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TMZ Live: Lindsay Lohan, Paris, and Palin

9/20/2010 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including Lindsay Lohan's probation revoked, Paris Hilton pleading guilty in her cocaine case, and our exclusive stills from Karissa Shannon's sex tape.

Plus: Sarah Palin will be at "Dancing with the Stars" tonight to support Bristol.


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Mike, why are you pushing for lindsay to get help so bad? Are you hoping they make a 'Mean Girls 2' or something? Just curious...

1493 days ago


Harvey - DO put Mike up there with you - I really enjoy him but sometimes I feel badly because you don't comment on what he says at all and he always comments on what you say. :(

1493 days ago


I was wondering why it seems like Hollywood has really turned into Hollywierd so quickly?

1493 days ago


Geez Mike, could you be any more biased in your opinion on the Mel/Oksana issue.
Come on Harvey... people go to jail because theyve broken the law, with the exception of celebrities of course.

1493 days ago


Thank God for the mute button on here. As soon as Mike starts flapping his mouth I hit it. Harvey, you are reading and not listening, but we have to suffer through his oratory.

1493 days ago


Is there an infestation of bed bugs, lice or crabs at the TMZ Offices?

On TMZ Live each afternoon - all I see is Harvey, Mike, Jason, Charles and Max scratching themselves all over - all during the show - What Gives?

1493 days ago

nancy jo    

Harvey Has Better Abs Than The Situation!!!!!

1493 days ago

Politico Pablo    

How did Randy go from being a successful character actor to virtually unemployable? Who did he piss off in the industry?

1493 days ago

You cannot compare a medical condition to an illegal drug addiction because many of those conditions are genetic and not caused by choosing to engage in illegal activity.

Your argument that the illegal behavior that leads to addiction should not be punished, leaves way for emotional excuses to patterns of illegal behavior that motivate or justify other illegal crimes.

For example, if you believe that children are sexual (as may psychologists do), can you not protect the sexual preference of pedophiles and argue that criminalizing their behavior doesn't help them? How does prion help a pedophile work out his/her emotional issues that cause his/her illegal behavior.

Their addictions may be manifestations of emotional problems, but the consequences of their illegal actions should not be eliminated because we can argue their in ability to stop engaging in the same illegal acts is a result of the addiction.

1493 days ago


Im Highly disappointed in Harvey as an attorney. A REVOKED probation is WAY different the a VIOLATION. There is a warrant already signed and she will be gone on Friday. Not only that when you are REVOKED it is the same as a DRIVERS LICENSE. You dont get it back for a LONG time cause your PRIVELAGE of driving (ie probation) you FORFEITED. This is a hearing to determine if it should simply be ANOTHER violation or to REVOKE proabtion all together; which means you do the time for the ORIGINAL case that this all stems from. I cant imagine that being any less than 3 or 6 months and more commonly a year in the county jail. Trust that from been-there-done-that.

1493 days ago

Y do he got    

WAREHOUSES FULL...send them home unless they hurt help someone to wreak thier life does NO one any good... taxes payers with jobs don`t have the same level of problem as those who can`t fuction at all.

1493 days ago


Um aren't these girls getting into cars dunk and or high? Is that not a danger to society?

1493 days ago


Is that really the best of the white woman ability for success?? To be seen sucking and f*cking black d*ck on tape??? Do white women even try anymore?? Hasshe reached the point that she needs a black mans d*ck to be successful???

1493 days ago


Hello Harvey if a country discovered a new technology that could revolutionize the world decades ago that was worth billions of dollars if not trillions & did not release it, what do you think the reasoning behind that would be? I read your interest in JFK & other things so that's why I brought this up.And If there was such a technology why wouldn't it be easy to release today? Would this Government not releasing it be guilty of something & worried about the consequences of it's own guilt?

1493 days ago


Interesting how Lindsay gets to stay out on the run until Friday. I'd haul her back in jail pronto.

1493 days ago
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