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Paris Hilton -- Flying High After Court Case

9/20/2010 7:20 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges in her cocaine possession case, Paris Hilton boarded a private jet for Japan today.

As part of her sentence, P must pay $2000 in fines, complete 200 hours of community service, enter an intensive substance abuse program and remain on probation for one year.

This time she was actually carrying her own designer bag.


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i wonder how much she paid the judge

1438 days ago


i love paris , but i hope she does not get caught with drugs in japan , then she will have to really do some time. what are the odds on ...that the next story , n the next 24 hours that she gets busted for drugs in japan. seriously . i bet that japanese people read the us. news are are just waiting for her to touch down in japan , so they can bust her.

1438 days ago


WAIT, when your on probation, you have to get permission to leave the state, non the less the Country! WTF?

1438 days ago

Harry Kuheim    

Obama did cocaine too...maybe he set a bad example?

1438 days ago


Wonder if there is an intervention program for attention addicts? Paris, Lohan, Kid Rock, etc... the D-list wannabes could all go together and get a group rate?

1438 days ago


Whatta ya mean going to Japan? When my brother got caught with a nickle bag he was fined, and put on probation. His probation meant he could not leave the state, let alone the friggin country. Let's see how long it takes to get caught this time! By the way #5 my brother's little ass is white!


I AGREE. I have known pl on probation also, you need permission to leave the State! The Country! Unfreakn believable, EXPLAIN CALIFORNIA?

1438 days ago


Are you guys mad or are you jealous? She for sure has gotten a few breaks, but I think you would be surprised at how many repeat offenders are let off with a slap on the wrist, let out early and are walking the streets for far worse crimes than this.

1438 days ago


why do the biggest and best liars get everything in this country? when will they be held accountable for their foolishness? its like they defy gravity. wtf?

1438 days ago


There's a lot of YAYO in Japan, although more expensive.

If PH gets into trouble in Japan, would it be consider a violation of the Judges orders?

1438 days ago


Rich Daddy Hilton will continue to use his money and influence to keep bailing Paris out. How much is Rich Daddy Hilton giving for the next District Attorney race in Las Vegas?

1438 days ago


How does a trip to Japan square with out patient drug treatment and 200 hrs of community service? I guess she completes it when she wants to? AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1438 days ago


@ 51/Harry Kuheim: Obama did weed in his teens and owned up to it during his candidacy. Bush did coke (a lot of it) and never manned up... he just thanked god for being saved.

1438 days ago


she is a low level, low risk, non-violent offender with no intent to distribute. Dont you think her lawyer made sure she had permission to leave the state/country? To your "friends" who have been in trouble with the law that you are comparing this to, the cir***stances of the case may be different. The amount of drugs makes a difference, violent history makes a difference.

1438 days ago


Good luck, Paris. Make SURE you STAY sober. Don't let cocaine ruin your life as it has Lindsay.

1438 days ago

Damn, i can't believe people are stll doing coke!

1438 days ago
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