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Oksana to Mel -- It's PR War!

9/20/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is meeting Tuesday with her new dream team of lawyers ... and we're told the first order of business is resurrecting her image.

We're told Oksana believes she is losing the public relations war to Mel Gibson and wants her lawyers to turn it around ... stat.

Oksana has multiple lawyers working on child custody, support, a civil suit against Mel, the domestic violence investigation and the extortion probe. But, we're told, Oksana is fixated on her bad PR.

And there's yet another member of Oksana's legal team. TMZ has learned Oksana has retained Robin Sax, a former L.A. County Deputy District Attorney who specialized in prosecuting sex crimes against children.  She's also a legal media maven ... who will almost certainly weigh in on the PR front.

The big meeting is Tuesday.



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I mean, before this, nobody ever heard of her

1493 days ago


And after this, nobody wants to hear from her

1493 days ago


Thanks TMZ for making sure I don't receive all those replies.
They were so crowding up my email and most were repetitious and boring. This way I can make my comments without feeling like I have to address "star struck" people with narrowed opinions :) especially about Mel

1493 days ago


I was going to call it a night, but nope, not quite yet.
LMAO. Resurrecting her image? No image to resurrect. Pitiful actually. To the asses she continues to bring onboard, what are they thinking? Ox is one stubborn piece of work and will not give up but I believe that she must know deep-down it's over. At some point, someone needs to bring those reins in and hold tightly. She is not going to go down without a fight, but the game is over for Ox, or I would think here very soon:)
Future headlines: Mad Ox Goes Berserick On Way to Jail.

1493 days ago


Sorry Oksana, the damage is done. You are worried about PR now? You should have thought of that before you released your tapes, photos and repeated your different version of how things happened and the contradictions of them.

Your solely responsible for the damage to your image, every step you have taken since you made these allegations is coming back in spades to haunt you.

Your ploy for money has resonated loudly with most who have watched this unfold. You have claimed it's about Lucia and her safety and your safety and just wanting the best for her, and that is your reason for this, is so unrealistic and blatently a fabrication of the truth it isn't even fathomable.

You lost the PR battle ages ago and continue doing so with every move you choose, from your decision to "leak" the tapes, to the photos, to going to court, not once, not twice, but three times for more support. Then your constant ever changing stories and the different version and variations in them have just seem like something a 5yr old would say when he spilled the juice on the carpet.

On top of that, you have lost PR people now twice due to your inability not to keep your mouth shut and finding any person with a camera an invitaion to start tel;ling how bad things are and how Mel is really like Mad Max without the film crew.

Not only is you inability to shut up bad enough, but you have been thru how many lawyers now? I mean c'mon your not following their advice and I doubt that your are being forth rightand honest about everything that has been said and gone on.

Lawyers ususally don't battle with a client so hard and have a lot of friction with them unless they are dealing with a client who is not telling them the truth and all the facts.

When a client isn't being honest it puts the laywer in a very precarious and dangerous position of being caught in a tangle with the courts, the bar association and the opposing counsel.

Just because a client feels it's o.k. to omit or leave details out of thing's doesn't mean the lawyer thinks that's o.k., any good Lawyer will know they are on a slippery slope with that type of client.

That being said you should have known starting a very public battle and the allegations you have alleged was going to be scrutinized, by Mel's Legal team, Law Enforcement, The Courts as well as the Media and the general public.

Now that it is in the public domain, you ought to have known that Mel's leagal team, The Media and the public would lokk into your back round and see if who the person is making the allegations, and man have they dug.

Your backround from teen years to now reads like something out of a con artist handbook. You have left a trail of jilted males taken advantage of by a woman who is looking at men and their status or wealth as a stepping stone to achieveing betterment for yourself at the exspense of their intrest in you.

You seem to be more worried about your image despite your claims of it is all about Lucia. The more this seems to be about YOU the more hollow your claims seem to be.

You have miseld the Media, Laywers and the Court in your declarations and court filings. First you went and claimed to need a restaringing order and were granted one against Mel.

Then the Judge heard how you left out you had signed a draft settlement agreement, but you and your lawyer failed to mention that in your filing for a restarining order...Ooops!

Well that didn't make the Judge happy when he heard it from Mels legal team, so the Judge Modified it, mustn't have been to happy with your lawyer right?

Then you claimed Mel couldn't be around Lucia cause he was too angry and dangerous, so Mel volunteered to have supervied visits with Lucia. Well we know how that turned out when the monitor informed the court that " Mel showed no anger or enstrangement in his time with Lucia...Ooops. Once again the Judge Modified it.

Then you claimed you were having a hard time getting by with 5k a month in child support and thought you deserved more. Went and asked for an increase, and got denied...Went again and the Judge said he'd consider it...and then you went a third time and the Judge reserved it, You know it's not like the lottery where if you make as many plays as you increase your chances of winning.

Then your lateast claim that Mel was holding up your being able to sell your album and the rights from it cause everyone was dying to hear such a talented writer, singer, and composer who is renowned all over the woahahahahahahahaha---- oh damn (sorry I just couldn't keep a straight face while I wrote that...oh man..whoo..ok..let's try that again )who is renowned all over the world.

Of course you neglected to mention that Mel released the rights to your music (why have a dog with fleas when you can have one with out them) and sent you the 200 CD's he bought--er-- you sold and shipped them to you. Gee another allegation not true.

I don't think Mel needs to start up a PR machine to combat you, you seem to have done that all by your self, so if you want to blame someone for the bad PR you are getting, well slip a C.D. in the stereo, and have a look in the mirror, you will see your only fanof your music and the person responsible for your PR demise.

1493 days ago


@ Mark

There is only so much a PR can do though

The public has the final word

"You can bring a horse to the water
but you can not make it drink"

1493 days ago


And I do appologise to the horse for being used in this context
because a horse is a noble animal

1493 days ago


I do not understand. Mr. Gibson would follow his lawyers advice and he would also respect the judges order on keeping quiet. Why is she declaring PR war? I have not seen a news piece with him saying a word.

1493 days ago


Gibson is 14 years older than Oksana but its okay to some, that he used his status and money to attract a younger woman but when she takes the bate, people want to call her the "ho."
Well if this is true, that makes Gibson just as perverted and manipulative duhhhh

Posted at 1:46 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by mspaap


Mel Gibson was in Boston, making a movie and minding his own business, SHE came to HIS SET stalking him, not the other way around.

She had someon introduce her to him, again, not the other way round

1493 days ago


@ Ray

I believe she is a control freak

But she can not crontrol the public's view

1493 days ago


morning all, any coffee
anyone heard what time the staff meeting is
Now that YOU are not looking like the victim you wanted everyone to think you were, you are singing the blues!

Posted at 1:42 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by winterboots

Hey--you just plagarized what I said!!!

Posted at 1:48 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by fuddyduddy
please don't encourage any singing .... at least not until i've had a cup of coffee, where are the clean cups, didn't the night shift clean up

1493 days ago


@ Michelle

I will have a coffee, want a biscuit?

1493 days ago



I have read a good portion of TMZ articles about Oksana and Mel. One thing I notice in the comments are PR type messaging. I suspect Sorn of being a PR person or someone who knows Oksana.

1493 days ago


@ Alcamedes

Well spoken, I am impressed

1493 days ago


@ Ray

Please do not get there, before you know it, it returns.


1493 days ago
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