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Let the Foreclosure Begin!

9/20/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom better pack a large bag -- and 14 small ones -- because TMZ has learned the person holding the note on her home is at a foreclosure attorney's office right now, preparing to file foreclosure papers against her. 

Octomom ForeclosureAs TMZ first reported, Octomom is behind about $7,500 on her mortgage payments -- plus she owes a whopping $450,000 balloon payment which is due October 9.

The noteholder, Amer Haddadin, tells TMZ he's at a foreclosure attorney's office right now and plans on having the papers completed by day's end.

That $500,000 Vivid porn offer is sounding better and better by the minute. 


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Maybe she should do an appearance on the Jerry Springer show.

1472 days ago


I don't care who is at my home. If I hear my baby crying everything stops so I take care of MY baby. Natural instinct for most mothers. I don't have to ever say " I put them first" I just do it. Half of the ROL interview her babies are crying and it didn't bother her enough to say" wait let me take care of my child , I will be right back" She was so caught up with the camera she was oblivious to the cries. Just another example of her needs first.

1472 days ago

So What    

This Bitch is a LOSER and should have those kids taken away and but up for a long time just because she is a FREE LOADER!

1472 days ago

who dat    

I wish she would do the porn and get plowed in every hole, at the same time, for the entire hour.

1472 days ago


the doctor could pay for it he charged my family member 2 trys at 25,000 a piece and after he collected the money he said she had a problem, but he sure didnt say that until after he collected the money, maybe hes the father of octomom kids they kinda have a resemblence. she isnt capable of taking care of those kids something should be done so those kids have some normalcy. when she laughs she sounds a little crazy, not a good roll model.

1472 days ago


Even if she doesn't pay them a cent, it'll still take 'em a year to get her out of that house.

Posted at 10:36 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by Carvey
One at a time?

1472 days ago


I have no sympathy for her. She should have thought about her children's futures before she went out spending money on expensive clothes, makeup, getting her lips done, etc.

The kids I do have sympathy for...they didn't ask for this.

1472 days ago


OctoMom needs a ObamaBail-out

1472 days ago


I saw the ROL video. Was THAT her big interview? My impression;
new lashes, heavily made up, new eyebrow tat, fresh mani,new skank-
bling top, pro hair do, super tight A&F sweatpants.She only has money for a week? Maybe she's holding out for more money from Vivid.
It's just a ruse for some idiot to send more money. I think she has
some hidden, Czech is STILL around.You stupid defenders of Suleman
can just sign your check and send it to her. I'm sure you won't even
get a thanks.Maybe everyone should send her cans of beans, that's
what she threw on the table for the babies sans plates.

1472 days ago


No. 70, I've also thought that perhaps the doctor is the father of Octo's kids. Any father who could see this crap going on and the media circus she has created for herself. One would think that the father would just come out, out of concern for those children and start taking the steps necessary to take on custody of those children. Just the fact that people from the porn industry are looking her up not just once but twice should be enough for a father to say enough already.

1472 days ago


I hope she does the porn. My friend and I have a bet on the size of her vageen.

1472 days ago


In the ROL video, did anyone else notice her awkward behavior when asked "how much money do you have?" So now, Amer has given his own interview with ROL and says:

“I think she’s lying. It’s all a lie,” he told “She has money, she’s been paid for things. I think she’s hiding her money and I intend to expose her to the public.”

1472 days ago


She needs to
1. Move out of CA
2. Move to Middle America.. I.e. Texas, Oklahoma, Neb. Kan.
3. She could have a 4,000 sq ft. house for 1,000 a month here
4 crap four houses down is over 5,000 sqft and its renting for 2,100. on one acre with pool.
5... I wish she didnt have 14 kids.. but if u wanna be honest, there are people that have kids just to get welfare. I know my mom a teacher has had these people tell her to her face, that their kid bring home the bacon, so they do what the 1st grade tells them too.

1472 days ago



Even if she doesn't pay them a cent, it'll still take 'em a year to get her out of that house.

Posted at 10:36 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by Carvey
One at a time?

Posted at 12:09 PM on Sep 20, 2010 by Jim


Exactly. They scatter like roaches when the lights are turned on.

1472 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Pose for Playboy. That's your only option. No one's going to bail you out, and viewer's are getting tired of Reality TV.

1472 days ago
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