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I Refuse to Get Naked

for Money

9/20/2010 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the threat of foreclosing still looming ... Octomom made a video statement today swearing she'll do whatever it takes to keep her home -- as long as she doesn't have to get naked.

After finally admitting she might need to seek financial help to keep a roof over the heads of her 14 kids -- Nadya Suleman told a photog, "I'll do whatever I can ... as long as I'm fully clothed."

Suleman was clearly referring to the $500,000 offer from Vivid Entertaiment -- in which the porn company claimed they'd fork over a check in exchange for one XXX Octo-scene.

As we previously reported, the man who holds the note on Suleman's house has already set the foreclosure proceedings in motion -- claiming Octo is thousands of dollars behind in payments.


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The reason she's not naming the sperm donor is obvious- she used an anonymous sperm donor. She doesn't know the name, she just picked one out of the catalog.

What guy would voluntarily make a baby with her? C'mon. She couldn't find a guy so she bought some sperm from a sperm bank and when that didn't take she did IVF. Plenty of people do it- but when trying to get free diapers and money for interviews, the anonymous sperm donor dad doesn't go over well so Nutya created this whole myth of the babydaddy so she didn't have to admit she doesn't know who the guy is.

1502 days ago


im glad she said no and if she needs help with state aid let her do what she needs to for those kids and for the ones that say take her kids away need to stop and thank about where that money will come from its called the state of California thats right your tax money

1502 days ago


She doesnt want to do the porn as people would see how she REALLY looks naked. No airbrushing, no photo shopping, no taking things out, putting things in etc. like the bikini shots where the ocean was lopsided and all was obviously not real. No taking out the stretch marks, seedy tatoos, flab hanging, scars etc. I would not want to show it all either. If you notice, she only shows her sagging implants in her other pics, no skin such as belly showing pants etc because all would see her REAL body. Easy to wear spandex etc in pants, workout clothes etc. I imagine she looks pretty gross naked in real life. How could you have that many c sections and still look like she claims she does? I know I had two and the dr said no more as you wont heal correctly. Lets see, she had six or seven that way?? hmmm....send your money people and be duped. Personally, I work too hard for my money but then my home was only 200K. I work and am helping my sons go to college so I cant afford 14 kids and a 500K home. Bad enough my taxes go to help this Octo leach and her kids. Her atty and his wife have alot of money...why arent they helping her?? hmmmm....something isnt right...I smell several scams and rats...

1502 days ago


I got a copy of the landlords eviction notice here is what it said:


1502 days ago


OCTO....lose the nail extensions, cosmetic surgey and perhaps you will have some money to feed your own kids!

1502 days ago


Tramp should have thought about how shes going to take care of all those kids when she insisted on keeping them instead of adopting them out!! Oh, I guess she thought she could freeload off the taxpayers & get donations!!

1502 days ago


My heart goes out to her, I truly hope someone helps her, people lay off, shes not that slut who just made that porn, shes not a druggy, shes a Mom and she needs help. God Bless you Nadya, hopefully you can get the help you need, I wish I could help.

1502 days ago


Go get a fast food job or a job at Wal Mart or ANYTHING...just do something and contribute instead of being a lazy ass slob leech for the rest of your loser life.

Oh...and if and when you ever do earn a paycheck, the State of California has every right to garnish your wages for all the fradulant disability you collected for the last 10 plus years. Personally, I would love to see this bitch arrested and thrown in jail for pulling that bogus "disability" stunt.

1502 days ago


I think that she believes she is going to find a husband who will pay the bills. That is why she needs to spend so much money on her appearance, even though that is a hopeless waste of money. The only problem with this dream is that the only guys who would be interested in her would have to be even loonier than she is, and therefore unlikely to be of any financial use.

1502 days ago


start sucking

1502 days ago


Whom, exactly, would want to watch this fugly man-hands and fat, flat, Frodo Baggin's feet do pr0n?

This is a creature whom has no intellectual grasp on the human psyche. Proclaiming that, "A person's behavior does not affect their worth as a human being."


She made around $1 MIL within the past year, year and a half from PUBLIC HAND OUTS!!!!!!

Where did ALL that money go?! Oh, silly me, $400 on fake lashes per installment, the multitudes of mani and pedi's, the low-rent "designer" A&F, Hollister, Guess, and the higher priced, Tory Birch, MAC (grr! since I work for them) and those fugly handbags.

A second and larger breast implants (bitch doesn't realise that they're only good for about 10 years and then needs to be replaced? Once, taken out... EWWWW! All that STRETCHED skin?!

Cheekbones and eyebrow lifts and the numerous collagen, restyln or whatever injections she has for that hideous anal lips.

Why? For the love of all that should have been for her 14 malfunctioning children, didn't she spend the money on ensuring a roof over their heads? Rather, instead, she continues, to this day (!!!) to make pricey purchases that she has NO business purchasing?

California tax payers ARE NOT the ONLY ones whom will not be solely responsible for the upbringing of the 14.



I c/p'd this from another site. Mind. Is. Gobsmacked!

"I work for the state social services here in California It will cost about $20,000 a year for medical for each child. It will cost an addition $60.........00 a year for each child for food stamps.Welfare, low income house, and other "fringe" benefits will cost additional $15,000 per year for each child. She just had 8 and already has 6. Thats 14 kids. $20,000, plus $6,000, plus $15,000 x 14= $574,000 a year is what the state of California taxpayers will be shelling out to this woman. I work for CPS (Child Protective Services), and I am a social worker here in California that assists women in getting their benefits. They will also get a PEL grant and minority state scholarships when they are old enough to go to college. For all 14 of those kids, for a 4 year degree, each child will be paid a total of $60.........,000 towards their education at a cost to the taxpayer. So for 18 years times $574,000= $10,332,000 for state assistance. Now take $60.........,000 x 14= $840,000. Taxpayers will have shelled out a total of $11,172,000 to cloth, feed, and educate these children. You think I am joking? Good luck getting a straight answer out of Social Services, Child Protective Services, or any other state organization. She is collecting Social Security, probably another $15,000 to $20,000 a year for all of the kids. I have been working for CPS for 12 years, and its a nightmare. We have so many illegals with like 4-6 kids coming in collect anywhere from $12,000 to $30,000 a year in benefits for each child."


What is the solution for the innocent 14? Clearly, they need the love and undivided attention that none has gotten in their short lives.

I'd rather see ALL of her kids under the care of loving parents. Even the original 6.

Womb Raider needs to go to prison/jail for defrauding the government on the pretense of a back injury thus allowing her to collect a total over $340k !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember that this bitch hasn't worked in almost 12 YEARS! Hasn't worked since she conceived the idea of having children. Owes over $2 MIL to the state for birthing her multiples.


1502 days ago


Coitus? She wouldn't even do that to produce all those kids we support. Maybe she would do a turkey baster video! She's Nasty.

1502 days ago


sympathy ploy for $$$$$ .... er donations.

someone take the kids away from her.

1502 days ago


She'll do anything as long as fully clothed...does this mean she'll give an oral performance or get "shot" in the face;) There are so many things she could do for Vivid while still fully clothed.

1502 days ago


She is a mixed up woman

1502 days ago
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