he has a lawyer.

1503 days ago


I'll tell you where Sam is, she's gone on vacation with her sister Charlotte and Nicole Richie to Mexico. You know the saying, "when the going gets tough the weak run and hide" Lindsay should distance herself from a few people and that includes Samantha Ronson. Ronson is an alcoholic who needs therapy twice a week and has done for years. Ronson is a user, she doesn't care for Lindsay at all.

1503 days ago


More denial. More enanling. Not her fault....blahblah.

Move on everyone.

1503 days ago


Oh, he is so full of shiht! Doesn't he think that Lindsay also hangs around with people that SHE encourages to do drugs? She's no innocent teen who's just been turned onto the bad stuff. She's been on it for years and has no intention of getting off of it. BTW, Micael LIEhan, you are 1 of the 2 reasons (Dina the DenialSaurus being the other) that your daughter is on drugs.

1503 days ago
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