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Michael Lohan -- I Don't Blame Lindsay

9/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan doesn't necessarily think it's Lindsay Lohan's fault she failed multiple drug tests -- he blames the people who enable her. 

We caught up with MiLo at LAX on Sunday, where he told our photog he thinks this would have never happened if he had been a regular part of Lindsay's life. 

Wonder if Lindsay would agree with that.


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This parasite is only in LA cause he knows Lindsay is going back to jail, and he needs to make money off of it. Im sure you will find him on Radaronline and x17 online.
This man is a sick and disgusting human being

I also agree Lindsay is 24 yrs old and knows the difference between right and wrong.Lohans need to stop blaming others

Lindsays twitter tweet was not from her it came from Larry or Lawyer or PR

Just more Lohan LIES!

1461 days ago


lindsay is just misunderstood and will be fine

1461 days ago


If Lindsay dies of a drug overdose her mother will be the first one to blame everyone but Lindsay and herself. So will Michael.

1461 days ago

Good riddance!    

Says the tool with a recent history of beating women.

1461 days ago


I'm sure Lindsay agrees with her dad in this instance.

It's NEVER her fault, is it?

Maybe if she'd learned at an early age that each of us is responsible for our own actions she wouldn't be in the fix she's in. Instead, she's got a bad case of "I'm so special I can do what I want and someone else will fix it"-itis. No doubt learned at her parents' knees.

1461 days ago


Ha! What a friend Sam is. A friend wouldn't run off on a Mexican vacation when you are alone and need someone to maybe confide in or talk to. What a pos.

What was Sam's appearance at Rehab for?? Just an appearance I guess. She looks like a malnourished junkie.

Lindsay might have alot of enablers, but she should still have the will to say no herself. I believe people would be more sympathetic toward her if she stopped blaming everyone else and took responsibility for her own actions.
I don't see that happening though, not anytime soon. She's deep in denial.

1461 days ago


We can now add Michael on the list of enablers

1461 days ago


Good God TMZ... will you quit "catching up" with this douche? Can you really not find other, more interesting people?

1461 days ago


Right, those enablers forced that cocaine into her nose--an enabler also makes excuses for the addict, so what does that make dearest Daddy? He'd say anything to get back in the good graces of his meal ticket.

1461 days ago


I blame it on the courts...they continue to give celeb the type of treatment they expect...privledged...

If she would have got sentenced like the average person and served all her time, (and no special treatment in jail)---she would not be flunking test, same with Paris, still doing coke...

1461 days ago


Yeah, NOW he's concerned---and an expert at that. Too little, too late buddy. The whole family is one hot mess...

1461 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

This moron just doesn't get it...

By saying he blames the people enabling her, HE'S enabling her! He's basically giving her the same free pass as everyone else has by telling her it's not her fault.

And Lindsay has the same moron gene as he does cuz clearly SHE doesn't it... She seems to think she's better than everyone else and can keep screwing up and her lawyer will keep her out of jail.

I hope the judge throws her ass in jail and leaves her there this time... long enough for her to actually complete a FULL rehab stint and clear her system, as well as long enough for her to get it through her thick but empty skull that she's just like everyone else and has consequences for being a total idiot!

1461 days ago


Hey Michael, how many of her friends do you think it took to hold her down and put that coke up her nose?

Lindsay is a weakling who can't resist the party lifestyle and she has no idea how corrupt and despicable her "friends" are.

Wake up Lindsay, the same people who were telling you "it's a small line, not enough to show up on the test" are now talking to TMZ (for money) and laughing at you behind your back.

1461 days ago


Lindsay tweeted this from her twitter account:

"Thanks Chanel for the rush order on my new orange jumpsuit. Will only need 1 since 60 days in jail = 1day for celebs"
via Twitter for BlackBerry®

"Going to AA meeting then to bar xoxo Lindsay"
about 16 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

"Hmm better brush up on my pole dancing skills looks like Im gonna hav2 get a job at Scores to support mama if I get fired from my porno flick"
about 11 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

"I went back to college that is why I am using again, these are just my college years, think masters degree"
11:53 AM Sep 18th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

"@ParisHilton Was that not gum you gave me??? I don't know how I failed my drug test. I'm INNOCENT!!!!!"
1:00 AM Sep 18th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

1461 days ago


He's probably acting out of love, but the enabling going on here is his; by enabling LL's victmness - blaming all those around her - he is encouraging her to hold everyone else in the world responsible for her problem. He's encouraging her to try to manage her addiction. Read the first step, Lindsay and Michael. She should be making amends to people, not blaming them.

1461 days ago
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