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Paris Hilton Pleads Guilty in Cocaine Case

9/20/2010 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton just pled guilty to two misdemeanors in her Las Vegas cocaine possession case -- in a move that will keep her out of the slammer ... if she can stay out of trouble.

Paris just fessed up to misdemeanor drug possession and obstructing an officer -- and in exchange she must pay $2,000 in fines, complete 200 hours of community service and complete an "intensive" substance abuse program. She will also be on probation for one year.

The judge informed Paris that she has been given a one year suspended sentence -- which means if she is arrested for anything other than a minor traffic violation, she will spend 1 year behind bars.

The judge then warned Hilton, "The Clark County Detention Center is not the Waldorf Astoria."

Hilton was busted back on August 27 after cops found her in possession of less than a gram of cocaine.


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Y do he got    

ROBERT PLANT PLANTED THE COKE ON Her..I heard it backwaved in a old zep song

1440 days ago



1440 days ago


She looked a little stunned when the judge made her actually state what the charges were. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her squirm. Whatever happened to her 'boyfriend'?

1440 days ago


She going to continue the charity work she already does.
What charity work?

1440 days ago


"when i first heard this it was 8 grams now it is less than 1 gram"

It has always been less than a gram. .8 grams to be exact (with a decimal point before the 8).

The Las Vegas legal system effectively put O.J. away for life for the crime of threatening somebody, so I don't think that you can realistically call them easy on crime. My bet is that Hilton got treated pretty much the same as everybody else in this case. The jails don't have enough room to hold everyone who is arrested for drug possession.

1440 days ago

girl in London    

I know she'll screw up. Haa ha, at least the whole world knows she's a coke head now.

All these years I knew it.

1440 days ago

Y do he got    

IT WAS A SETUP by ROBERT PLANT he planted the smit.It is playing all over the mexican radio just now it is backwaved into a old old zep song

1440 days ago


Shows what money can buy. Anybody else and they would be doing a year!

She will continue to do it cause she knows she can. They should fire the D.A.

1440 days ago


Thats the problem with our system, if you have money you can get away with anything. Paris Hilton is a spoiled girl who should go to jail. maybe she would think harder about her screw ups. Lindsay Lohan is another screw up, she should go to jail too. They have fame and fortune and too dumb to use it wisely. i blame the parents too apparently they dont know how to raise decent responsible human beings.

1440 days ago


but i thought it wasn't hers??

1440 days ago


Was cocaine found in her system? That may have had alot to do with sentencing although it does appear she received special treatment with her short "jail time" and fast court appearance. Imagine the good she could do with her money instead of being such a waste of space.

1440 days ago


#13 you are so right, she needs to be locked up for a long time, she is nothing more than a SKANK. This judge was so wrong in letting her walk away with just probation, what the hell is wrong with these judges in California.
I hope she breaks the law for the stupiest thing and is tossed in jail for a year, and really taught a lesson.
F-U Paris Hilton.

1440 days ago


"Pleading guilty is hot." Pretty funny, TMZ. That was my top laugh so far for this Monday morning.

1440 days ago


Quote from AP - "The plea agreement does not require Hilton to be assigned a probation officer, meaning she won't have to report to anyone."

How in the ****?...

1440 days ago


Hilton got what she got because she wasn't behind the wheel. If she was driving a whole other story. So the cops are not required to give her a drug test so know way of prooving is she was under the influence. This is simple possesion pled down to a misdemenor.

The judge was cool, He made Hilton state on the record she was in possession of COCAINE. IT WAS IN FACT HER COCAINE, IN HER HANDBAG SHE BOUGHT 6 MONOTHS EARLIER, AND SHE LIED TO THE POLICE.

I have faith, like with Lohan she will mess again and soon.

A $2,000 fine, 200 hours of community service and an substance abuse program. We'll have to see what happens.

Next time Hilton gets caught, and I believe she will. She will have to do her FULL sentence and rightfully so.

1440 days ago
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