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Oksana to Mel -- It's PR War!

9/20/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is meeting Tuesday with her new dream team of lawyers ... and we're told the first order of business is resurrecting her image.

We're told Oksana believes she is losing the public relations war to Mel Gibson and wants her lawyers to turn it around ... stat.

Oksana has multiple lawyers working on child custody, support, a civil suit against Mel, the domestic violence investigation and the extortion probe. But, we're told, Oksana is fixated on her bad PR.

And there's yet another member of Oksana's legal team. TMZ has learned Oksana has retained Robin Sax, a former L.A. County Deputy District Attorney who specialized in prosecuting sex crimes against children.  She's also a legal media maven ... who will almost certainly weigh in on the PR front.

The big meeting is Tuesday.



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@ Fidels niece

I don't know about the lips,
but her brain is numb, for sure!



1473 days ago


"Robin Sax, a former L.A. County Deputy District Attorney who specialized in prosecuting sex crimes against children."


An interesting note on her resume. On one of the recordings Mel said something about her son watching her. Anyone recall this? At the time I found it jarring.

1473 days ago


shirleyholmes, I read it somewhere, but I didn't take notice of it.

1473 days ago


@ ThinkingWoman

I did not read that in it. I believe he meant her swopping relations all the time and by that setting a bad example for the boy.

1473 days ago


posted 2 hours ago

Posted at 1:51 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by hellnurse

what strikes as funny in all this is, when violet's name first came out, didn't it say something about OG knowing this girl? but now after this broke, Jaffe claims OG does not know Violet...also, Mel's PR stated no comment on this story...couldn't he say something in support of Mel based on this story, just something general? or is he also under the gag order since he works for Mel's PR?

1473 days ago


@ Koala Babe
Canook warned us about it. I even saw the website (forum) with that item on it.

1473 days ago


@Shirley - I do prefer your interpretation. That one comment has troubled me more than anything else she recorded.

1473 days ago


I believed that Alexander sleeps on Oksana's bed, I think that's what Mel saying that he can watched her bed activities with other men.

1473 days ago


ty shirleyholmes,
perhaps stomach hasn't woken up yet...:)

1473 days ago


hmmp, what happened to fuddyduddy and Fidel's niece?

1473 days ago


I believed that Alexander sleeps on Oksana's bed, I think that's what Mel saying that he can watched her bed activities with other men.

Posted at 3:24 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by KoalaBabe


That is sick

1473 days ago


Who's That

I'm sure those attorneys are not working pro bono or pro BONE "O" at all. PL and his associates want their money. OG is merely a tool for them to acquire the hard-earned wealth of successful celebrities, athletes and businessmen so have no fear, the legal retainers will be paid up front.

MG = $900,000,000
Boris Becker = $200,000,000
Cristiano Ronaldo = will be sports first billionaire if Tiger doesn't pick up his game

All three were hunted by PL with:

MG + OG (a Tatar looking "model") = a baby of POSSIBLY dubious parentage
Boris + Angela Ermakova (black/Russian "model") = spit baby Anna
Cristiano = Irina Shayk (born Irina Shaykhlislamova - a Tatar model) = no baby as yet but it sure
angered Shayk when, after they'd only been dating for one month (and Russian media saying they were ENGAGED) Ronaldo's son was born by a surrogate in the US.

Sorry, it's just not going to work, that attempt at cleaning up OG's image. She's stained. And she keeps very bad company.

1473 days ago


THE mother of Mel Gibson's love child set out to purposely "shake him down for money", it was claimed last night by another former lover of the film superstar.

Violet Kowal, 27, alleges that Oksana Grigorieva planned to extort millions from Gibson soon after their break-up in April and that she was invited to join in the plot.

Polish-born model Kowal, who had a five-month affair with Gibson while Grigorieva was pregnant with his child, said: "Oksana wanted to destroy Mel ... I never thought I'd feel sorry for Mel, but I do."

Kowal has told Los Angeles police that Grigorieva's bodyguard offered to reward them for evidence that would help Grigorieva's case against Gibson, 54.

Grigorieva claims he was repeatedly verbally and physically violent to her and threatened to kill her, and in June she obtained a restraining order against Gibson.

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But she said: "He never showed any physical violence towards me."

She says on August 12 a man who described himself as Ms Grigorieva's bodyguard, Kris Herzog, called her to request a meeting to "discuss a few things".

She went with her bodyguard Nikko Riley to meet Mr Herzog and a companion, who identified himself as Shoull, at the Beverly Hill Hotel Polo Lounge bar. Ms Kowal said: "They started talking about unsolved murders in Hollywood and how well-connected they were and how they have cops on their payroll. They were talking about the shotgun they had in the car."

She says Herzog, who last year went to jail for 255 days after being found guilty of impersonating a police officer, asked for her phone records, saying he represented Ms Grigorieva.

"He said he knew Mel had been verbally abusive on the phone. If I told that story to investigators and made it even better . . . I'd be rewarded with expense accounts, a free condo and acting jobs.

"He told me to look at his bodyguard website to see what well-connected friends he has. The website for Mr Herzog's company, The Bodyguard Group, shows him pictured with such stars as Jack Nicholson and Lindsay Lohan.

"When I told him I didn't want to get involved and that Mel had never hit me . . . he got angry. He said, 'Oksana is going to walk away from this with $200 million. You can have a cut of that if you co-operate'. "

Mr Riley said: "He made veiled threats about knowing the right people in the police. When we stood up to leave, Herzog made a point of pulling his jacket back so I could see he had a gun tucked into his belt."

An hour after the meeting, Mr Riley alleges Mr Herzog called to demand the phone logs.

Riley said: "When I said no . . . he got really angry and made a direct threat to my safety, saying that if I told anyone about our meeting . . . that he knew dirty sheriffs deputies who would come and take me out. "

On August 13, Mr Herzog again called Mr Riley, who taped their discussion. At one point Herzog says: "If you want to be at a level that gives you financial independence for the rest of your life . . . do as I ask."

Mr Riley refused, and he says three days later he was almost run over by a Ford Crown Victoria with blacked-out windows.

Riley said: "It was identical to the car Herzog had driven to the Beverly Hills Hotel. It came towards me slowly and then sped up to about 50mph before veering off to the side just before it got to where I was standing. I felt very scared."

The couple visited Mel Gibsons lawyer, Blair Berk, with the tapes. Ms Kowal said: "She listened and told us to go to the cops. She was pleased because this will help Mel.

Mr Riley and Ms Kowal went to the police to report the approach from Herzog. Ms Kowal said: "We are now waiting for them to contact us again. "

Ironically, Gibson initially denied his affair with Kowal, stating at the time their affair first emerged that its an absurd fabrication.

Ms Kowal said: "He's not denying it now . . . I have never wanted a penny from Mel Gibson. All I have ever wanted is for the truth to come out."

Stephen Jaffe, a PR who represents Ms Grigorieva, last night said: "Mr Herzog is not Oksana's bodyguard. He is a friend, not an employee. Oksana does not know Ms Kowal and had no idea what Mr Herzog may or may not have said. Any claims she did know what this man was saying purportedly on her behalf are false."

Mr Herzogs lawyer, Martin Garbus, said last night: "The allegations are untrue".

Mel Gibson's PR Alan Nierob said: "I cant comment."

1473 days ago


first a name change

camp follower .... have lips will travel

the terminator ..... just keeps on comming after you

whistler .... Oh, maybe just whistle. You know how to whistle , don't you, O.G.? You just put your lips together - and blow

1473 days ago


I supposed Oksana now will claimed she doesn't know bodyguards Inc? denial, denial!

1473 days ago
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