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TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan, Paris, and Palin

9/20/2010 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including Lindsay Lohan's probation revoked, Paris Hilton pleading guilty in her cocaine case, and our exclusive stills from Karissa Shannon's sex tape.

Plus: Sarah Palin will be at "Dancing with the Stars" tonight to support Bristol.


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Regarding Havey and Mike's comments concerning the poll results:

The polls here at TMZ allow people to vote multiple times, so they are inaccurate and pointless.

1493 days ago


Mike likes to hear himself talk...boring!

1493 days ago


It's nice you two show a human side to these stories and feel bad when someone like Lindsey has a problem. Nice you don't just make fun of the people you cover. You and Mike are so great together, very entertaining, worth listening to. Mike you are really looking great - keep up the weight loss!

1493 days ago


Does Mike talk..just for the sake of talking?

Harvey should be the guy for this when live..Mike just don't cut it.

1493 days ago


can you limit the number of comments a poster can make? I've been watching the mel/ox comments and of 1000 comments 920 are from the same 4 people. Could you please look into this? Thanks

1493 days ago


Max is wrong when he is saying addicts are not harmful to other people. Lindsay has already gotten behind the wheel while she has been under the influence of either drugs or alcohol or both.
She could have killed someone.

However, it is a worthy can't oversimplify her problem to say that she is just a party girl who does whatever she wants. She obvioulsy is an addict and has a drug problem.

1493 days ago


celebrity justice and military intelligence are oxymorons.

1493 days ago


Sorry for the typo' in my previous post but I am so annoyed by people who do what you do. Biased is not strong enough of a word to use to describe the behavior you continue to display. I don't think you know MJ maybe u had a crush maybe you have an underlying issue with CERTAIN groups of people and please don't pull Charles over to PROVE YOU DON'T because there certain things you have said such as your damnation of MJ and the "sting" in your voice your tone when you say call him a "drug addict" But Lindsey is a coke user, dirty street drugs right according to your site, but for her its oh poor Lindsey wow! Also, the comment you made about not seeing the need for affirmative action or the BS claim that Lincoln wanted to end slavery because he thought it was wrong. Biased is the PC way of putting it!

1493 days ago


Let's not forget that LiLo is dangerous when on drugs in public. I would not want to be on the freeway with her out there. Imagine what it must have been like for the people in that car.

1493 days ago


hey tmz like the show 2 day gust saw my town it was all right

1493 days ago


Regarding the Domestic Violence case against Mel. What is the legal definition of Domestic Violence and what actions (verbal or physical) are viewed as Domestic Violence.

1493 days ago


Of course it's fair to punish people for using drugs whether they are addict or not. It is not a disease the way psychosis is a disease, where people have no control over the onset of the disease. It's a disease, essentially, of choice.

And Max is wrong about rich people not breaking into houses, Robert Downey Jr. did. Lots of celebrity criminal cases are for crimes committed under the influence. Addicted or not, it's the courts' job to protect the public.

1493 days ago


Whatever happened to the whole Spencer, Heidi, and Karissa sex tape?

1493 days ago


Why doesn't the court appoint a guardian for Lindsay?
And NOT either one of her parents......

1493 days ago


No more Mike!!!!

Will you ever answer on Mike's statement last Friday that Lindsay Lohan WILL WIN THE OSCAR ONE DAY?

1493 days ago
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