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Paris Hilton -- Flying High After Court Case

9/20/2010 7:20 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges in her cocaine possession case, Paris Hilton boarded a private jet for Japan today.

As part of her sentence, P must pay $2000 in fines, complete 200 hours of community service, enter an intensive substance abuse program and remain on probation for one year.

This time she was actually carrying her own designer bag.


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ARTOFWAR must be an assistant to a talent agent. haha

1496 days ago


very sad for the people in Mexico that means the violence will never end, because of the Very famous and Rich, Drug habits the cartels want to bring more drugs to satisfy their addiction, what the Mexican Government should do is to make a toll way with a very high toll charges for the drugs to come straight to U.S.A WITHOUT Disturbing the Mexican population

1496 days ago


Is she doing Community Service in Japan ? At the US Marine or Naval Base ? Army ? hahahaha !!!!

1496 days ago


What happened to, "I've learned my lesson,(boohoo ing as I remember it the last time) I'm done with the party scene?"....Why does she get special treatment, because shes a "HILTON"? Why doesn't our judicial system work the same with the rich as it does with the average person? Wake up, JUDGES!!!! Make an example out of her..

1496 days ago


first x

1496 days ago


Paris Hilton is a despicable thing, a vile common criminal. Paris Hilton lacks the restraint of a house cat, barely able to stop from licking itself. Paris Hilton hates her existence and uses narcotics to simulate the joy provided by shared experiences she will never know. Paris Hilton detests the human species and believes she has evovled, due to her wealth, in status and stature above the rest of the pupulace. Paris Hilton has been taught by society that money is all that matters. Religion has failed.

1496 days ago


She's not going to volunteer at an animal shelter, its called court ordered community service. Build that halfway house for women! Honestly, as much as we've seen her out, she couldn't possibly finished her first round of community service.

The reason why celebrities don't get harsh community service is because it would create a public hazard. Imagine Paris on the side of the highway picking up trash (as beautiful as it sounds)... there would be 30 paparazzi SUVs parked there, people pulling over to see if its really her... meaning the CHP would have to go out there, and blah blah blah. People in Las Vegas and Hollywood know what I'm talking about.

1496 days ago


I sooo thoroughly despise everything that is Wonks.

I will dance in glee should she find herself in another legalese tango within the confines of her plea bargain.

Entitled sh.itheads like her will never realise nor understand the ramifications of their actions until it is too late for them.

Lock the iron doors, turn off the lights and hose them all.

1496 days ago


Her mother must be soooooooo proud, she raised a coke head that hides her stash up her S..... She has no shame , from her porn to sleeping with every slug she finds. This dizzy dumb fame whore has more miles on her then my car does.

1496 days ago


Wonder if she has any "gum"

1496 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

I'm here to reveal a secret about Paris Hilton----------she's ugly and most people wouldn't give her the time of day if it wasn't for her being born into money. That whole family is nothing but a bunch of dyfunctional leeches living off the sweat and blood of old Conrad. It makes a person wonder how much this pitiful family paid the prosecutor and the city of Las Vegas to let little poor Paris get off with a gentle slap to the wrist. Families like them give a sickening smirk to our so call justice system everytime they walk away from a felony charge and pay a penny fine. I'm sure her getting off so easy had nothing to do with the fact that there is at least 3 major Hilton hotels in Vegas alone. Justice is blind my azz. What it should say is "We have justice and just us". Because we all know if it was Average Joe in the same situation, we would still be rotting in jail hoping to plea down to a year in jail and a felony conviction on our new resume.

1496 days ago


This case really does make this girl haughty to the core! She's famous for NOTHING, and has made endless money from her immoral behavior. Her parents must be so proud, oh I forgot, they probably don't know or care what any of their children are up to.

1496 days ago


Whatta ya mean going to Japan? When my brother got caught with a nickle bag he was fined, and put on probation. His probation meant he could not leave the state, let alone the friggin country. Let's see how long it takes to get caught this time! By the way #5 my brother's little ass is white!

1496 days ago


Hey JAPAN, one of the toughest countries on DRUGS in the WORLD (they detained Paul McCartney for POT), this SKANK puts her cocaine in her vagina to get it through customs. Search HER and any and all assistants the same way, especially when she leaves your country.

1496 days ago


how come she didn't get charged w/ lying to a cop and for the pot. i bet her boyfriend goes to jail

1496 days ago
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