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Michael Lohan -- I Don't Blame Lindsay

9/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan doesn't necessarily think it's Lindsay Lohan's fault she failed multiple drug tests -- he blames the people who enable her. 

We caught up with MiLo at LAX on Sunday, where he told our photog he thinks this would have never happened if he had been a regular part of Lindsay's life. 

Wonder if Lindsay would agree with that.


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Didn't this clown ever learn how to say "no comment".

1465 days ago


I TOLD YOU SO, I knew her DAD was right ALL ALONG> Stop bringing up his past because if the truth be told WE ALL HAVE A PAST. He was trying to help his daughter and all the NAY Sayers were so cruel . Oh well the TRUTH is OUT,NOW CAN THEY DO IT RIGHT ? OR do yall have something to say about that. I WANT THE LINDSEY BACK THAT DID GOOD MOVIES, NOT MOVIES TOO SUPPORT HER HABIT.I CAN NOT BELIEVE THE GIRL WHO I LOVED TO WATCH HER MOVIES HAS dwindled TOO THIS.. OMGOODNESS SOO HEARTBREAKING.

1465 days ago


listen up you f'n fame whore parent, it's your fault it's your ex-wife's fault and your daughters fault you guys love this if she got no attention and flunked as an actor you would not know what to do. You'd be putting her in a balloon and setting it off to get attention.

1465 days ago


Michael you dont blame Lindsay? Your in recovery and opening a rehab I would think you would have better sence and blaming people around her. No body put a gun to head and told her do it or die. She made the choice to use and she even admitted it herself and is ready to do her punishment. The only chance to have a relationship with her again you need to back out of her life, and stop telling the public her business. Im not sure about your motives. I think you should take a look at your own recovery. Just remember God knows the whole picture and your true motives.

1465 days ago


You may not like him but he's not wrong. Funny how Linds goes to visit mommy and fails 2 tests. Mommy is a huge enabler and as soon as Lindsey figures that out the better she'll deal.

1465 days ago


Hey Micheal- you snake ass dip ****..

Isn't not holding Lindsey to blame for her own poor choices also a way of enabling her?

You put the addiction in her DNA *******- and DINA took care of the rest

1465 days ago


It certainly hasn't worked under mom's enabling.. Who knows how it would be with a dry drunk attitude who I might add stll knows the twelve steps but fails to apply them on his daily life.. Live and Let Live......

1465 days ago

So What    

NO! you blame the wrong people. It is the Bitch herself who needs to say NO!!!!!!

1465 days ago


If she was part of your life Michael she prolly would of OD'd on the bunk crack you cop.

1465 days ago



1465 days ago


for years he was the enabler Hey Michael do the world a favor and get a job Show your kids how to make an honest living lead by example

1465 days ago


The only one at fault is Lindsay. Parents are responsible to instill morales in a child until they are 18 years old and then that child is on their own. Parents need to provide unconditional love and support and NOT try to be their friends! Maybe if Lindsay would of served her complete jail and rehab sentence she would of thought twice before going back to her old habits.

1465 days ago


Sounds like my husband. His kids do no wrong, and every time (which is frequently)that they have a run-in with the law, his kids didn't do anything, the cops are just picking on them! But, then again, he sure doesn't hesitate to point out my kids faults. Guess some ppl are just like that.

1465 days ago


Can someone please enlighten me?????

Outside of being the estranged 'dad' to his drug addict of a daughter, how is it that Mr. Lohan can travel hither and yon, etc. without a job??? Isn't he an ex-con??? Logic tells me he should be living in say, an apartment, driving a Kia and shopping at the Grocery Outlet? So....Hello....

(We know who's paying for Dina's! BTW, would enjoy to see another whacky interview via Matt Lauer after Lind's latest snaffu!)

1465 days ago


The judge should have never let in go out of town because her addiction told her .. I wont be tested if Im out of town. If she relapsed after all she went thru I think the judge should look at a 6 month rehab. min. I hope she takes hold of recovery but she will need to find friends that dont use.

1465 days ago
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