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I Refuse to Get Naked

for Money

9/20/2010 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the threat of foreclosing still looming ... Octomom made a video statement today swearing she'll do whatever it takes to keep her home -- as long as she doesn't have to get naked.

After finally admitting she might need to seek financial help to keep a roof over the heads of her 14 kids -- Nadya Suleman told a photog, "I'll do whatever I can ... as long as I'm fully clothed."

Suleman was clearly referring to the $500,000 offer from Vivid Entertaiment -- in which the porn company claimed they'd fork over a check in exchange for one XXX Octo-scene.

As we previously reported, the man who holds the note on Suleman's house has already set the foreclosure proceedings in motion -- claiming Octo is thousands of dollars behind in payments.


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TMZ Staff

1459 days ago


Welcome to the real world Leach! I have known too many people who have lost their homes this year. People who actually held jobs, worked their butts off and lost. What did you do? They dont have everyone to bail them out like you do. Just becasue you had a roach load of kids doesnt make you are special, it makes you stupid. So you get put on TMZ and people are going to send you money. Where id that fair? What are you teaching your pups?

1459 days ago


Good, the last thing I want to see is this chick naked.

1459 days ago


Good for her, I wish her and ALL kids the best.

1459 days ago


Ugh yeah, cause that would be unethical... unlike implanting your womb with 8 babies to go with the other 6 that you cant afford. Dumb bitch

1459 days ago


Well before she takes a dime for the taxpayers to help pay for her selfish, insane mistake of having a litter of kids, she should lower her personal standards if that's what it takes to feed, cloth and shelter her kids. Many women have done worse for their children. I think her personal standards should be as low as her level of personal responsibility. How dare she selfishly, irresponsible, and ethically have willingly have this many children with absolutely no means or plan to support them. As a woman I'm discusted. As a taxpayer I'm livid~

1459 days ago


Good. Let her get foreclosed on.

I'm tired of everybody looking for bailouts. You wanted to have a dozen kids with no real way to pay for them all?... Then accept the consequences of your actions

1459 days ago


Some low grade moron will come along and pay off her house for her. Next day Nutjob Nadya will be out shopping for designer clothes and expensive makeup. What a waste of air she is.

1459 days ago


You guys don't really expect the Quaids to show up, do you? I hope that they're not yanking your doodle. ;->

1459 days ago


Oh, and one more thing.. if anyone is STUPID enough to bail her or her house out, its should be done ONLY under the condition that she have her uterus removed. NO MORE KIDS for her. EVER

1459 days ago


I'll do whatever I long as it doesn't involve me getting a job! I'll never do that! Ever!

1459 days ago

Politico Pablo    

That naked body is the only thing she has left to make money. What's wrong with posing for Playboy? She has to be willing to make sacrifices for her kids.

1459 days ago


The youngest kids should have never been allowed to leave the hospital with Nadya. I have no doubt she'll scam money off this latest SOS. Her kids have no chance at a decent childhood under her care and shame on the state of California for allowing them to be used for $$$.

1459 days ago


I was looking forward to some crazy Quaids!!!!!

Harvey if they stiffed ya, just say so. We wont blame you, but don't leave people hanging with no update.

Oh and octomom. Just sad.

1459 days ago


Yeah, right. She's hoping some reality show or Playboy (nude, but not showing much) bails her out with a million dollars. It's not going to happen. People hate her worse than Paris or Lindsay.

1459 days ago
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