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'Dancing' Studio on Red Sarah Palin Alert

9/20/2010 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There will be high security tonight when Sarah Palin shows up to watch daughter Bristol perform on "Dancing with the Stars" ... TMZ has learned.


Our spies say security guards at CBS Television City in L.A.  -- the place where "Dancing" is broadcast -- is on "heightened alert."  Although Palin is not officially running for anything, security is treating her like a government official.

TMZ broke the story ... Sarah will be front and center tonight when Bristol dances to "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" with partner Mark Ballas.

Guards have been told to be especially vigilant with anyone entering the lot. 

Our sources say security will decide which vehicles to thoroughly search -- though not every car will get the once-over.

As for audience members who are attending the show ... we're told their bags will be searched and a metal detector is always there.

And this is the best -- security has been told if there is a breach ... Sarah is a "higher priority than Bristol."



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Hope Bristol is kicked off in the first round, so I can enjoy watching the rest of the season.

1492 days ago


She doesn't need security. She isn't running for anything yet. Why are tax payers having to pay for her security. This woman can't even give her daughter a chance in her own lime light. How sad she has to suck the air out of a room. I am greatful to know in advance because I won't be watching the show. I am so sick of anything Palin I want to scream. Now the bitch has to put herself into a show. By the way her daughter is being rewarded for having a baby out of wedlock. She is no role model. But I stopped watching when they put the crook DeLay on. Then the topper was Kate I had enough.

1492 days ago


Really, "Mama told me not to Come", looks like she should have listened to that song before Levi knocked her up. I still don't know how being a hick baby-mama qualifies you as a "star". They should just call the show "Dancing With These People"

1492 days ago


don't you think this is getting way out of hand. Please don't vote for Bristol or " The Situation" I would love to the STARS dance. I agree with #3 & 6 ( probably more but I only went through the first page. lol)

1492 days ago

Ben Gleck    

Notice how the story isn't really about Bristol.

1492 days ago


I dont know why her daughter is on DWTS, she IS NOT A STAR!!!!
And Sarah, *GAG*!!!!!!!!!

1492 days ago


its a bunch of mall security cops so its not a big deal..those guys make ..what 9.00 and hour ha ha

1492 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

#46: I have no trouble of her serving her country. Just as long as it is at a fastfood place. :P She is an idiot.

1492 days ago


Y does she have to go and take away from her daughter who isn't a star in the first place, and y did anyone have to know about her showing up there anyway, keep her in the back and in the dark

1492 days ago


Okay, a little bit of info. An airplane load of Washington lawyers flew to Alaska after Sarah was chosen as VP for McCain. Their job was to find dirt on her. They found NONE. So, the next step was to break her (financially) and they started filing motion after motion of ethics violations. Last count I think was 30-something. Due to a glitch in Alaska laws, Sarah (not the state)had to pay for defending herself. In all other states, the government pays for these defenses. So, with legal bills running in the hundreds of thousands, and no end in sight, she had no choice but to resign and earn money to defend herself from these idiot charges. Not one single charge was valid - ALL were thrown out.

1492 days ago

You Betcha    

Too bad she couldn't tell mama not to come.

1492 days ago


As a black woman, I think Sarah Palin can help our people. Obama only cares about publicity.

Posted at 10:11 AM on Sep 20, 2010 by Jazzy

Whatever you do, do not vote unless you are thinking clearly because Sarah Palin & most of the Tea Party members are only interested in themselves, so if you think that she and the Tea Party will help you think again but be honest.

Now I would like to know how and why Bristol Palin would be consided a celebrity?

1492 days ago


Let's hope Bristol's partner flings her off the stage and into the lap of her rotten idiot mother. Two parasitic pigs. And if the American voters elect Miss Piggy Sr. to any office higher than toiklet cleaner in an Alaskan flophouse, they'll deserve what misery she'll create. Senator McCain deserves to be castrated for inflicting this damn piece of Alaskan schit on the American people.

1492 days ago

Ben Gleck    

@ Ginger

So are you claiming the reason Sarah gave for quitting as governor (saving Alaskan's the legal bill) was B.S. ?

1492 days ago

Ben Gleck    

BTW Ginger

You forgot to mention those ethics violations charges were brought by ALASKAN REPUBLICANS. Why do you insist on sources from others here while you practice lies of omission ?

1492 days ago
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