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Michael Lohan -- I Don't Blame Lindsay

9/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan doesn't necessarily think it's Lindsay Lohan's fault she failed multiple drug tests -- he blames the people who enable her. 

We caught up with MiLo at LAX on Sunday, where he told our photog he thinks this would have never happened if he had been a regular part of Lindsay's life. 

Wonder if Lindsay would agree with that.


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He's an enabler himself - by blaming others instead of Lindsey. He's also a total media whore, looking for attention at the expense of his daughter. If he really wants to help her, he'll shut up and try to repair their relationship IN PRIVATE!

1472 days ago


You are wanting to open up a Rehab and not puingt any blame on the user? Come on DAD - Wake Up! Enablers are Enablers but the Addict themselves are the ones who have to Face the Reality THEY HAVE THE PROBLEM! Until that's Faced - then No Amount of Therapy or Blame will Work.

1472 days ago


Let me first of say I originally thought her day Michael was doing all this crazy sh.t for himself. But after watching her mother in the interview with Matt Lauer I knew right then this crazy bitch was taking advantage of her daughter and not her father. At least he has told the truth about his issues with drugs and alcohol. So looks like he was right all along!

And..........wonder how those quacks feel at UCLA saying "Lyndsay doesn't have a drug problem" - hahahaha I'm sure the original judge is laughing her ass off at this point. One heck of an actress to fool the people at the "rehab" facility.

1472 days ago


Your daughter is a waste of oxygen.

1472 days ago



1472 days ago


Why does this terd keep opening his trap and trying to stay in the news...Blame everybody BUT your ADULT daughter who cant keep herself out of the clubs or the coke out of her nose...

1472 days ago


I almost spit my water out laughing at the abusurdity. He would have only made it worse. He is so f'ing foul.

1472 days ago


The only thing that matters is if she drove on cocaine, otherwise she is only harming herself.

As far as enablers, yes, sometimes it is extremely hard to not return to the same people.

I'm an alcoholic, been a battle for years, decades.

I have to cut people out of my life completely, but it is difficult because they are the ones that you turn to.

I know that sounds idiotic, but it really does happen, eventually the people you party with are always there waiting for you to return, and don't care what it does to your life.

I hope these leaches will stay away. As much as I think her Dad is / has cashed in on her he at least supports her being sober. Her Mom, "forgot" how many rehabs.... uugh.

I wish her the best.

1472 days ago

John Stone    

That guy just don't get it. Or he does and is plain stupid. Why do you people write anything at all about him anymore?

1472 days ago


Very nice dad. Whatever you do don't let Lindsay take responsibility for her own actions. Wonder where she learned that?

1472 days ago


I AGREE! Lindsay is a full blown drug addict and surrounded by her druggie friends and enablers. She has no change to change until she gets rid of the old friends and HER MOTHER! Drug addicts look for a reason to continue on and Lindsay has that. Put her with those who support change and sobriety and this might just all change for the better! What a paradox that she cuddles up to the worst of the two parents. The one who lies and denies her habit.

1472 days ago


There ya good dad. Blame yourself. First smart thought you have ever had. Maybe if you were there when she was a child and not off being a f$#K up she would not have turned out this way. She is following in your foots steps. Oh big suprise. She goes to jail just like daddy. Children need their father to be more than someone that just walks in and out of their lives!

1472 days ago


Can someone please tell me when this girl is going back to jail?

If any one of us were court ordered to take piss tests,and failed one..We'd of been in jail within a day with the cops knocking on our door with a warrant.

This makes absolutley no sense at all when she so free runs around town,and make a show off of these AA meetings.

This whole thing is a dam joke.

Does anyone know when she is gonna have to go to court,or when she'l get arrested?

TMZ?..What's up??

1472 days ago


Lindsay, I'm going to give you some motherly advice, since I am guessing you don't get very good advice from your own mother. Girl, you need help before you become another statistic. You are a beautiful young lady with so much potential, and as an average american nobody, I sit back and watch you self-destruct, and it saddens me. You need to drop EVERYONE in your life, particularly your so called friends who go with you to the clubs. Go to a rehab place far away from "friends" and family in secret, and get yourself the help that you need. It's time to own up and be the woman God created you to be, not this farce that you are fronting. I will be praying for you.

1472 days ago


I liked it better when he was talking exclusively to the other network. At least I didn't need to see his douche-y face here.

1472 days ago
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